First for Women - Sitemap - 2018 - January - Page 1

Sitemap 2018 January - Page 1

  1. 9 Steps for Coping When a Loved One Has Cancer
  2. Why I Don't Regret Getting Divorced
  3. Women Who Breastfeed Are Less Likely to Develop High Blood Pressure, Study Suggests
  4. Parents Sharing the Weirdest Things Their Kids Have Said Is Hilarious
  5. Sorry, The Secretary of State Doesn't Owe You Millions of Dollars — It's a Scam
  6. Walgreens' Pain- and Itch-Relief Creams Recalled Due to Poisoning Risk
  7. Richard Engel on Living With Son's Rett Syndrome Diagnosis
  8. Mom's Warning Is an Important Reminder to Look for Unexpected Flu Symptoms
  9. Much Like Her 'This Is Us' Character, Chrissy Metz Says She's a 'Work in Progress'
  10. 'Today' Show Hosts Laugh at Each Other's Hilarious Throwback Photos
  11. Mediterranean Diet May Increase IVF Success Rates, Study Suggests
  12. Yes, Your Private Parts Really Can Get 'Depressed'
  13. Bananas With Edible Peels Exist and We Have Mixed Feelings
  14. What It's Really Like to Be a Surrogate
  15. The Easiest Way to Grow Plants in Your Home Even When You're Too Busy
  16. Scammers Are Impersonating the Social Security Administration, FTC Warns
  17. Thin Is No Longer 'In', Study Suggests
  18. Drew Barrymore Lets Her Daughters Dye Their Hair, Fans Have Mixed Feelings
  19. Meghan Markle's Reported Wedding Speech Breaks Royal Protocol
  20. Pink Not Wearing a Skintight Dress to the Grammys Doesn't Mean She's Pregnant
  21. Secondhand Toys May Pose a Risk to Kids' Health, Study Finds
  22. Date Yourself — It’s the Only Relationship You Can’t Leave
  23. 10 Ways to Talk to Your Kids About Sexual Abuse and the Larry Nassar Case
  24. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Looked so in Love at a Grammy Pre-Party
  25. White Roses Were the Accessory of Choice at the Grammys
  26. Mom's Pacifier Hack for Teething Babies Is a Must-Know
  27. Chrissy Teigen Announces She's Expecting a Baby Boy
  28. Panera Recalls Cream Cheese Nationwide After Listeria Contamination
  29. Colorful Indoor Plants With Patterns That Are Perfect for Decorating
  30. Stylish Halls and Entryways We’d Love to Come Home To
  31. Hoda Kotb Says She 'Might' Marry Her Boyfriend in the Near Future
  32. Scottish Titles Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Might Receive
  33. We're Still Not Over Derek Shepherd's Death in 'Grey's Anatomy'
  34. Tom Cruise Joins Instagram, Teases Photos From 'Mission: Impossible Fallout'
  35. In Defense of Small, Inexpensive Engagement Rings
  36. I've Stopped Using ‘Mom’ as an Insult
  37. Pinterest's Cleverest Home Organization Ideas We Wish We'd Known About Sooner
  38. Weird Childhood Rules That Our Parents Made Us Follow
  39. Quick and Easy Super Bowl Recipes for When Your Guests Are 20 Minutes Away
  40. Soleil Moon Frye Would Want Her Daughter to Play Punky Brewster in a Reboot
  41. How to Have a Collaborative Divorce When Kids Are Involved
  42. 'Property Brothers' Star Jonathan Scott Isn't Rushing to Get Married
  43. Vanity Fair's Huge Photoshop Fail in Hollywood Issue
  44. Sorry, 'Cool Moms,' But Giving Alcohol to Teens Isn't Safer, Study Finds
  45. Sorry Everyone, Oprah Just Confirmed She's Not Actually Running for President
  46. Food Can Fix Your Life: What to Eat to Treat Every Problem You Have
  47. Miranda Lambert Makes a Dig at Blake Shelton During Live Performance
  48. Your Sleeping Position Says a Lot About Your Relationship
  49. Frozen Peas and Vegetables Sold in 21 States Recalled Due to Listeria Risk
