First for Women - Sitemap - 2018 - April - Page 1

Sitemap 2018 April - Page 1

  1. 6 Lessons I Learned After Renovating My House
  2. Katie Couric Shares Funny Throwback Video of Herself Asking What the Internet Is
  3. Is Bottled Water Really Better for You Than Tap Water?
  4. Victoria Beckham's Daughter Harper Has the Cutest 'Posh' Accent
  5. More Than 32,000 Pounds of Dried Beef Recalled for Possible Toxin Contamination
  6. I Have Alopecia and My Wig Fell Off During a Second Date
  7. 8 Ways to Deal With an Unreasonable Co-Parent
  8. How to Take Care of Your Fiddle Leaf Fig
  9. 6 Simple Recipes for Good Gut Health
  10. The Prettiest Paint Trends of 2018
  11. 5 Vegetables That Are Easy to Grow Even If You Don't Have a Green Thumb
  12. Moms Are Posting Relatable Post-Birth Photos After Kate Middleton's Short Hospital Stay
  13. Autism Might Be More Common Than Originally Thought, CDC Says
  14. How to Add Barn Doors Without Making Your Home Feel Like a Farmhouse
  15. Prince William and Kate Middleton Finally Reveal the Royal Baby's Name
  16. Meghan Markle Recycling an Outfit Proves Royals Are Just Like Us
  17. 6 Ways to Restore Gut Health Naturally
  18. I Fixed the GI Glitch That Was Causing My Thyroid Issues With Natural Foods
  19. How I Lost 42 Pounds Eating Pasta, Rice, and Potatoes
  20. Tired Dad Prince William Struggled to Keep His Eyes Open at Royal Service
  21. Prince Harry Has Asked Prince William to Be His Best Man
  22. Denise Austin Reveals How She Outsmarted the Hormonal Glitch That Packs on Fat After 40
  23. How to Clean a Keurig Because Nothing Should Come Between You and Your Coffee
  24. Frustrated Shopper Who Hijacks Walmart Loudspeaker Is All of Us Dealing With Customer Service
  25. How Christina Applegate Fought Back Against Insomnia
  26. No, I Don't Feel Jealous of Kate Middleton's Post-Pregnancy Perfection
  27. 6 Tips and Tricks Interior Designers Use That You Should Steal
  28. Gut-Healing Superfoods That Improve Your Skin From the Inside Out
  29. How to Completely Update a Room by Simply Changing One Thing
  30. Kate Middleton Looked so Good After Giving Birth and She Can Thank Her Glam Squad
  31. My Best Friend Saved My Life by Giving Me Her Kidney
  32. Elizabeth Taylor's Eyes Were the Key to Her Otherworldly Beauty
  33. Showstopping Shower Designs That Will Make You Say 'Wow'
  34. Why Kate Middleton Left the Hospital Just Hours After Giving Birth
  35. How to Practice 'Mindful Eating' for Weight Loss
  36. We Found Out Our Son's Feeding-Tube Formula Was Mostly Corn Syrup — So We Made It Our Mission to Change That
  37. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Welcomes a Daughter With Girlfriend
  38. No, 100-Percent Cotton Tampons Aren't 'Safer' for You
  39. We're Melting Over the First Photos of the Newest Royal Baby
  40. Popular Pinterest Garden Trends That Will Make You Excited to Spend the Spring Outdoors
  41. It's a Boy! Kate Middleton Gives Birth to Third Royal Baby With Prince William
  42. Everything You Need to Know About Allulose, The Sugar Substitute That's Having a Moment
  43. Kate Middleton Is in the Early Stages of Labor, Prepares to Welcome Baby No. 3
  44. You Don't Need to Rinse Before Putting Dishes in the Dishwasher — And Other Dishwasher Myths
  45. Scratch-and-Sniff Wallpaper Now Exists, And We Feel Like Kids Again
  46. 8 Ideas for the Best Barbie Organizer to Keep Your Kids' Toys Tidy
  47. All Moms Can Relate to Courteney Cox's Struggles With Raising a Teenage Daughter
  48. Weekend Project: DIY Jewelry Organizers That Are Easy on the Eyes — and Wallet
  49. How to Ripen Avocados Quickly Without Sacrificing Flavor
  50. 10 Ways to Add Color to Your Home Without Painting the Walls
  51. Prince William's Favorite Chicken Is Easy to Make
  52. Being Low In Vitamin D Now Linked to Greater Risk of Diabetes, Study Finds
  53. Pink Credits Her Strict Military Dad for Making Her a Strong Mother
  54. 13 Things You Must Know If Pancreatitis or Pancreatic Cancer Runs in Your Family
  55. Your Blood Pressure Might Be Higher at the Doctor's Office — And That's Dangerous
  56. Getting Rid of Fruit Flies and Gnats at Home Is Way Simpler Than You Think
  57. Rachel Weisz and Husband Daniel Craig Are Expecting Their First Child Together
  58. Chicken With a White Stripe Means It Had a Muscle Disorder
  59. How to Use a Bill Payment Organizer to Get Your Weekends Back
  60. 7 Beautiful Ways to Incorporate Matte Finishes in Your Home
