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Bette Davis Kept Her Famous Eyes Puff-Free With 2 Simple Steps

Here's how to get "Bette Davis eyes."


Bette Davis was known for having beautiful eyes — there’s even a famous song dedicated to her deep baby blues. When it comes to making sure they were always bright and never puffy, the actress swore by just two things: cucumbers and Vaseline. 

According to Glamour UK, Bette Davis would put a layer of petroleum jelly under her eyes every single night before bed. Then, she placed cucumber slices over her eyelids when she was ready to sleep. And, that’s it! She swore by this technique to protect her peepers against puffiness and troublesome dark circles. While this routine might sound shockingly simple for a movie star, there’s evidence that she was actually onto something — and modern-day women just might want to take note.

Putting cucumber slices on your eyes may remind you of vintage salon photos, but experts say this old-fashioned remedy has stuck around for a reason. It actually works! A study published in the journal Fitoterapia found that cucumber can be used for nourishing the skin in a variety of ways beyond de-puffing eyes. Not only does cucumber reduce swelling of the skin, it can also soothe skin irritations and even alleviate the pain from a sunburn. 

According to Healthline, the keys to cucumber’s benefits lie in its hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties. High in water content and vitamin C, the cucumber is arguably one of the best natural tonics for the skin. So there’s no wonder why Bette Davis chose to use this particular produce to protect — and enhance — one of the most sensitive parts of her face.

As for petroleum jelly, this ointment is simply a gentle and safe way to plump up and moisturize the skin around the eyes, according to Organic Facts. The eye region of your face is particularly at risk for dryness due to the lack of oil glands. When your skin gets dry, it starts to shrink, which causes aging lines to become more visible. While most folks use petroleum jelly to heal cuts or scrapes, it’s nice to know that it can also help prevent wrinkles before they even start.

Who knew that such a basic routine could be so “eye-opening”?

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