First for Women - Sitemap - 2018 - December - Page 1

Sitemap 2018 December - Page 1

  1. Raspberries & Cream Brownie Trifles
  2. 10 Ways to Beat the January Blues
  3. White Chocolate Strawberry Cloud Cake
  4. 3 Easy Tricks for Soothing Dry Skin and Hair During Winter
  5. 8 of the Best Snow Day Recipes to Warm You Up in the Bitter Cold
  6. How to Fix a Broken Zipper Without Sewing
  7. 7 Top Tips for a January Fridge Detox
  8. 10 Things You Should Let Go in Order to Be Happy
  9. 3-Ingredient Natural Cough Drops That Heal You From the Inside Out
  10. 3 Tips to Help You Actually Keep Your New Year's Resolutions
  11. What Are the Cheapest Days to Fly?
  12. 4 Expert Tips on How to Budget in the New Year
  13. Sweet-on-You Cheesecake Pops
  14. 'Kiss My Lips' Cookie Sandwiches
  15. This 3-Ingredient Ice Cream Uses Real Snow for a Scrumptious Winter Treat
  16. Avoid the Firework Freak-Out: Simple Ways to Prepare Your Dog
  17. What Happens If You Give Up Alcohol for a Month?
  18. How to Make a 3-Ingredient Soothing Soak for Dry Hands
  19. Is It Too Cold to Walk the Dog?
  20. How Eating More Carbs Can Actually Help You Lose Your Winter Weight
  21. 5 Common Foods You're Cooking the Wrong Way — And How to Fix Them
  22. Avoid Plugging Space Heaters into Power Strips at all Costs, Firemen Warn
  23. Old Egg Cartons Are the Secret to Storing Christmas Ornaments
  24. Triple-Chocolate Heart Cakelets
  25. Mini Cran-Cherry Mason Jar Pies
  26. How Much You Spent on Your Christmas Gifts Says a Lot About Your Health, Study Suggests
  27. Your Winter Survival Kit: How to Bounce Back From the Bitter Cold
  28. 5 Ways to Transform Cheap Hot Cocoa Packets Into Gourmet Cups
  29. Wrinkles, Pimples, Rosacea, Oh My! How to Care for Your Skin During Perimenopause
  30. How to Reheat Cookies so They Taste Like They're Straight From the Oven
  31. 6 Christmas Candy Recipes That Repurpose Your Favorite Treats
  32. 5 Very Free Ways to Feel Happier Today
  33. Bake Your Cookies With a Pan of Water to Ensure They're Always Moist
  34. The MIND Diet Can Help Ward Off Alzheimer’s While Shrinking Your Waist
  35. Salted Pistachio Chocolate Truffles
  36. 5 New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Want to Keep
  37. 6 Clever Home Hacks for a New Year's Spruce-Up
  38. Essential-Oil-Scented Firewood Makes Your Home Smell Like a Winter Wonderland
  39. 7 Things I Learned When I Gave Up Alcohol
  40. 26 Creative Ways to Banish the Blues
  41. Triphala Is the Gut-Healing Supplement That Can Help You Lose Weight
  42. 10 Must-Try Holiday Cocktail Recipes to Get in the Seasonal ‘Spirit’
  43. Puppy Scams Are On the Rise This Holiday Season — Here’s How to Avoid Them
  44. Here's How to Keep Kitchen Towels From Becoming E. Coli Breeding Grounds
  45. Why You Need to Start Washing Your Avocados
  46. This Toy Vacuum That Actually Works Is the Best Gift for Kids and Parents Alike
  47. An 18-Minute At-Home Workout to Target Your Worst Trouble Zones
  48. There's a 20-Minute Cleanup Routine That Will Quell All Your Dirty-Kitchen Anxieties
  49. Avoid Boring Christmas Party Conversations With This Simple Blinking Trick
  50. Lotion Warmers Exist And They Make Showers 100 Times Better
  51. Why Bonfire Cider Is the Flu-Fighting Potion You'll Need to Keep Handy This Winter
  52. Jicama Is the Fiber-Rich 'Turnip' That Can Help You Lose Weight
  53. Listening to Music Can Make You More Productive, But Only If It’s the Right Genre
  54. How to Remove All Your Mascara to Avoid the Risk of Going Blind
  55. 17 Genius Party Hacks to Make Hosting a Breeze This Holiday Season
  56. Is Taking Too Many Naps Bad for Your Health?
  57. 18 Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Anyone Who's a Bit Behind on Christmas Shopping
  58. Tiger Nuts Are the Vitamin-Packed Superfoods Missing From Your Midday Snack
  59. 5 Tips From Dr. Oz on De-Stressing During the Holidays
  60. How to Tell If Your Child Is Lonely
  61. How to Turn Your Succulents Into a Living Centerpiece
  62. How Vegetable Oil Can Help Make Shoveling Snow Less of a Chore
  63. 9 Gifts for Gardeners That They'll Truly 'Dig'
  64. 5 Cow's Milk Alternatives You've Probably Never Heard Of But Really Should Know