  50. How to Talk to Your Teens About Dangerous 'YouTube Challenges'
  51. Pregnant Women on Low-Carb Diets More Likely to Have Babies With Birth Defects, Study Suggests
  52. Daphne Oz Bravely Strips Down to Show Off Her 'Real' Post-Baby Body
  53. Princess Eugenie's Wedding Guest List May Include Many of Harry's Exes
  54. People Would Rather Their Spouse Cheat Than Hide Money From Them, Survey Finds
  55. Thousands of Pounds of Frozen Meatballs Recalled Due to Listeria Risk
  56. Meryl Streep Is Joining 'Big Little Lies' Next Season
  57. Justin Timberlake Gushes That He Wants 'Many Kids' With Wife Jessica Biel
  58. Genius Cleaning Products for Pet Owners That Will Help Make Life a Little Easier
  59. Olivia Benson Quotes That Will Inspire Every Woman to Kick Butt Today
  60. W-2 Scams Are Back: Here's What You Need to Know
  61. Kate Middleton Gets Emotional While Speaking About the Difficulties of Parenthood
  62. Perimenopause Is Dialing Up My Sex Drive, and I’m Not Complaining
  63. More Arctic Air Is Coming in February
  64. Women Who Breastfed Cut Their Diabetes Risk Nearly in Half, Study Finds
  65. Chrissy Teigen Has Women Everywhere Celebrating Their Grey Hair
  66. Multigrain OneBun Pizza
  67. Caramelized Onion and Cheese Bites
  68. Katie Couric’s Life Looks More Exciting Than Ever
  69. Beany Bites
  70. Cheesy Beer Dip Is a Crowd-Pleasing Snack for Football Sundays
  71. Please Calm Down About the Mom Who Dyed Her Toddler’s Hair Pink
  72. Panasonic TVs Recalled Due to Tip-Over Risk
  73. Carrie Underwood’s Husband Does Storytime With Their Son and It’s Adorable
  74. Looking at Nature Photos Can Boost Your Self Esteem, Study Finds
  75. Target Is Selling Rosé and Champagne Cotton Candy and We’d Like Some Now Please
  76. Young Fan Asks Prince Harry If He and Meghan Markle Are Married Yet
  77. Women Are Too Embarrassed to Go to the Gyno, Survey Finds
  78. Reese Witherspoon, Connie Britton, and More Celebs' Gorgeous Red-Carpet Gowns
  79. My Mom Gave Birth to My Son
  80. Julia Louis-Dreyfus Missed the SAG Awards Because of Her Cancer Treatments
  81. Mom Makes Her 5-Year-Old Daughter Pay Rent
  82. What's the Deal With the Asteroid Everyone Is so Worried About?
  83. Meghan Markle Broke Royal Protocol by Signing an Autograph for a Fan
  84. Blizzard Warnings in Effect as 'Treacherous' Travel Conditions Close Roads
  85. John Stamos' Pregnant Fiancée Stole the Show With Her Sweet Baby Bump
  86. Gwen Stefani’s $35 Million Mansion Is as Bright and Elaborate as Her Style
  87. Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Your Favorite 'Good Morning America' Hosts
  88. Tom Petty Died of an Opioid Overdose, Family Announces
  89. Get Past the Awkwardness and Start Meditating for Real
  90. The Questions You're Not Asking an Interior Decorator — But Should Be
  91. Meghan Markle Says Prince Harry Is a Feminist, Too
  92. Alan Thicke, Sylvester Stallone, and Other Amazing Guest Stars on 'This Is Us'
  93. Wedding Fails So Bad You'll Be Glad You Weren't There
  94. Patrick Dempsey's 'Grey's Anatomy' Exit Helped Ellen Pompeo Get a Bigger Salary
  95. A 'Trading Spaces' Star Took a Dig at Joanna Gaines and We're Not Impressed
  96. Wife Pulls Cheeky Prank on Husband and We Can't Stop Laughing
  97. Common House Plants That Are Toxic to Your Pets
  98. Hoda and Savannah Are Best Friends on the 'TODAY' Show and in Real Life
  99. Snack Your Way Slim With Giada's Healthy Eating Tips
  100. Scientists Are Developing a Universal Blood Test to Detect Cancers
  101. Gravy-Infused Cocktail Trend Has Us Wondering Where the Line Went
