First for Women - Sitemap - 2018 - May - Page 1

Sitemap 2018 May - Page 1

  1. 12 Times Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton Proved They're the Best of Chums
  2. 5 Best Pool Vacuums to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean All Summer
  3. A Mom's Voice Gets Lower After Having Kids, Study Finds
  4. The Gunk in Your Deep Fryer Is Getting in the Way of Perfectly Crispy Fries
  5. Royal Rules Forced Prince Harry and Meghan to Return $9 Million Worth of Wedding Gifts
  6. Attention Cat Owners: Here's How Often You Need to Clean the Litter Box
  7. 7 Emotional Stages of Watching 'Diana: Seven Days That Shook the World'
  8. Cats and Dogs Across the Country Are Getting Too Chubby — But Here's How to Help Them
  9. Meghan Markle's Go-To Mascara Is Less Than $7
  10. I Auditioned for 'The Voice' — Here's My Advice for Hopefuls
  11. Hannah Gosselin Shares Rare Photo With Brother Collin, And the Two Look Like Best Friends
  12. Adding Food Coloring to Your Shampoo Could Be the Quick and Easy Way to Banish Brassy Hair
  13. Meghan Markle's Official Monogram Has a Crown on It, In Case You Forgot She's a Royal Now
  14. 9 Fat-Burning Foods That Taste Good — And Actually Work
  15. Keep Your Hair Ageless With This Celeb Stylist's Candid Tips
  16. Here Are the Many Confusing Reasons Kate Middleton Is Still Called 'Kate Middleton'
  17. I Was Paralyzed Just Days After My Daughter Was Born
  18. What Time Is It Best to Eat Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner?
  19. 9 Ways for Women to Combat Hair Loss Before Menopause Starts
  20. Jennifer Garner's Preteen Daughter Violet Is Almost as Tall as Her Famous Mom
  21. Affordable, Adorable Home Decor to Spruce up Any Room in the House
  22. Tips for Painting a Brick Wall Exterior That Will Update Your Home's Curb Appeal
  23. Belly Dancing Taught Me to Love My Curves
  24. 13 Memorial Day Discounts for Active Military and Veterans
  25. The Best Herbs to Grow Indoors to Give Your Kitchen a Little Green
  26. The 10 Ingredients You Need to Meal Prep for the Week, According to Nikki Sharp
  27. Meghan Markle Doesn't Want Her Friends to Treat Her Differently After Her Wedding
  28. Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Her Hair Loss Left Her 'Shaking in Fear'
  29. 21 Mom Reasons to Have a Glass of Wine
  30. Meghan Markle Needs to Take 6 Months of Rigorous 'Duchess Lessons'
  31. The Mormon Family Ritual That We Could All Stand to Learn From
  32. Place a Wooden Spoon Across a Bubbling Pot to Stop Water From Boiling Over
  33. Canada Lynx Sound Like Human Kids Arguing in Hilarious Viral Video
  34. Learn All About Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's New Home Together — Nottingham Cottage
  35. Teething Gels With Benzocaine Aren't Safe for Children, FDA Warns
  36. Prince Charles Wanted to Give William and Harry Very Different Names
  37. 6 Indoor Plants That Are the Best for Your Bedroom
  38. 7 Reasons Why JOANN Stores Are Our Happy Place
  39. How Long Each Type of Wine Actually Lasts — And How to Extend Their Lives
  40. Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Looked Like Twins in Matching Floral Dresses
  41. A Dairy-Free Avocado-Chocolate Mousse to Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth
  42. Jennifer Aniston Credits a Smoothie for Helping Her Make 50 Look 30
  43. Popular New 'Sunscreen' Supplements Are a Scam, FDA Says
  44. I Found Out I Had Breast Cancer a Few Days After Announcing My Pregnancy
  45. Is Your Dog Graying Prematurely? Here's What It Might Mean
