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How I Lost 42 Pounds Eating Pasta, Rice, and Potatoes

English hairdresser Jackie Rogerson had tried every trick in the book to shed pounds in her early 20s. From fad diets to a tracksuit that supposedly burned fat while she slept, nothing worked. It didn’t help that her coworkers were all smaller than her. Rogerson, now 47, told that the final straw was when a customer called to make an appointment, referring to her only by her size.

“They said, ‘We don’t know the girl’s name, but the big one,'” Rogerson said. “And I knew they meant me.”

Rogerson, who at the time weighed about 182 pounds, somehow managed to sound cheery while scheduling that client, though she could feel her heart breaking. If other people didn’t know her name, was that the way they all saw her, as the “big one”? So it’s not surprising that when another client told her about Slimming World, a UK-based weight-loss program now available in the United States, she jumped at the opportunity to drop the pounds once and for all.

jackie rogerson before

(Photo Credit: Jackie Rogerson)

However, despite the program’s helpful consultants and detailed meal plans, Rogerson was still skeptical — especially since some of the weight-loss recipes included carbs. Even her parents didn’t believe she was going to lose weight by eating the suggested meals. Sure enough, after just a week of eating foods such as cereal for breakfast, pasta salad for lunch, and vegetable casseroles with fries for dinner, she had already lost seven pounds. As the weeks went on, she continued shedding pounds and was instantly hooked.

“Slimming World was not going to get rid of me,” Rogerson said.

The program allowed her the freedom and flexibility to fit the plan into her day-to-day life — and that’s exactly what she did, taking her time with the process. She began her weight-loss journey with the program in 1994 and was able to reach her target goal weight, 140 pounds, by 1996.

“I was absolutely ecstatic,” she said. “I hit the number. I never ever thought I could do that eating lots — and I’m a big eater.”

jackie rogerson after

(Photo Credit: Jackie Rogerson)

She loves pasta, rice, and potatoes — and she’s still able to eat all of those foods with healthy makeovers offered by Slimming World. For example, she used to eat pasta with ready-made sauces. Then, she learned how to get creative making sauces at home, such as roasted vegetable, roasted garlic, and a low-fat creamy cheese sauce. The Slimming World version of fries is also much healthier than traditional fries — and just as delicious.

But even more satisfying than the meals is the fact that she’s been able to keep the weight off — and she’s proud to still be in target nearly 22 years later. Now a Slimming World consultant as well as a fitness instructor, the woman who used to cover herself up finally gets to enjoy wearing tons of gorgeous vintage dresses. Not only has the experience of losing weight changed her, it’s basically given her a whole new life.

“Losing weight has made me more of a doer,” she said. “Instead of saying ‘I think I’m gonna do this,’ I’ll actually do things.”

jackie rogerson before after

(Photo Credit: Jackie Rogerson)

That’s why she encourages any woman struggling with weight loss to look up Slimming World and try it for herself.

“Let them change your life like it changed mine, because it will,” she said. “And it does.”

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Next, learn some easy diet swaps for weight loss in the video below:

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