First for Women - Sitemap - 2018 - February - Page 1

Sitemap 2018 February - Page 1

  1. Most Women Don't Know How Much Weight Gain Is 'Normal' During Pregnancy
  2. Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb Hilariously Audition for 'The Voice'
  3. Reese Witherspoon Brought Her Kids to the 'A Wrinkle in Time' Premiere
  4. Dairy Queen Answers Our Prayers With New Mint Oreo Blizzard
  5. Serena Williams' Husband Welcomes Her Back to Tennis With Four Surprise Billboards
  6. Having Pizza for Breakfast May Actually Be Good for You, Kind Of
  7. Remove Scratches From Stainless Steel With Vinegar and Olive Oil
  8. My Baby Beat the Odds After Being Born With a Tumor Bigger Than Her Body
  9. People Are Praising Gap for Showing Breastfeeding Mom in New Ad
  10. Emma Thompson's 'Love Actually' Storyline Was Inspired by Real-Life Heartbreak
  11. Mother-in-Law Whining About Not Being in Delivery Room Gets Put in Her Place
  12. 5 Rare Diseases You're Probably Not Familiar With But Should Be
  13. The Flu Is Literally Spreading Like Wildfire, Study Finds
  14. Fans Can’t Get Over How How Much Kate Gosselin's Kids Have Grown
  15. Her Heart Attack Didn't Stop Her From Losing 100 Pounds
  16. Reese Witherspoon Hilariously Cleaned Her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star
  17. Prince George and Princess Charlotte Have Been Cast in New Royals Lifetime Movie
  18. Having a Sibling Might Make You More Empathetic, Study Finds
  19. 5 Bedroom Design Mistakes You're Probably Making
  20. Sorry, That 'Free Dunkin' Donuts' Coupon Is Probably a Scam
  21. Hoda Kotb's Post-Olympics Reunion with Her Daughter Is so Sweet
  22. That "Bowling Ball" Breast Feeling: What Your Breast Pain Means
  23. Kids Can't Hold Pens Properly Anymore Thanks to Touch Screens, Doctors Warn
  24. Meet Amy Pickerill, Meghan Markle's Right-Hand Woman
  25. 10 Brilliant Uses for Orange Peels
  26. Dog Food Sold on Amazon Recalled Due to Salmonella Risk
  27. Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Wish Son a Happy Birthday with Throwback Photos
  28. Goodbye, Mrs. Fat: How I Lost More Than 150 Pounds After a Kid's Blunt Comment
  29. 'My 600-lb Life' Star Doug Armstrong Is Maintaining His Incredible Weight Loss
