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12 Little Girl Hairstyles That’ll Steal the Show This Summer


If you’re looking for the best little girl hairstyles, you’re not alone. Lots of talented parents want to channel their creative energy into their young daughters’ fashion and style. After all, mothers only get a short time to be the sole decision-makers about their daughters’ looks, so it’s understandable to want to soak up every adorable minute of it. When you’ve already picked out the next season’s wardrobe, with shoes and purses to match the outfits, it’s only natural to turn your attention to fabulous hairstyles next.

Little Girl Hairstyles for Beginners

If it’s your first time trying to pick a great hairdo for your daughter — or another special little girl in your life — it’s understandable to be a little nervous. After all, you want it to fit the child’s personal style, expression, and individuality. And of course, you want the hairstyle to make her happy. But at the same time, you also don’t want to get stuck maintaining an ultra-complicated look that’s so elaborate, you can’t even understand how a hairdresser put it together in the first place. Allow Jennifer Bilek, cosmetologist behind the popular children’s haircut service Get Coiffed, to give you a helping hand in decision-making for little girl hairstyles.

When it comes to little girl hairstyles for short hair, Bilek tells that a bob is the “ultimate” choice. A bob, which is defined as the same-length hair all around the head, falling above the shoulders, is an especially good option for summer, when little girls are much more likely to be running around, swimming, and sweating when they go outside. “It works on curly or straight hair, looks darling on everyone, and is so easy to manage, it is a wonder every little girl isn’t running around with it,” Bilek says. “It also helps to make thin hair look much fuller because all the hair is working together at its strongest point.”

Why Little Girl Hairstyles in Braids Are So Popular

As for the best little girl hairstyles for long hair, Bilek suggests a braid or multiple braids if the hair allows for it. Unlike little girl hairstyles with ponytails, which can get a bit knotty after a girl runs around, braids keep the hair smooth and away from the face. A little-known bonus about braids is that because they’re so tightly weaved together, they can actually help keep some damaging chlorine out of a little girl’s hair while she goes swimming. But of course, we can’t ignore the fact that little girl hairstyles in braids also have the potential to look absolutely beautiful, especially if they’re French braids. Bilek adds, “When styling for after play, braids are also optimal because they are easy to adorn with flowers and clips placed strategically onto reams of hair that are folding into each other, which gives the hairstyle a cascading feel to it.”

Provided the hair is long enough to braid, this option can work in little girl hairstyles for curly hair or for straight hair. And according to Bilek, it often outshines most other hairstyles in terms of ease of styling, practicality, and beauty. She says, “Once you learn how to do a French braid from the various YouTube tutorials available, the sky is the limit on variation and possible ways to do them.”

The Most Stunning Pictures of Little Girl Hairstyles on the Internet

But let’s say you’ve already mastered how to create and maintain all your favorite styles of braids and you’re ready for your little girl to try something more advanced the next time she goes to the salon. Or heck, maybe you’re feeling brave and want to break out the hairstylist kit at home for yourself. Before you do, we highly recommend checking out what other genius stylists have done for some (lucky!) little girls. Scroll below to find some of the most breathtaking little girl hairstyles on Instagram, and get inspired to create your own for the precious child in your life.

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