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What You See in These Images Reveals Scarily Accurate Info About Your Personality


Patient and cerebral? Highly respected at work? Romantic, yet guarded? If you’re not sure if those adjectives describe you, it’s time to find out. This unique inkblot personality test from the coffee table book Psychobook can tell you A LOT about your innermost personality traits–and it’s pretty darn accurate!

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The book contain 19 intriguing tests in all, and this one is pretty straightforward: Simply look at each image and take stock of what you see, then scroll down to find out what it means.

personality test 1 small

If you see…

  • Two figures leaning forward, possibly in prayer: You’re a patient and cerebral person. If you care about something, you don’t settle for anything less than the best.

  • A racing car or two furry cubs, babies, or devils: You’ve got a great imagination. You’re instinctively metaphorical and can easily see things from other people’s points of view.

  • A dentist’s or barber’s chair: You’re sensitive and generous, and you take things painfully to heart.

  • A woman lying down with her legs open: You’re easily distracted. You crave balance in your life and you pay special attention to physical sensations.

  • Two dark forces about to invade a figure: You’re constantly starting something and leaving it unfinished. Everything’s a “work in progress.”

personality test 2 small

If you see…

  • A strong man flexing: You’re highly capable and competitive. The bar is set high for you, but you’re always up for a challenge.

  • A pair of rams butting heads: You’re self-disciplined and reliable, yet a nervous, stressed person. Don’t worry — only those close to you can tell.

  • A scorpion: You’re very in tune with yourself, but you can be thrown off by small changes in diet or sleep because you’re physically very sensitive.

  • A lobster or shrimp: You’re romantic, but guarded. You’re not sure if you want to sacrifice your peace of mind for the unpredictability of a relationship.

  • Fallopian tubes: You’re at a standstill right now — privately or professionally. Reality often falls short of your expectations.

personality test 3 small

If you see…

  • A roast chicken: You may have a few doubts, but overall, you feel very centered and clear about what you need.

  • A screaming cartoon cat: You’re a problem solver and you like for your voice to be heard. You thrive on negotiation and conflict and you may come off as abrasive sometimes.

  • A faceless woman, a judge, or a person in a wig: You’re impatient and set high standards for yourself and expect others to do the same.

  • A woman who has clubbed her husband to death: You’re not interested in an easygoing going kind of love. You need sparks to fly!

  • Someone’s jaws being approached by a pair of forceps: You’re all about being true to yourself, no matter what.

  • A rocket or a tower: You’re a hard worker and highly respected, professionally, but you may need to lighten up a bit in your private life.

Fascinating, isn’t it? See more from this inkblot test here.


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