  30. It's Finally Time for Free Pancakes at IHOP Again
  31. Several Instant Pot Models Are Overheating and Melting, Company Warns
  32. 6 Reasons I'm OK With Raising a Quitter
  33. The Perfect Cheesecake Recipe for National Strawberry Day
  34. Improving Your Gut-Brain Connection Can Put an End to Fatigue and Anxiety
  35. Amber From 'My 600-lb Life' Looks Incredible After Dramatic 420-Pound Weight Loss
  36. Feeding Raw Chicken to Dogs Associated With Increased Risk of Paralysis, Study Finds
  37. DASH Diet Is Linked to Lower Depression Risk, Study Finds
  38. Relatable Mom Jessica Alba Takes Pic Breastfeeding in Target Dressing Room
  39. Deceptively Easy Math Problem Has the Internet Stumped
  40. Jennifer Lopez Shares a Sweet Home Video to Celebrate Her Twins' Birthday
  41. Reese Witherspoon's California Home Is Seriously Stunning
  42. Ski Ballet Needs to Be an Official Olympic Sport Again
  43. Chrissy Teigen Talks Working With Meghan Markle on 'Deal or No Deal'
  44. Victoria Beckham Caught Husband David and Daughter Harper's Adorable Duet on Video
  45. Moms Who Hate Clutter Will Appreciate Woman's Clever Coffee-Pod Storage Hack
  46. Sickweather App Helps You Avoid Areas Where Many People Are Sick
  47. Antidepressants Work, According to Review of More Than 500 Studies
  48. Nearly 14-Pound Baby Breaks Hospital's Weight Record
  49. Frantic News Anchor's Makeup 'Tutorial' Is Every Busy Woman in the Morning
  50. Why Do Paper Cuts Hurt So Much?
  51. Scam Artists Are Using Fake Phone Numbers to Pose as Amazon Customer Service
  52. Southerners Can Look Forward to a Warmer-Than-Usual Spring
  53. Cauliflower Mac ’n’ Cheese Bites
  54. Olive Garden's New Meatball Pizza Bowl Has Divided the Internet — And Our Office
  55. Drinking Two Glasses of Beer or Wine Daily Linked to Longer Life, Study Suggests
  56. Most Widespread Severe Weather in Months to Threaten the South on Saturday
  57. Fareway Chicken Salad Recalled Due to Salmonella Outbreak
  58. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Targeted in Anthrax Scare
  59. Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Share the First Photo of Their Newborn
  60. People Are Putting Wine in Their Blenders in the Name of 'Hyperdecanting'
  61. Two-Thirds of Women Mistake Ovarian Cancer Sign for Bloating, Researchers Say
  62. Anna Wintour Broke Royal Protocol When She Met the Queen
  63. Today in Counterintuitive News: Red Wine Might Be Good for Your Teeth
  64. 67-Year-Old Jane Seymour Poses for 'Playboy,' Proves Age Really Is Just a Number
  65. Kathie Lee Gifford Gets Real About Reclaiming Her Life After Heartbreak
  66. Born to Be Wild: Prince William Is the Ultimate Cool Dad on a Motorcycle
  67. Joanna Gaines Says Being Bullied as a Child Helped Build Her Confidence
  68. Peanut Allergy Patch Could Be Coming to a Pharmacy Near You
  69. WinIt Wednesday: Planning a Vacation Improves Mental and Physical Health — Science Says So
  70. Serena Williams Gets Candid About Her Difficult Childbirth
  71. Like It or Not, Weight Watchers' Teen Program Addresses Childhood Obesity
  72. Wendy Williams Announces She Has Graves Disease
  73. KitchenAid Electric Kettles Recalled Over Faulty Handle That Can Cause Burns
  74. 11 Amazing Reads From the Authors Behind Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies
  75. Counting Calories Actually Isn't the Best Way to Lose Weight, Study Suggests
  76. Nearly Half of Parents Don't Take Their Kids to the Dentist Soon Enough, Survey Finds
  77. Kate Middleton Is Being Criticized for Not Wearing a Black Gown to the BAFTAs
  78. More Stars Confirm They're Returning to 'Big Little Lies' for Season Two
  79. Jamie Foxx Walks Out of Live Interview When Asked About Katie Holmes
  80. A Country Divided: Record Warm AND Cold Temperatures Expected Across the United States This Week
  81. Latest Theory Over Jennifer and Justin's Split: They Couldn't Pick a Place to Live
  82. More Than 100,000 Pounds of Breaded Chicken Patties Recalled Over Concerns of Rubber Contamination
  83. Layers, Yoga Pants, and a Sense of Humor: What to Wear During Perimenopause
  84. Lessons on Loving Your Body From Real-Woman Chrissy Teigen
  85. ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Star Babs Has Overcome Serious Health Issues Over the Past Year
  86. I Tried Acupuncture for a Better Night's Sleep
  87. Four Ways to Break Out of Your Tired Routine
  88. Sarah Jessica Parker Says Time Apart From Her Husband Benefits Their Marriage
  89. Meghan Markle Is Proud of Her Freckles
  90. Take Advantage of the Long Weekend to Organize Your Pantry With These Clever Tips
  91. At 41, Candace Cameron Bure Feels and Looks Better Than Ever
  92. Doctors Sewed Me Up Too Tight After My Episiotomy
  93. Premature Babies More Likely to Have Fewer Friends, Study Suggests
  94. Smucker’s Recalls Dog Foods After Tests Confirm They Contain Euthanasia Drug
  95. Tyra Banks' Son York Already Speaks Three Languages
  96. Electric Blankets and Throws Recalled Due to Fire and Burn Hazard
  97. Chemicals on Nonstick Pans Linked to Weight Gain in New Study
  98. Your Moisturizer Might Be a Fire Risk, Firefighters Warn
  99. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Are Both Single, So Will They Get Back Together?