  46. Precious Royal Wedding Moments You Might Have Missed
  47. How to Tell Yeast Infection Discharge Apart From Normal Discharge
  48. 6 Tall Plants That Will Liven Up Your Indoors
  49. An Egg a Day Keeps Stroke Risk at Bay, Study Suggests
  50. Meghan Markle Looks Amazing at Her First Appearance as the Duchess of Sussex
  51. Exhausted All the Time? You Could Have a Silent UTI
  52. Moms Don't Get a Day Off — But They Can Take a 'Bare Minimum Day'
  53. 31 Best Memorial Day Furniture Sales to Shop This Year
  54. Everything You Want to Know About Meghan Markle's Wedding Makeup
  55. A Body Language Expert Weighs In on the Royal Wedding
  56. How to Clean Your Mattress in Three Painless Steps
  57. Kensington Palace Releases Three New Official Royal Wedding Photos
  58. 24 Best Memorial Day Appliance Sales You Won't Be Able to Pass Up
  59. 5 Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers for Your Home
  60. 13 Celebs Share Their Favorite Affordable Drugstore Beauty Picks
  61. 7 Times We Knew What Meghan Markle Was Thinking During Her Wedding
  62. Meghan Markle's Mom Doria Couldn't Help but Tear Up Watching Her Daughter Marry Prince Harry
  63. Meghan Markle's Real Name Isn't Actually Meghan
  64. The First Photos of Meghan's Full Wedding Dress Are Here and We're Royally in Love
  65. The First Photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Their Royal Wedding Are Here
  66. Meghan Markle’s Single Mother Won’t Get the Starring Role She Deserves at the Royal Wedding
  67. These Meghan Markle Doppelgängers Will Make You Do a Double Take
  68. Your Ultimate Royal Wedding Watching Guide: When It Is, How to Watch on TV, And How to Stream Online
  69. Super-Satisfying Power Washing Videos Are Taking Over the Internet
  70. Meghan Markle Through the Years: From Actress to Princess-to-Be
  71. Some Dogs Born in the Summer Have Higher Risk for Heart Disease, Study Finds
  72. American Women Who Have Married Brits Share Their Advice for Meghan Markle
  73. 'A Long Hug Helps Me Feel Safe': How to Comfort Someone With Panic Attacks, From a Woman Who Knows
  74. 5 Photos That Prove Meghan Markle and Pippa Middleton Are Identical Style Twins
  75. Tignanello: Your Guide to Meghan Markle's Favorite Wine
  76. Where to Save and Splurge in Your Home Renovation
  77. Meghan Markle's Facialist Shares How to Get a Royal Glow at Home
  78. Why Is the Royal Wedding All About the Queen?
  79. The Truth About Meghan Markle's Complicated Family
  80. Joan Lunden Reveals How Cancer Changed Her Life for the Better
  81. 7 Recipes for Your Royal Wedding Watch Party
  82. 13 Best Multi-Device Charging Station Organizers
  83. See a Picture Timeline of Harry and Meghan Markle's Storybook Romance
  84. If You Have a UTI, Please Don't Take Ibuprofen
  85. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Have Finally Announced Their Bridal Party
  86. Meghan Markle's Dad to Undergo Heart Surgery, Won't Attend Royal Wedding After All
  87. Kensington Palace Gives a Sneak Peek to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding Menu
  88. Hop Back on the Healthy-Eating Wagon With This Avocado-Quinoa-Kale Bowl With Tahini-Lemon Dressing
  89. This Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Look-Alike Couple Nearly Had Us Fooled
  90. Yogurt Could Soothe Chronic Inflammation, Study Suggests
  91. 8 Royal Cousins Who Are Just as Cute as George and Charlotte
  92. Woman's Terrifying Roller Coaster Ride Spurred Her to Lose More Than 100 Pounds
  93. 10 Times Prince William and Prince Harry Looked Almost Exactly Like Princess Diana
