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Skin Care Pro: Straight Coffee Grounds Work Better Than Fancy Creams To Erase Cellulite — In 2 Minutes

Plus, 7 more easy ways to diminish the pesky dimples in one month or less

You would think that just knowing that nine out of ten women deal with some form of cellulite on their bodies would give us peace of mind about our own. Sadly, this is a case where there isn’t really strength in numbers since those pesky dimples still manage to make us feel super self-conscious. This is especially true when cellulite, especially on the backside, comes into harsh focus during swimsuit season. Thankfully, there are simple remedies that can smooth the area — and it doesn’t take a lot of time to do. Read on to discover how to get rid of cellulite on the butt with ease.

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite is a result of weakened connective tissue allowing trapped fat cells, fluids or toxins to press against skin, which creates the cottage-cheese like dimply appearance. This can occur for a number of reasons including weight fluctuations, genetics and hormonal changes. It can appear anywhere on the body, but most notably on the upper thighs around the butt.

How can I get rid of cellulite on the butt?

To make cellulite disappear for good, we polled experts for the most effective methods that target dimply skin in 30 days or less. Here, their simple remedies — use one or try them all!

Apply a mask made of this trio

Spa-like clay mask that helps diminish cellulite

Whipping up a bentonite clay and rose hip oil mask and massaging it onto the butt, can help diminish the dimply skin.

How it works: Bentonite clay has a strong negative ionic charge that acts like a magnet to bond to the positively charged toxins that cause cellulite, and massage stimulates the lymph system so toxins and trapped fluids can be flushed from the body for smoother skin, says Beverly Hills dermatologist Tsippora Shainhouse, M.D.

Plus, rose hip oil’s antioxidants stimulate collagen and elastin production to firm skin, making dimples less obvious.

To do: In a bowl, mix 12 cup of water with 12 cup of bentonite clay like Aztec Secret Bentonite Indian Healing Clay (Buy from, $7.99) and 5 drops of rose hip oil like Acure The Essentials Rosehip Oil (Buy from, $13.99). Massage onto cellulite in circular motions. Next, loosely wrap the area with plastic wrap and let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing. Repeat daily to get rid of cellulite on the butt in 30 days. 

Massaging the butt with these special cups

One way to reduce pesky dimples involves “massaging” cellulite on the butt with suction cups—similar to what is done during a traditional cupping massage. “This technique boosts circulation so the body flushes out the trapped toxins and excess fluids that make cellulite appear more prominent,” says medical aesthetician Holly Cutler.

Even better? The repeated lifting motions of the cupping strengthen connective tissues, so the butt looks less dimply.

Simply use a cupping set like Lure Essentials SCULPT Cellulite and Body Firming Cupping Set (Buy from Lure Essentials, $35.99) three times a week for results in four weeks. 

For an in-depth tutorial on how to use cupping for cellulite, see the video below from YouTuber Dana Waldie.

Do an easy exercise like donkey kicks

The tush-boosting and beautifying move favored by celebrity trainer Johnathan Tylicki? Donkey kicks. “The move engages the hamstrings and gluteus maximus, defining the area where the butt and thighs meet for a perky and toned-looking tush.” Plus, the kicks stimulate circulation to expel trapped toxins and fluids that emphasize cellulite so the area appears smoother.

To do: While on all fours, bend back one knee, lifting the foot up so your leg forms a 90-degree angle. Lower it back down. Do 15 reps before switching sides; repeat 3 sets on each side three times a week for results in 30 days.

Watch the video below from the LiveStrong Woman YouTube channel for an easy how-to.

Spice up your diet with hot peppers

Bowl of chilli peppers
marcin jucha/Shutterstock

Eating capsaicin-rich chili and cayenne peppers is proven to significantly boost metabolism. “This burns more calories to reduce fat accumulations in the body’s lower half,” explains Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., nutritionist and author of The Fat Flush Plan (Buy from Amazon, $15.41). Plus, the peppers’ vitamin B-6 fortifies connective tissue to ward off dimply skin.

To do: Add 3 grams of peppers to your daily diet or take a daily capsaicin supplement like Nature’s Way Cayenne Fruit (Buy from iHerb, $6.13) for results in one month.

How can I get rid of cellulite on the butt fast?

Plan on showing some skin tomorrow (or in just a few hours?) and need a quick-acting fix that can make the dimples appear less obvious? See below for the simple solutions to smoother skin in an instant.

Scrub on the grounds from your morning cup of joe

Woman rubbing coffee grounds on leg to get rid of cellulite
Greg Hinsdale

You likely already know that coffee-infused scrubs can help minimize cellulite thanks to the caffeine, a diuretic that removes excess water from skin so it appears tighter and less dimply fast. But we’ve discovered that using the grounds “straight up” (without added oils or lotions) actually has twice the amount of cellulite-smoothing power. The reason: “The raw grounds give skin a more potent shot of caffeine,” says Indie Lee, founder of the all-natural­ skin-care line Indie Lee.

To do: Gently massage brewed coffee grounds into dimpled areas; let the grounds sit for 2 minutes, then rinse. Skin will look tauter and smoother for up to 12 hours!

Sleep with a skin-smoothing patch

Apply a skin-smoothing patch like Stretch Patch Cellulite+ Extra Strong Formula (Buy from My Stretch Patch, $29.99) before bed tonight! The self-heating patch (the heat helps ingredients absorb better) is infused with ginger root extract which increases circulation to remove the excess fluids that make up and magnify cellulite, and glycerin which hydrates and plump the skin. Together they help to diminish dimples as you sleep. 

Apply a pore-reducing primer

The same way that the silicone in pore-blurring primers fills in and mask large, open pores on the face for a smoother appearance, they too fill in the “holes” on a dimply bottom n seconds! Simply dab a silicone-based face primer like Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Face Primer (Buy from, $20.50) onto spots with cellulite.

Swipe on a face bronzer

Simply do a quick dusting of a bronzer that has a slight shimmer like Rimmel Natural Bronzer Waterproof Bronzing Powder in Sunshine (Buy from Amazon, $3.79) using a fluffy powder brush down the front and back of your legs. Makeup artist Stephanie Flor, who has prepped Victoria’s Secret models at runway shows, explains, “If you attract light to the rest of the legs, it pulls focus away from the parts with cellulite.” 

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