  100. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Confirm They’ve Ended Their 7-Year Relationship
  101. Too Much TV as a Toddler Linked to Unhealthy Adolescence, Study Finds
  102. Mattel Is Releasing a New Version of Uno Called ‘Dos’
  103. Julia Louis-Dreyfus Shares Stunning First Photo After Breast Cancer Surgery
  104. Teaching Your Dog to Play Tablet Games Might Help Them Age Gracefully, Study Finds
  105. Thousands of Hair Dryers Recalled Due to Burn Hazard
  106. Scammers May Take Advantage of Tragic Mass Shooting, Better Business Bureau Warns
  107. Hoda Kotb Celebrates Daughter's First Birthday From the Olympics
  108. Meghan Markle Talks About Her Bachelorette Party Plans
  109. Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie Discuss Being Away From Their Kids During the Olympics
  110. Lower Blood Pressure Is Just a Staircase Away, Study Suggests
  111. Yes, Be Outraged About That 'Peter Rabbit' Scene — But Use It as a Teachable Moment
  112. Jennifer Aniston Celebrates Her Birthday Surrounded by Girlfriends
  113. Four Dog Food Products Recalled Due to Salmonella Risk for Pets and Owners
  114. Michael Phelps and His Wife Welcome Second Baby Boy
  115. Brooklyn Beckham Honors His Mom With a Sweet Tattoo
  116. Carrie Underwood Shares Adorable Photos After Her Son Crashed Her Workout
  117. More Women Are Getting Kidney Stones, Study Finds
  118. A Beginner's Guide to Teaching Your Children How to Meditate
  119. The Perfect Valentine's Day Sparkling Punch
  120. Wendy Williams Says Meghan Markle Once Applied for a Job on Her Show
  121. The Sassiest Galentine's Day Cocktail of All Time: The Cosmopolitan
  122. I Donated My Eggs to a Stranger
  123. Crayola Bathtub Fingerpaint Soap Is 'Burning' Kids, Pediatricians Claim
  124. Blazin' Chicken Egg Rolls
  125. Watch Out for the Anti-Cupid Scam That Steals Your Credit Card Info
  126. Julie Chen and Her Co-Hosts Went Makeup-Free on ‘The Talk’
  127. The Sweetest Valentine's Day Cocktail: 'I Love You Cherry Much'
  128. Chrissy Teigen's Video of Luna Singing Just Like John Legend Is Too Adorable
  129. I'm Breaking With Tradition and Having My Mom Give Me Away at My Wedding
  130. 4 Secrets to Better Your Relationships
  131. Couch Coasters Exist So We're Never Pausing Our Favorite Show Again
  132. You Can Use Conditioner to Unshrink Your Favorite Sweater
  133. Angelina Jolie Has Inspiring Words for Her Daughters
  134. Having a Positive Attitude About Aging May Reduce Dementia Risk, Study Suggests
  135. A Look Inside Jennifer Aniston's Sprawling Bel Air Home
  136. I Love Being an Aunt, But I Might Be Too Anxious to Ever Be a Mom
  137. Madonna's Glowing Skin Is All Thanks to a Strange Fork Facial
  138. 12 Easy Mental Tricks for Stopping Stress and Anxiety Right This Second
  139. Stop Kidding Yourself, Valentine's Day Candy Is Gross
  140. Savannah Guthrie's No-Makeup Photos Prove She's a Natural Beauty
  141. Olympic Athletes Don't Make as Much Money as You Might Think
  142. Meijer Recalls Yogurt After Customer Discovers Glass Shards
  143. Raúl Esparza Is Leaving 'Law & Order: SVU' After Six Seasons
  144. Check Your Privacy Settings — Strangers Can Find Personal Info on Your Facebook
  145. Sorry, McDonald's French Fries Are Delicious, But They Won't Cure Baldness
  146. A Bird Flu Outbreak Sounds Less Than Ideal for Megan and Harry's Wedding
  147. Couple Receives Mysterious Packages as Part of the Latest Amazon Scam
