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8 Bang Styles That Conceal a Receding Hairline + Make Hair Look Thicker

These bang styles act like a magic wand to make you look 10 years younger in minutes!

Sure, there are plenty of prescriptive and over-the-counter options that can help reverse hair loss, especially if you have a receding hair line — even something as simple as castor oil can help reverse thinning hair — it can take weeks to months before you see results. The faster remedy? Snipping in some bangs for receding hairline.

It definitely can be nerve-racking to change up your hairstyle and bangs can seem intimidating since they can take longer to grow out. But the rewards can be greater than the risk. “Bangs are great for a receding hairline because they cover the forehead, the area first noticeable when people look at your face,” says Jenn Velez, hairstylist and colorist at Lrn Beauty in New York City. Plus, she says not only conceal the hairline, but also create the illusion of a thicker head of hair.

And best of all, there’s a bang style for everyone and every hair type — and different lengths, like curtain bangs, bottleneck bangs and blunt bangs, so that you don’t have to get a big snip if you don’t want to. Still need some convincing? Keep scrolling to see the ageless, over-40 celebrities that are proof of how bangs for receding hairline make hair look thick and full.

The 8 types of bangs for receding hairline

1. Curtain bangs

Heidi Klum with curtain bangs

Trendy curtain bangs, as seen on Heidi Klum above, get their name because they look, well, like tied back curtains. They create a v-shape in the middle, and softly sweep to the side. “They create soft lines that draw attention away from the hairline, making it less noticeable,” says Velez. This bang style is great for women of all ages, face shapes and hair types. (Click through to learn more about curtain bangs.)

What to ask for: Full, brow-skimming curtain bangs that seamlessly blend into the rest of hair.

2. Bottleneck bangs for receding hairline

Halle Berry with bottleneck bangs

Bottleneck bangs sound just like their moniker as they are narrower near the top of the head and gradually widen as they skim down the face. They are similar to curtain bangs, however, the center part is a tad deeper, explains Velez. This deep center part makes a more exaggerated v-like shape, which instantly conceals a receding hairline.

What to ask for: To get bangs like Halle Berry’s above, “request a deep center part. Ask for the ‘V’ shape to be created with the bangs framing your face and specify the length of the “V” and how pronounced you want the shape to be,” says Velez.

3. Asymmetrical bangs

Carolynn Hennessy smiling while outdoors and she has a banged, short pixie hair cut

The slant created by asymmetrical bangs allow for a little bit of an edgy and interesting look, without being overboard. The style is still classy and elegant, and as you can see on Carolyn Hennesy above, they help to slim the face and forehead and center attention around the eyes. And they work wonders to hide a receding hairline by giving definition to the hair at the front of the face.

What to ask for: Velez says to ask for “Uneven, asymmetrical bangs and specify the length difference you prefer between the shorter and longer sides.”

4. Side-swept bangs for receding hairline

Jennifer Garner smiling on the red carpet with side-swept bangs

Side-swept bangs have been around for decades—and for good reason. That’s because they bring attention beautifully to the eyes without covering them as shown on Jennifer Garner above. And the bang style also easily covers a receding hairline by “creating a diagonal line across the forehead, diverting attention from the hairline,” explains Velez.

What to ask for: Side-swept bangs that are long enough to be tucked behind the ears. Velez says it’s best to chat with your hairstylist whether you want a soft, subtle and more gradual sweep or a defined, angled sweep.

5. Textured bangs

Lisa Rinna with textured bangs on red carpet.

Lisa Rinna is known for her iconic hairstyle that’s infused with textured bangs that pack a big age-defying punch. These bangs give hair mega movement and their piecey nature spans the whole hairline to mask receding and sparse spots.

What to ask for: Velez says to request bangs that are choppy and jagged as lots of different angles and lengths are key here.

6. Blunt bangs for receding hairline

Mary Steenburgen smiling on the red carpet with full, blunt bangs

Bold, blunt bangs are much more defined and typically skim the eyebrows to cleverly camouflage a receding hairline. An added perk? They work better than Botox to conceal forehead furrows.

What to ask for: Blunt, straight-across bangs with your desired length. This can be right below the eyebrows, right above the eyebrows or even halfway down the forehead for a micro-bang look.

7. Wispy fringe bangs

Jennifer Lopez shared her new ‘do on Instagram recently, sporting wispy, fringe-like bangs. This longer, face-framing bang style takes the focus off on the hairline and masks any sparse spots.

What to ask for: Wispy, full bangs that graduate into face-framing layers.

8. Feathered bangs

Rita Moreno smiling and her hair has feathery bangs

Just like how Rita Moreno rocks the feathered bang look, so can you! These bangs created with a razor and have a wispy, soft nature. And the softness of this bang style optically blurs sparseness along the hairline.

What to ask for: Lightly textured bangs cut with a razor that sit just below eyebrows.

Bonus: More hairstyles that conceal a receding hairline

If you’re not ready to take the leap with bangs (hey, we get it!), have no fear — there are still dozens of hairstyles that can work for a receding hairline. “Short sided haircuts, pixie cuts and any tapered buzz cuts will also work well for women and a receding hairline,” says Velez. (Click through to see pixie cuts for women over 60.) But super short cuts also, aren’t for everyone so read on for some other styles that help conceal thinning.

Have fine, straight hair?

For those with very straight hair and who also don’t want bangs, a great style for hiding a receding hairline is an asymmetrical bob with a deep side part, like Claire Danes has below. This sweeps hair over sparse spots and pulls the eye to the ends of hair and away from the hairline.

Claire Danes smiling and with a hairstyle that is a straight asymmetrical bob

Have curly, coily or coarse hair?

Hair’s texture can make bangs difficult to style, so swapping to a deep side part or going for a layered bob, as seen on Angela Bassett below, can help detract from a receding hairline.

Angela Bassett smiling and she has a layered bob haircut

Have hair that’s too thin for bangs?

Test out a pair of clip-in bangs that match your hair color and will naturally fake the look of a thicker mane. Or try wearing a headband or hair scarf to cover up a receding hairline.

Don’t feel like bangs suit your face shape?

Go for wispy front layers to hide a receding hairline. When you part your hair in the center, the layers can cover either side of your face and draw attention to the hair itself, rather than the hairline. Plus, layers optically thicken fine, thin hair.

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