  61. 10 Citrus-Inspired Brunch Items That'll Impress the Whole Family on Mother's Day
  62. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Make History With Their Latest Outing
  63. Liven Up Your English Muffin with Some Lemon Meringue
  64. Kathie Lee Gifford Opens Up About Her Intense Morning Routine
  65. Most Dog Owners Don’t Follow Car Safety Tips for Their Pets, Study Finds
  66. Bobby Flay Wishes Daughter Sophie a Happy Birthday
  67. This Creamy, Dreamy Cake Is a Gluten-Free Spin on a Childhood Favorite
  68. Yale Is Offering a Free Class on How to Be Happy
  69. Christine Baranski Talks Moving on After Losing Husband Matthew Cowles
  70. How to Give Your Boxed Mac and Cheese a Creamy Second Life
  71. Save Space (And Money) With These Pinterest-Worthy DIY Makeup Organizers
  72. My Seven-Year-Old Survived a Heart Transplant — And Now She's Unstoppable
  73. A Frozen, No-Bake Lemon Pie to Satisfy Any Sugary Craving
  74. 5 Tips for Teaching Your Kids About Money
  75. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Might Be Getting New Royal Titles
  76. Eva Longoria Finally Gets Her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  77. How Meghan Markle Is Preparing for the Royal Wedding
  78. This Nutty White Chocolate Cherry 'Nice Cream' Recipe Is Bound to Become a Mid-Week Favorite
  79. Meghan Markle's Finances Will Get Very Confusing After the Royal Wedding
  80. Troll Cakes Are the New 'Bless Your Heart'
  81. 16 Wedding Cake Fails That'll Make You Feel Sorry for the Bride and Groom
  82. Kate Hudson's Baby Bump Stole the Show at Gwyneth Paltrow's Engagement Party
  83. Meghan Markle's Wedding Diet and Fitness Routine Is Intense
  84. Scammers Are Stealing Info From People Who Keep Too Many Browser Tabs Open
  85. A Magazine Pointed Out Meghan Markle's One Gray Hair — And Fans Were Not Happy
  86. Let’s Settle the Low-Carb Vs. Low-Fat Diet Debate, Once and for All
  87. The Stunning Lyrid Meteor Shower Will Light Up the Sky for a Week
  88. John Stamos and Wife Caitlin McHugh Welcome First Child
  89. Quick and Easy Home Cleaning Hacks to Steal From a Stylist Who Knows It All
  90. 6 Ways to Rebuild Trust in a Broken Relationship
  91. 9 Tile Trends That You'll See Everywhere in 2018
  92. 5 Time-Saving Tricks so You'll Never Have to Iron Your Clothes Again
  93. Google Photos Can Help You Identify Pet Breeds
  94. Charlize Theron Admits Parenting Is Hard, And We Can Definitely Relate
  95. Up Your Dessert Game With This Two-Minute Blueberry Banana Mug Cake
  96. Bathroom Hand Dryers May Blow Fecal Matter On Your Hands, Study Suggests
  97. Kelly Ripa Is Still Just as Gorgeous Without Makeup
  98. Beautiful Pictures for Better Focus During Guided Meditations
  99. School's Hilariously Honest Fundraiser Form Is Too Relatable
  100. New 'Everything-Proof' Coating Is on the Way to Save You From Spills
  101. How I Finally Conquered Excess Sweating
  102. We're in Love With This New-And-Improved Adult Version of the Traditional Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  103. Reese Witherspoon Helped HBO Correct Their Gender Pay Gap
  104. Harmful Bacteria Is Often Found in New Clothes, Experts Warn
  105. Fitness Blogger Proves How Easy It Is to Edit Social Media Images — Without Photoshop
  106. How 'NCIS' Star Pauley Perrette Makes 49 Look 29
  107. 31 People With the Most Striking Eyes in the World
  108. Carrie Underwood Updates Fans Again After Scary Fall
  109. These Chewy Granola Carrot Cake Bites Are the Perfect Snack for a Mom On-The-Go
  110. Identify Pretty Flowers in a Pinch With Handy Gardening App
  111. I Still Breastfeed My Five-Year-Old Along With Her Two Younger Brothers
  112. Everything You Need to Know About the BRAT Diet for Gut Health
  113. I Was a Surrogate for Twins, and Nothing Has Ever Been More Rewarding
  114. George and Amal Clooney's Twins Have Said Their First Words
  115. Dogs Strengthen Family Bonds, Study Finds
  116. The Underwhelming Reason Restaurants Give You Bread Before You Order
  117. Mariah Carey Opens Up About Her Battle With Bipolar Disorder
  118. See the Stars of 'American Idol' Then and Now
  119. I Went Out for Ice Cream and Came Back With a Baby
  120. 18 Bizarre Facts You Never Knew About 'The Wizard of Oz'
  121. I Gave Birth Twice in One Year
  122. Princess Diana's Biographer Says Meghan Won't Be 'Intimidated' by Royal Life
  123. There's a 'Right' Way to Sleep, Experts Say