  102. Jennifer Garner's Son Wrote an Adorable Note to a Complete Stranger
  103. 93 Percent of Receipts Contain Chemicals Linked to Diabetes, Asthma, and Cancer
  104. Bed Bath and Beyond Recalls Thousands of Comforters Due to Mold Risk
  105. Meghan Markle and Harry Just Received Their First Wedding Gift
  106. Dolls That Are Supposed to Look Like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Well, Don't
  107. Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman Get a Major Pay Raise for 'Big Little Lies'
  108. Most Parents Give Babies Solid Food Too Soon, Study Finds
  109. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Trip to Wales Started on the Wrong Foot
  110. Keep Your Hands Warm and 'Toasty' With Adorable Hand Warmers
  111. What the Cast of 'Castle' Is up to Today
  112. Millionaires on How Much Money Equals Happiness
  113. Meghan Markle Receives Her First Royal Gift — an Apron
  114. People Are Challenging Themselves to Go Plastic-Free for a Week
  115. There's a Right and a Wrong Way to Talk to Our Kids About Eating
  116. Finally, a Protein Bar That Doesn't Taste Like Cardboard
  117. Cher, Madonna, and Other Favorite Guest Stars From 'Will and Grace'
  118. Woman Performs Breathtaking Butterfly Wing Transplant and We're in Awe
  119. Bride Asks for Money Instead of Gifts, People Have Very Mixed Feelings
  120. Artist Dad Decorates Lunch Bags to Help His Shy Son 'Break the Ice'
  121. Ann Curry Speaks for the First Time After Matt Lauer's Firing
  122. Dairy-Free Ice Cream From Ben & Jerry's Is Every Lactose-Intolerant Woman's Dream Come True
  123. Jamie-Lynn Sigler Gives Birth to Her Second Child
  124. CVS Pharmacy Will Now Tell Customers When Beauty Photos Have Been Retouched
  125. The Most Popular Interior Decorating Trends on Pinterest
  126. 'Friends' Facts We Wish We'd Known Sooner
  127. Savannah Guthrie's Husband Says He's the 'Luckiest Guy in the World'
  128. 'Modern Family' Creators Plan to End the Show After Next Season
  129. Millions of Airbags Have Been Recalled Due To Risk of Exploding
  130. Women Blame Contraceptive App for Unwanted Pregnancies
  131. Al Roker Is Thrilled About Hoda Kotb's New 'TODAY' Co-Anchor Role
  132. Having BRCA Cancer Gene Might Not Be as Dire as Previously Thought
  133. Common UTI Meds May Be Linked to Birth Defects
  134. Don't Let Fido 'Catch' Your Winter Blues
  135. Personalities Change a Lot With Age — But in a Good Way, Study Finds
  136. Manager Kicks Breastfeeding Mom Out of Chick-fil-A, Community Is Having None of It
  137. 'Baby Brain' Is Real, Researchers Say
  138. Winter Storm Inga to Bring 'Dangerous Ice' to Many States This Week
  139. I Can't Be the Only One Who's Already Tired of Talking About the Royal Wedding
  140. 'Fixer Upper' Star Clint Harp Has His Own Crafting Show
  141. Meghan Markle Has Spoken Her Mind Since She Was a Young Girl
  142. Get Enough Sleep to Properly Manage Stress
  143. I Faint Every Time I Get a Shot
  144. Motivation for the Gym When It's Last on Your List
  145. New Monthly ‘Oreo Cookie Club Subscription’ Is a Dream Come True
  146. Living Room Layout and Design Tips for Every Style
  147. Kelly Clarkson Says She's 'Absolutely' Done Having Kids
  148. Maria Menounos Is Considering Surrogacy Weeks After Her Wedding
  149. Adventurous Snake Hitches a Ride on a Car in Australia Because, Well, It's Australia
  150. Matilda Ledger Is Her Late Father's Mini-Me
  151. Kelly Clarkson Admitted She Spanks Her Kids and People Aren't Happy
  152. Feeding Pets Raw Meat Is Risky to Their Health and Yours, Study Suggests
