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How the Hormone Reset Diet Heals Your Metabolism for Optimal Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight and actually keep it off for good, then you might consider the Hormone Reset Diet as a possible option. Created by Sara Gottfried, MD, the Hormone Reset Diet aims to make your hormones more efficient and speed up your metabolism in the process. if you do it right, this eating plan can help you shed pounds and feel better than you have in years.

According to The Hormone Reset Diet ($10.43, Amazon), the key to losing weight for women is resetting the efficiency of seven metabolic hormones. These hormones include cortisol, thyroid, testosterone, growth hormone, leptin, insulin, and estrogen. Dr. Gottfried explains that when you develop resistance to these important hormones, it slows down your metabolism and ultimately leads to weight gain and difficulty losing weight. Want to get back in sync with your hormones? Good news: Gottfried says you have the ability to actually repair and grow new hormone receptors. Of course, you can’t expect a total weight-loss transformation overnight; the Hormone Reset Diet involves an eight-step process before you can start to see the results you want.

Now, eight steps might sound a bit daunting, but the good news is that seven of the stages take just three days each, which is the minimum amount of time to reset a metabolic hormone. Per Gottfried: “In three-day bursts, you’ll focus on making specific dietary changes, starting with eliminating meat and alcohol, which resets your estrogen, liver, and gut microbiome — the genetic material of the trillions of microbial critters that live in your body.”

As you eliminate specific types of food every three days during a 21-day period, you’ll swap them for more hormone-friendly foods to get your body in harmony once again. While some of the reset stages may seem a bit challenging — such as grain-free and caffeine-free — it’s worth keeping in mind that there is a “re-entry” stage waiting for you at the end.

During the re-entry step, you add nutrient-dense foods back into your diet slowly, one by one. This slow-and-steady process will give you the opportunity to learn which foods trigger your immune system and which ones don’t — a chance to inform and educate yourself on what you truly need to keep unwanted pounds off for life. The book helpfully walks you through each part of the process, with self-assessment checklists that you can mark along the way.

If you’re wondering about what you can eat while you’re on the Hormone Reset Diet, you’ll be happy to know that the book also includes a wide variety of delicious recipes. Healthy meals might include a quinoa, avocado, and chickpea salad, or spaghetti squash with kale pesto. A yummy snack might be chia seed pudding or protein egg muffins. And don’t worry: Hormone-friendly brownies are also featured as part of the eating plan.

Talk about a diet that sounds nutritious and delicious!

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