  65. Is Drinking LaCroix Really That Bad for You?
  66. Beyond the Kegel: How Specialized Physical Therapy Can Prevent 'Leaking' During Menopause
  67. 5 Steps for a Better Night's Sleep
  68. Does Turning the Water Heater Off Really Save Money?
  69. How to Reheat Fried Fish So It's Savory, Not Soggy
  70. Superfood Black Cumin Oil Speeds Weight Loss and Is a Natural Remedy for Thinning Hair
  71. How to Clean a Pizza Stone With No Fuss
  72. The 5 Types of Piles You Should Make While Decluttering Your Closet
  73. What Are Those Dark Spots On Your Potato?
  74. How to Reheat Lobster So It Still Tastes Sweet And Delicious
  75. Drawing Is Better for Improving Memory Than Writing, Study Suggests
  76. 10 Tips to Make Your Home Look Like an Interior Decorator Passed Through It
  77. 6 Practical Styling Tips for Sprucing Up Your Entryway
  78. 10 Tasty Detox Foods to Help You Refresh After All the Holiday Feasts
  79. How Hazelnuts Can Improve the Health of People Over 55
  80. Keep Your Car Windows Fog-Free With Just a Potato
  81. 4 Ways to Be the Ultimate Host This Holiday Season
  82. Do Eyelashes Grow Back After They Fall Out?
  83. 5 Gifts for the Book Lover in Your Life
  84. Sensitive to Gluten? Double Check Your Mascara Before Boosting Your Lashes
  85. Your Surroundings Could Be Why You're So Darn Crabby When You're Hungry
  86. Eating Carbs Can Help You Lose Weight — If You Do It Right
  87. 4 Super Spicy Recipes to Clear Your Sinuses During Cold and Flu Season
  88. Coconut Mocha Surprise
  89. Cinnamon Spiced Chai Contentment
  90. Sweet Turmeric Temptation
  91. A $17 Coffee Scrub Might Just Be the Best Thing That's Happened to Your Skin
  92. Plant Beautyberry Bushes to Brighten Up Your Garden All Winter Long
  93. How Long Do Christmas Leftovers Last?
  94. 9 Ways to Make Your Weeknight Meal Prep Faster
  95. 15 Ways to Save Money on Christmas Decorations
  96. Are You Allergic to Your Christmas Tree? It Could Be Why You Can't Stop Sneezing
  97. 14 Best Christmas Card Holders That Make the Ultimate Holiday Display
  98. Fire Cider Will Give You a Jolt of Energy and Ward Off Colds and Flu
  99. Stick Burned Baking Sheets Back in the Oven for Pans That Shine Like New
  100. 10 Home Decorating Tips to Keep in Mind If You Have a Pet
  101. 7 Ways to Redecorate Your Home With the Things You Already Have
  102. How to Recycle Old or Broken Christmas Lights
  103. Vitamin D Deficiency in Older Folks Linked to Depression, Study Finds
  104. 10 Detoxifying Yoga Poses to Help You Stay Grounded This Holiday Season
  105. Chocolate Christmas Smash Cake
  106. Your Home's Humidity Could Be Causing Your Health Woes — Here's How to Measure It
  107. Is Your Dog Scared of Loud Noises? This New FDA-Approved Medicine Might Help
  108. 12 Pitch-Perfect Gifts That Will Hit All the Right Notes With Music Fans
  109. 10 Cheap Kitchen Updates That Will Completely Transform Your Space
  110. Lip Balm Addiction Is Real — Here’s How to Avoid Drying Out This Winter
  111. There Are Thousands of Life-Changing Classes Available Online for Free
  112. 4 Lists You Need to Make for a Chaos-Free Christmas
  113. A Harvard Professor Says You Should Only Eat 6 French Fries Per Serving
  114. Garlic Essential Oil Could Be the Key to Fighting Lyme Disease, Study Suggests
  115. FDA: Your Dog's Food Might Have Toxic Levels of Vitamin D
  116. How to Wrap Awkwardly Shaped Gifts
  117. The Best Chewable Tablets for Sleep to Help You Catch Those Zzzs
  118. 6 Easy Steps to Create the Most Festive Christmas Table Settings
  119. Satisfy Your Pizza Cravings With Keto-Friendly Fathead Dough
  120. Keep Home-Baked Cookies Fresh for Days With a Slice of Bread
  121. Why Telling Your Doctor Little Lies Could Have Big Effects on Your Health
  122. 9 Christmas Cleaning Hacks for a Stress-Free Holiday
  123. Problems Potty-Training Your Pup? This Indoor Patch of Real Grass Could Help
  124. How to Wrap Christmas Gifts Like the Professionals in 7 Steps
  125. A Common Antibiotic Could Be the Key to Warding Off Alzheimer's, New Study Claims
  126. 10 Ways You Can Prep for Christmas Now That Will Make Your Life a Whole Lot Easier
  127. 13 Useful Gifts for Someone on a Diet to Help Them Lose Weight
  128. 6 Tips for Becoming the Best Gift Giver This Christmas
  129. Flying for the Holidays? Don't Forget to Apply Sunscreen Before You Board
  130. 5 Ways to Lighten the Load of Family Stress This Christmas