  94. Make This Decadent No-Bake Cheesecake Your New Guilty Pleasure
  95. Two Popular Diets Reduce Risk of Hearing Loss, Study Finds
  96. The Best Place to Store Medicine Is Not the Bathroom Cabinet
  97. Ellen Pompeo Gets Honest About Her 'Grey's Anatomy' Co-Stars Leaving
  98. Prince Harry Will Break Royal Protocol at His Wedding If He Doesn't Shave
  99. Why Does My Daughter-in-Law Hate Me?
  100. 14 Things a True Minimalist Would Never Have at Home
  101. Steak Masters Dish About Their Favorite Cuts of Steak
  102. I'm Fed Up With Meghan Markle's Half-Siblings Bashing Her in the Press
  103. 6 Simple Steps to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger
  104. 10 Hilarious Quotes About Being a Parent That Every Mom Can Understand
  105. The Perfect Indoor Plant to Match Your Home Decor Style
  106. I Was Every 'Alcoholic Mother' Cliché for Years — Now Things Are Different
  107. Reinvigorate Your Home With these Spring Home Decor Trends from Pinterest
  108. 5 Tips for Throwing a Great Summer Barbecue
  109. I Survived a Week of Meghan Markle's Intense Wedding Workouts
  110. 'The Big Bang Theory' Star Mayim Bialik Opens Up About Her Struggle with Depression
  111. For Years, My Mother-in-Law and I Bonded Over Coffee — Until One Day We Didn’t
  112. That Hole in Your Pasta Spoon's Not Useless — It's to Measure Your Dry Spaghetti
  113. 8 Design Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Cluttered
  114. Woman With Spina Bifida Wasn't Supposed to Live to Age 2 — Now She's a Wheelchair-Free Mom
  115. 11 Best Stepmom of the Bride Dresses
  116. How to Make Peace With Your Mom Before Mother's Day
  117. Army Doctors Restore Soldier's Missing Ear After 'Growing' It In Her Forearm
  118. Devin Alexander Talks 70-Pound Weight Loss and Diabetes-Friendly Recipes
  119. Wearing Yoga Pants During an MRI Could Burn You, Hospitals Warn
  120. Melissa McCarthy Wants Her Haters to 'Find a Little Joy'
  121. Salmon's Slimming Benefits Are Anything But Fishy
  122. 4 Ways to Stay in the Moment When You Have Anxiety
  123. 8 Lessons I Learned When My 2-Year-Old Was Diagnosed With Cancer
  124. Ellen Pompeo's Entire Family Uses Essential Oils — Yes, Even Her 1-Year-Old
  125. Yes, There's a Difference Between Baking Soda and Baking Powder
  126. Most Pet Parents Aren't Prepared for Tick Season, Experts Warn
  127. Video of Tree Releasing Giant Pollen Cloud Makes Us Want to Buy Tissues in Bulk
  128. Country Singer Jewel Opens Up About Life as a Single Mom
  129. 19 Unexpected Things in Your Home You Should Be Cleaning More Often
  130. For Stepmoms, Meeting Others in the Same Boat Can Be a Lifesaver
  131. 3 Delicious Dessert Recipes Inspired by Harry and Meghan's Wedding Cake
  132. Cleaning Your 'Downstairs' the Wrong Way Could Lead to Funky Infections
  133. 'Property Brothers' Star Drew Scott Dishes on His Upcoming Wedding
  134. Woman's Nonstop Runny Nose Turned Out to Be Brain-Fluid Leak
  135. You Could Collect $1,200 If a Telemarketer From Dish Network Called
  136. Meghan Markle Won't Have a Maid of Honor for the Sweetest Reason
  137. Mother's Day 'Mocktails' the Whole Family Can Sip Together
  138. Seeing Double: Meet Meghan Markle's Australian Doppelgänger, Stephanie
  139. Congratulations Are in Order: Kristin Davis Has Adopted Her Second Child
  140. Munching on Walnuts Is an Easy Way to Boost Gut Health, Study Says
  141. Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis Star in Stunning New Family Portraits
  142. This Hack Saves Parents Precious Time Cutting Grapes in One Quick Slice
  143. How to Energize Your Mornings in Five Simple Steps
  144. How to Do Kegel Exercises to Prevent 'Leaking' Down There
  145. Clean Instant Pot's Nooks and Crannies With a Foam Paintbrush
  146. What It's Like to Have a Heart Attack at Age 35
  147. Woman’s 132-Pound Weight Gain Turned Out to Be an Ovarian Tumor
  148. 5 Crafty Hacks That'll Finally Give Your Twist Ties Something to Do
  149. Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb Joke About Crashing the Royal Wedding
  150. 7 Secrets That'll Turn T.J.Maxx Into Your Shopping Paradise
  151. Eating Fast Food Affects Your Ability to Get Pregnant, Study Suggests
  152. Stack Cream Cheese and Olives for a Majestic Appetizer 'Tree'
  153. Transform Your Space by Adding a Pop of Color to Every Room
  154. Couple Drops a Combined 407 Pounds, Proves New Year's Resolutions Can Work
  155. How to Boil Eggs Correctly Every Single Time
  156. How Royal Photographer Chris Jackson Is Preparing for Meghan and Harry's Big Day
  157. Sandra Bullock Talks Motherhood in the Spotlight and Her Longtime Beau
  158. 10 Quotes About Grandparents That'll Pull at Your Heartstrings
  159. The Prettiest Landscaping Trends of 2018
  160. 6 Easy Recipes to Make When You’re All Out of Energy
  161. How to Grow a Plant From a Cutting
  162. 15 Best Nursery Closet Organizers for a Neat and Tidy Baby Room
  163. Fearing for Her Life, Woman Who Found Comfort in Food Loses More Than 200 Pounds
  164. What You Eat Can Affect How Early (or Late) You Get Menopause, Study Suggests
  165. Acupuncture Might Help You Deal With Your Dentist Fears, Research Suggests
  166. 10 Things Meghan Markle Will Have to Give Up After the Royal Wedding
  167. Music Alleviates Anxiety in People With Dementia, Study Suggests
  168. Kelly Clarkson Debuts Her New Blonde Hair and Bangs
  169. Julianne Hough Wants Women With Endometriosis to Know They're Not Alone
  170. 5 Ways to Get Rid of That Annoying Pile of Leftover Plastic Bags