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Lash Lift Before and Afters: See How It Makes Eyelashes Look Thicker and Fuller — No Mascara Needed

Plus everything you need to know if you're considering a lash lift

Now, here’s a real eye-opener: Lash lifts are one of the buzziest beauty treatments right now as TikTok videos tagged with #lashlift have garnered over 3 billion views. And women who have had this lash-enhancement service done rave about how they’re left with fuller-looking lashes that shaves time off their morning beauty routine and more. And we became believers too after seeing all the lash lift before and after photos and videos all over social media. Keep scrolling to see for yourself and why you should consider getting a lash lift too.

What is a lash lift? 

Woman getting lash lift treatment done

Simply put, “a last lift is a semi-permanent chemical process that can give eyelashes a boost,” says Claire Larsen, Global Master Educator for Revitalash Cosmetics “The process involves curling them upward which removes the need for mascara, and makes your eyes appear bigger and brighter.” And it works as the process “changes the pH level of your lashes,” explains Christy Calafati, salon owner and permanent makeup cosmetic tattoo artist at The Canyon Salon in Westlake Village, California. This opens the cuticle of lashes and allows them to be reshaped to stay in a lifted, curled position.

How a lash lift is done

First, your lash artist or technician will assess the best curl for your eye shape and lashes and discuss your desired outcome, says Larsen. “A complete and thorough consultation should put you at ease about the lash lift process and make you aware of any potential concerns,” says Michelle Nguyen, beauty expert and founder and CEO of PLA . “Some clients may have sensitivity or experience reactions to certain products used during the procedure, such as redness, watery eyes or dry hair.” So it’s important to communicate with your technician about any sensitivities you have.

After the consultation, the technician begins cleansing lashes to ensure they’re free of makeup or other debris. Next, a gel patch is placed to cover bottom lashes and a silicone mold or shield is applied to the upper eyelid using a nontoxic glue. Then, a tool is used to ensure lashes lay over the mold, which is curved upward and outward to create a curl. After that, a perm solution is added to lashes and it sits for 15 minutes before being wiped off and replaced with a setting solution (which sets for 10 minutes). This is followed by a conditioning treatment that’s left on.

Eyelashes can also be tinted as well after a lift to darken and add dimension to lashes. In total, a lash lift can take 45 minutes to an hour and a half.   

This in-depth tutorial and lash lift before and after from the @LashBaseofficial YouTube channel shows how natural the lash-enhancement can be.

Benefits of lash lifts for women over 50

Woman with gorgeous eyelashes

If you think that a lash lift is best suited for a younger crowd, not so! “Lash lifts are great for women in their 50s and above,” says Calafati. “This treatment provides lift and a refreshed look for tired eyes — the results are instant and the natural eye shape and color are beautifully enhanced.”

Plus, as we age, our lashes become thinner since our eyelash follicles slows new lash formation. A lash lift can instantly make those thinning lashes look more lush. “Often paired with a lash tint, this service makes your lashes look so much longer,” says Larsen. “Your lashes are more curled and lifted, darker, shinier and overall eye-popping and beautiful!” She adds that she gets lash lifts done for herself and calls the service “one of my favorite high-maintenance for low-maintenance beauty rituals.”

And even over-50 influencers, like beauty and lifestyle blogger Suzy Mighell at, says this about getting a lash lift: “When finished, your eyes look larger, your lashes look longer and fuller and your entire face looks uplifted.”

How much does a lash lift cost?

A professional lash lift can cost anywhere from $50 to $120 per session depending on location. “The price will vary a lot depending on your preferences and geographic location,” says Larsen. “I recommend doing your research — check reviews, call and ask questions, like how long the provider has been in service, etc. because seeing just anyone could result in damaged lashes or irritated eyes.”

How long does a lash lift last? 

Lash lifts usually last until your lashes naturally fall out and new ones grow in their place. The experts we spoke to say the duration varies from person to person, but it typically lasts on average of 6-8 weeks. Though some women have said it may only last as little as 3 weeks and at most 12 weeks. 