  153. Melting Snow Puts Dogs at Risk of Electric Shock, Experts Warn
  154. Serena Williams Talks About Her Post-C-Section Health Scare
  155. Prom Pics of Meghan Markle Wearing a Tiara Prove She Was Destined to Be a Royal
  156. Ice Cream Bars Sold at Aldi, Kroger, and Meijer Recalled Over Listeria Concerns
  157. Hugh Grant Seems to Like Being a Dad but Maybe Not So Much a Husband
  158. It's Not Okay to Pregnancy-Shame Joanna Gaines
  159. Chinese Gender Prediction Calendar Claims It Can Determine Baby's Sex
  160. Jennifer Garner's Healthy Morning Smoothie Recipe Helps Her Stay Fit
  161. Meet Mochi: The 110-Calorie Ice-Cream Snack That's Here to Save Your Diet
  162. Queen Elizabeth Has Fired Her Lingerie Designer After Tell-All Book Is Published
  163. Prince Harry Still Hasn't Talked to Prince William About Being His Best Man
  164. Walmart Abruptly Closes 63 Sam's Clubs, Lays Off Thousands of Workers
  165. A Toddler Helped Her Mom Give Birth and People Have Mixed Feelings
  166. Home Improvement Hacks to Start Your Year Organized
  167. It's Finally Safe to Eat Romaine Lettuce Again
  168. PSA: Diet Coke Just Added Four New Flavors
  169. Còsagach Is All About Relaxing, Unwinding, and Getting Cozy
  170. Being a Big Sister Is Going to Be a Surprise for Chrissy Teigen's Daughter
  171. Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Relationship and How to Fix Them
  172. Freezing Weather Might Mean Fewer Bugs Next Summer
  173. WinIt Wednesday: Take the Guesswork out of Losing Weight With 4 Weeks of Nutrisystem Turbo13 Meals
  174. Meghan Markle Has Officially Deleted All of Her Social Media Accounts
  175. Hugh Grant Is Expecting His Fifth Child With Girlfriend, Anna Eberstein
  176. Stay Creative and Organized! Everything You Need to Start Bullet Journaling Now
  177. When Perimenopause Feels a Lot Like a Midlife Crisis
  178. Nicole Kidman Finally Joins Instagram and Her Posts Are Already Inspiring Us
  179. Starbucks' New Espresso Could Aid Your Weight-Loss Goals
  180. Johnny Galecki Hints 'The Big Bang Theory' Might Be Ending
  181. Harry and Meghan Make Their First Public Appearance of the Year
  182. Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb Get Real About Balancing Work and Motherhood
  183. Reverend Charges Brides a Fee If They're Late to Their Own Weddings
  184. Daphne Oz Celebrates Daughter's One-Month Birthday With Cutest Party
  185. Moisturize Your Sad, Dry Hands While You're Washing Dishes
  186. Midwest to Feel Wrath of What's Left of East Coast's 'Bomb Cyclone'
  187. Stressed? Sniff Your Husband’s Shirt, Study Suggests
  188. Pregnant Eva Longoria Flaunts Her Baby Bump at the Golden Globes
  189. Eliminate Stress With Our Easy 31-Day Decluttering Challenge
  190. The List of This Year’s Best Diets Has Been Released
  191. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding Will Provide a Major Boost to the Economy
  192. Jennifer Garner Rocks Facial Hair in Throwback Photo
  193. The Best Affordable Meal-Kit Services for Busy Women
  194. Save Your Prepaid Gift Cards to Save Money
  195. Quick Ways to Boost Your Metabolism and Shed More Weight
  196. We've Been Pouring Beer the Wrong Way and It's Making Us Bloated
  197. First Super Blue Blood Moon in Over a Century Will Light Up the Sky at the End of January
  198. I Woke Up With a Numb Foot and Ended Up Needing Brain Surgery
  199. Meghan Markle's New Year's Resolutions Remind Us Royals Have Bad Habits Too
  200. Common Sweetener Could Be Fueling the Spread of Dangerous Superbug