  148. Kate Gosselin's Daughter Mady Has Blossomed Into a Beautiful Young Lady
  149. Winter Storms to Bring a 'Snow Parade' Through the Weekend
  150. No, You Shouldn’t Stop Eating Asparagus Because 'It Gives You Breast Cancer'
  151. Are Over-the-Counter Painkillers Numbing Your Emotions?
  152. Lifetime Casts Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Upcoming Movie
  153. My Wedding Day Wasn’t the Happiest Day of My Life
  154. Best Buy Announces They Will No Longer Sell CDs
  155. Reese Witherspoon Talks Finding the Courage to Leave an Abusive Relationship
  156. Keep Tabs on the Apps Your Kids Download, Mother Warns
  157. Kristen Bell Admits She Breastfed Her Husband to Ease Her Mastitis
  158. Former Hotel Employee Answers All Your Weird Questions
  159. If You Brace Yourself for a Steam Burn Every Time You Strain Pasta, You're Doing It Wrong
  160. Kelly Clarkson Can't Handle the Heat After Trying the ALS Pepper Challenge
  161. Woman Warns Others After Her Hair Dryer Catches Fire
  162. Simple Two-Minute Questionnaire May Help Detect Autism Earlier, Study Finds
  163. Winter Storm Liam to Bring a 'Mess' of Snow, Ice, and Arctic Air
  164. Kim Cattrall's Brother Has Died After Going Missing
  165. Finally, Two-Step Makeup Looks for When You Only Have a Minute
  166. New Moms Are Eating 'Lactation Cookies' to Produce More Milk
  167. Scams Are Being Disguised as Facebook Quizzes, Better Business Bureau Warns
  168. How to Change the Past Without a Time Machine
  169. Rosé Vodka Exists — Is It Happy Hour Yet?
  170. John Stamos Marries Pregnant Fiancée Caitlin McHugh in Intimate Ceremony
  171. Latest Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Frozen Shredded Coconut
  172. Eye Wash Recalled Nationwide Due to Eye Infection and Impairment Risk
  173. Landscaping Ideas to Make Your Front Yard Fabulous
  174. No Big Little Lie: Nicole Kidman Loved Eating Bugs
  175. Say Farewell to Family Clutter With Professional Organizing Tips
  176. A ‘Good Morning America’ News Segment Likely Saved Amy Robach’s Life
  177. My 25-Year-Old Daughter Has a Full-Time Job — Why Does She Still Live at Home?
  178. Cheap and Easy Indoor Activities to Keep the Kids Entertained All Day
  179. Angelina Jolie Makes Rare Appearance With All Six Kids in Paris
  180. Sheer Blinds Recalled Due to Strangulation Hazard
  181. Meghan Markle Giggles Through Speech Mishap at Military Award Ceremony
  182. Another Email Scam Is Targeting Netflix Users
  183. Hoda Kotb Gushes That Motherhood 'Changed Everything' for Her
  184. Get to Know the Cast of the 'Big Bang Theory'
  185. Gordon Ramsay Says His Dramatic Weight Loss Was for His Marriage
  186. I Survived Ovarian Cancer — Twice
  187. We Can't Believe We've Lived With Dishwashers Our Entire Lives and Didn't Know They're Adjustable
  188. Amy Robach Talks About Her Early Menopause Caused by Breast Cancer Treatments
  189. Nothing Says 'Super Bowl' Like Cheddar-Stuffed Meatballs With BBQ Beer Sauce
  190. Easy Super Bowl Snack: Party Mix
  191. 4 Easy-to-Make Dips That'll Score a Touchdown With Your Guests
  192. Harry and Meghan's Wedding Invitations Might Look Just Like William and Kate's
  193. Abby Lee Miller Says Prison Helped Turn Her Life Around
  194. Nursery Space Heaters Recalled Due to Fire and Burn Hazards
  195. After Removing Her Implants, Melissa Gilbert Is All About Aging Naturally