“It depends on the client’s natural lashes and how well they care for their lashes,” says Nguyen. “Proper aftercare is also key, and the best way to make a lash lift last longer is to take care of your lashes.” That means maintaining moisture with castor oil (more on this below) or products specifically created to moisturize lashes, and not overly touching or rubbing lashes. 

What should I do after getting a lash lift? 

Close up of castor oil tube for eyelashes
Mariya Borisova/Getty

What happens after the lash lift is extremely important to maintaining results. “Post procedure, the most important component is not getting them wet for 24 hours,” says Calafati. “You want to make sure your lash cuticle is at least as close to as it was before the lift.” It takes a full 12 to 24 hours for the hairs to return to their natural state. After that, the lift is set and will no longer be affected by things like sweat, water and heat.

Additionally, “sleeping on your back helps to not disrupt the curl in the lashes,” adds Calafati. Also, using castor oil on lashes can keep them moisturized and nourished. To do: Before bed, simply saturate a spoolie brush with castor oil and sweep onto lashes. When you wake up, gently wash off any residue with warm water. Another way to keep lashes moisturized? Apply a little bit of Aquaphor on eyelashes before going to bed.

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What upkeep does a lash lift entail?

Close up of eyelashes after lash lift

The best part of getting a lash lift is the little to no maintenance lashes need for weeks afterward. One tip the experts we spoke to said is to use a clean spoolie or cotton swab to brush your lashes daily, to keep them separated and tangle-free.

“Post treatment, you can enhance the benefits of your new lifted lashes by keeping them conditioned and fortified — 48 hours after the service, you can revert right back to your normal routines and add eye defining liners and volumizing mascaras to get even more dramatic looking lashes.”

One caveat: Avoid waterproof formulas, since they can leave a residue on lashes that may weaken the effect of the solution used to curl lashes during the procedure. And it’s also imperative to remove mascara properly with oil-free makeup removers, which won’t leave behind a harmful residue. Lastly, be sure never to rub lashes too harshly when removing mascara too, as this can damage and pull out lashes.

Lash lift before and after photos and videos

1. Lash lift before and after by Bellis Salon

Lash lift before and after
Bellis Lash

2. By K Bella Hair Studio and Spa

Lash lift before and after
K Bella

3. Lash lift before and after on Empty Nest Blessed

lash lift before and after
Empty Nest Blessed

4. By Aura Laser and Skincare

  • lash lift before and after
    Aura Laser and Skincare

5. Lash lift before and after by @lashedbyv

TikToker @lashedbyv shared the below lash lift results that made her clients eyes look more wide-awake.


Craving that perfect Lash lift and tint! 🤤 My client has mature skin and was so worried that the extra skin around her eye lids werent going to make a difference. She loved her lashes and couldnt believe the outcome. ❤️✨ . . . . . . Providing mobile services on the weekend, if interested leave me a DM so I can provide more information. Happy booking . . . . Location: Mobile service and home base Gaithersburg MD Hours: Sat-Sun 10-5pm Speak Spanish and English Instagram: Lashedbyvalery . . . . . . . #lashliftprocess #Rockvillelashtech #rockvillelashextensions #dmvlashlifts #lashclassdmv #lashtinting #marylandlashtechnichian #silverspringlashtech #gaithersburglashes #gaithersburglashlifts #wheatonlashes #dmvbeautysalon #lashliftvideo #lashliftclasses #longlashesfordays #liftedlashesforweeks #mobileservice🚗 #beforeandaftervideos #lashliftsandtints #latinalashlift

♬ Cravin’ – Stileto & Kendyle Paige

6. On @heavenlybrowsponty

The below TikTok from @heavenlybrowsponty shows a more dramatic yet still flattering effect of getting a lash lift.


stunning lash lift by Sarah! 😍😍😍

♬ Nice To Meet Ya – Wes Nelson

3. Instagram user @laurel_cosmetic_tattoo shared the below transformation of how a lash lift can make eyelashes look longer.

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