  124. Kate Middleton's Most Glamorous Outfits
  125. Kate Gosselin Gets a New Show — About Her Love Life
  126. The Time It Takes to Make a New Friend Is the Equivalent of a Full Workweek
  127. Mood Foods: How Nutrition Affects Mental Health
  128. Unlike Kate, Meghan Markle Probably Won't Have a Maid of Honor
  129. To Raise an Empowered Child, These Are the Words That Matter
  130. How to Find Out If Your Personal Info Was Stolen in the Hack of Best Buy, Kmart, Sears, and Delta
  131. Kathie Lee Gifford Opens Up About What's Kept Her Going Since Her Husband's Death
  132. Eva Longoria Isn't Afraid to Show Off Her Bare Face
  133. People With Anxiety Are Better at Giving Gifts, Study Suggests
  134. Meghan Markle's Nickname for Prince Harry Is Adorable
  135. After a Mini-Stroke, Taking Aspirin Can Reduce Your Risk of a Major Stroke
  136. Indulge in Dessert Whenever You Want With This Healthier Smoothie Bowl Alternative
  137. 5 Ways to Fake a Clean Bathroom
  138. Couple Converts Old Church Into the Charming House of Their Dreams
  139. 'I Dump My Mom Friends If They Don't Treat Their Husbands Like Equal Partners'
  140. How to Stop Losing Socks in the Wash
  141. 3 Ways Your Kitchen Is Causing Your Weight Gain
  142. How to Block Annoying Facebook Ads
  143. Kate Middleton's Doctors Couldn't Drink Alcohol for Months Before She Gave Birth
  144. Creating Outdoor Privacy With Screening Plants and Hedges
  145. Finally, A Puff Pastry Recipe You Don't Have to Feel Guilty About
  146. Anne Hathaway Knows She's Gaining Weight and Doesn't Need You to Tell Her
  147. 14 Creative Mother's Day Gifts for Foodie Moms
  148. Story of Man, Pepperoni, and Seagulls Is the End-of-Week Pick-Me-Up We All Need
  149. No, Baby Wipes Are Not Giving Your Child Food Allergies
  150. Kate Hudson and Boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa, Are Expecting a Baby Girl
  151. Meet Meghan Markle's First Kiss
  152. The First Photo of Meryl Streep on 'Big Little Lies' Is Here and We're so Excited
  153. The Cast of the 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch' Reboot Has Been Announced
  154. Humans Used to Sleep Twice in a Day and We'd Like to Try That
  155. Reese Witherspoon Applauds Fan Who Nailed Every 'Jeopardy' Question About Her
  156. How Worried Should We Be About 'Nightmare Bacteria'?
  157. Royal Photographer Says Meghan Markle Takes Pressure Off of Prince Harry
  158. A Polar Vortex Will Unleash a Winter-Like Blast Today
  159. I Don’t Know How to Act My Age — So I Don’t (And You Shouldn’t Either)
  160. Shania Twain Feared She’d Never Record Another Album After Lyme Disease Damaged Her Vocal Cords
  161. Savannah Guthrie Talks About Embracing Aging
  162. Mariska Hargitay Gushes About Her Family in New Interview
  163. Flu Type That’s Riskiest for Young Children on the Rise, CDC Reports
  164. WinIt Wednesday: Enter Now to Spring Clean With Bissell Pet Pro Vacuums
  165. Hoda Kotb's Daughter Is a Pro at Walking in Cute Easter Video
  166. How I Finally Stopped Biting My Nails for Good — And How You Can, Too
  167. Babies Given Antibiotics and Antacids More Likely to Have Allergies as Adults, Study Finds
  168. Women Share Their Stories About Accidentally Discovering Partner's Proposal Plans
  169. Can't Get Your Child to Tidy Up? Try a Clean-Up Song
  170. Say Cheese! A Professional Shares How to Take Good Photos Using Just Your Phone
  171. Chrissy Metz Once Auditioned for 'American Idol'
  172. Not Quite a Freckle, Not Quite a Mole: Are Those Brown Spots Seborrheic Keratoses?
  173. Best News Ever: You Can Eat Pasta and Still Lose Weight, Study Finds
  174. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Opens Up About His Battles With Depression
  175. Bed Bath & Beyond Will Accept Toys 'R' Us Gift Cards for a Limited Time
  176. Meghan and Harry's Wedding Bouquet Includes Her Favorite Flowers
  177. Physical Therapy Not Working? An Expert Reveals What Might Be Holding You Back
  178. Meghan Markle's Natural Curls Are so Beautiful
  179. Helen Mirren Says Her Eyebrow Tattoos Have Made a 'Huge Difference'
  180. New Crock-Pot Can Cook a Main Dish and Two Sides at the Same Time
  181. Meghan Markle Walks Down the Aisle in Stunning Wedding Dress on 'Suits'
  182. Two Easy Ways to Instill Self-Confidence in Your Kids
  183. IKEA Workers Share Funny Customer-Meltdown Stories, And We Can't Stop Laughing
  184. Julianne Hough's Husband Wants to Be on 'DWTS' so He Can Learn to Dance