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Look Thinner and 10 Years Younger Each Day with This Trick

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What if there was a way to make your face look thinner and younger without injections or surgery? And what if you could do it yourself at home for just a few minutes a day to achieve that youthful glow? This easy and effective method for taking years off your face is at your fingertips—literally: facial massage!

Read on to learn how to be your own facialist, and give yourself facial massages to reduce puffiness, smooth your skin, and look instantly slimmer–plus a whole lot younger.

How to Do a 3-Step Face Lift

The ideal rejuvenating facial massage combines movements using different levels of pressure and varying speeds to help release muscles and move fluid and cellular waste out of your tissues. Doing so can lift skin, reduce puffiness, and sculpt tired and sagging skin–making you look instantly younger and slimmer. Bonus: You’ll feel just as refreshed as you look!

Here is how you can do a Facial Pilates massage, courtesy of Chico Shigeta, Decléor Massage Development Specialist.

1. Lift Cheeks: Put both hands flat against the bottom part of one cheekbone. Moving one hand at a time, move your hands up along the bottom of the cheekbone, starting from the mouth and heading towards the ear. Alternate hands, making sure that when the top hand pushes up the cheekbone, the other hand follows suit, so it’s a continuous flow of the hands, constantly lifting the cheeks. Repeat this 10 times and finish by firmly pressing your cheek for 30 seconds. (Repeat on each side of the face.)

2. Sculpt the Chin and Jawbone: Starting from the middle of the jawline, use the fingertips of one hand to pull the skin upwards into the jaw and back towards the ear, tightening the skin as you move your hand up toward the ear. As you do this, use the fingers of your other hand to make tiny, firm circles along the area that is tight. When both hands reach the ear, start again. Repeat 3 times, the do the same thing on the other side of your face.

3. Lift the Eyebrows: Using both of your hands on one eyebrow, pinch the eyebrow while pushing upwards and into the brow bone using your fingertips and your thumbs. Move along the brow starting from the middle of your face, and repeat each movement three times on each eyebrow.

You can also use ice cubes wrapped in gauze, massaging from the center of your face outwards in long, flowing movements up toward the temples, to the center of the ear, and just under the cheekbone, and to the jaw. To reduce puffiness around the eyes, circle the ice cubes around the eye area to reduce inflammation and help drain fluids.

Go on, give it a try! Much cheaper than a visit to the spa, don’t you think?


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