First for Women - Sitemap - 2017 - September - Page 1

Sitemap 2017 September - Page 1

  1. 7 Seasonal Scents to Set the Perfect Autumn Atmosphere in Your Home
  2. Is Your Perfectionism Affecting Your Mental Health?
  3. How to Pronounce 43 Commonly Mispronounced Foods
  4. 3 Cheap, Natural Fixes for Dry and Damaged Hair
  5. Savannah Guthrie Says She's Done Having Kids
  6. 7 Things Guaranteed to Happen at a Kid's Birthday Party
  7. Starbuck's Maple Pecan Latte Is Here to Replace Pumpkin Spice
  8. Someone Should Petition to Bring Coca-Cola's New Coffee Flavor Here
  9. Eating More Chocolate Could Be Good for Your Heart, Says Study
  10. Sonic Drive-In Acknowledges Security Breach Affecting Millions of Customers
  11. Today Is National Coffee Day — Find Out Where to Get Free Java
  12. 10 Times Meghan Markle Wowed With Her Style
  13. Wife Writes Husband a Hilarious 'Buying Veggies for Dummies' Grocery List
  14. Jenna Dewan's Favorite Essential Oils for Staying Calm in Stressful Times (EXCLUSIVE)
  15. Run, Don't Walk: Target Now Sells $5 Wine and It's Delicious
  16. Cheeky Girl Steals Prince Harry's Popcorn and Our Hearts
  17. The Ex-Files: Who Did Meghan Markle Date Before Prince Harry?
  18. Valerie Bertinelli Shares How She Maintains Body Confidence at 57
  19. Today in No Duh: Women Do More Household Chores Than Men, Study Finds
  20. You Can Now Purchase a Giant Glass That Holds an Entire Bottle of Prosecco
  21. Italy is Giving Away More Than 100 Historic Homes for Free
  22. How to Get the Best Fall Nail Trends at Home for Pennies
  23. 8 Easy DIY Hacks for Tricky Pet Problems
  24. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Caught Holding Hands at Invictus Games (Naturally, Everyone Freaks)
  25. Scientists Have Figured Out the Optimal Milk-Dunking Time for Your Cookie
  26. How I Nearly Died at Costco — and Why I'll Never Buy in Bulk Ever Again
  27. Cockroach Milk Could Be the Superfood of the Future, Scientists Say
  28. Chip and Joanna Gaines Announce 'Fixer Upper' Will End After Upcoming 5th Season
  29. These Theories About 'This Is Us' Season Two Answer Your Questions About Jack's Fate
  30. How to Shrink Uterine Fibroids Without Surgery
  31. Instead of Losing My Cool When My Husband Told Me to Stop Complaining, I Tried It
  32. You're Not Imagining Things If Being Empathetic Also Stresses You Out
  33. The Real Reason Your Child Cried at Night Is Brutally Funny
  34. Why Drying Your Clothes Indoors Is a Health Risk
  35. French Fries Linked to Higher Risk of Death Because Nothing Is Sacred
  36. Skip the Pumpkin Spice Lattes — You Can Make These Fall Coffee Blends at Home
  37. Nearly 19 Years After the Premiere, See What the Cast of 'Charmed' Looks Like Today
  38. 3 Doctor-Approved Tricks for Getting Kids to Sleep Better
  39. What It’s Like to Find Out You Have Autism in Your 40s
  40. 10 Silly Things All New Moms Do
  41. 50+ Apps With Money-Stealing Malware You Need to Watch Out For
  42. Why You Never Want 'SSSS' on Your Plane Ticket
  43. How Much Is Prince William Worth?
  44. How Common Is Seasonal Affective Disorder, Really?
  45. Spray-On Pumpkin Spice Flavor Is a Thing and We're Not Sure If We're Thrilled or Terrified
  46. People Are Drinking 'Mushroom Coffee' for Its Immune-Boosting Benefits
  47. Wendy Williams Flaunts 50-Pound Weight Loss Proudly
  48. The Latest Netflix Scam Is Scarily Convincing
  49. John Travolta Debuts New Gray Hair and We Think He's a Silver Fox
  50. 5 Relationship Killers and How to Solve Them
  51. 9 Household Products You Need in Your Home If You're Trying to Beat the Flu
  52. 8 Things You Only Know If Your Younger Sisters Had Babies Before You
  53. Waiting to Book Your Holiday Flight Could Actually Save You Money
  54. 100 Layers of Fake Eyelashes Looks as Bad as It Sounds
  55. How to Send a Self-Destructing Email With Sensitive Information
  56. Could You Be Allergic to Exercise? It's Possible, Scientists Say
  57. Plus-Size Clothing for Toddlers Is Raising Eyebrows
  58. Doctors Find Grapefruit-Sized Bladder Stone in Bladder Cancer Survivor
  59. Did You Know 'Property Brothers' Stars Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott Have Another Brother?
  60. If Your Labrador Is Overweight, It May Not Be Your Fault
  61. Why Amazon Sent You That Confusing 'Baby Registry' Email
  62. 'How I Met Your Mother' Has an Alternate Ending and It's Happier Than the Original
  63. 5 Reasons You Should Buy Antiques Instead of Mass-Produced Furniture
  64. Has the TSA Confiscated Something of Yours? You Might Be Able to Get It Back
  65. My Germaphobia Ruins My Family's Vacations
  66. Calling Your Kids Smart Might Actually Turn Them Into Cheaters, New Study Says
  67. 4 of My Husband's Words That Strike Fear in My Heart: "I Can Fix That"
  68. Jedediah Bila Is Leaving 'The View' Effective Immediately
  69. Woman Gives Birth to Record-Breaking 12-Pound Baby
  70. Mom Swears by Homemade Miracle Cream That She Says Cured Daughter's Eczema
  71. Take a Peek at the Crazy Goodies in the Emmy Gift Bags
  72. Sleeping With Your Dog May Help You Get Better Rest, Study Suggests
  73. Why 'Big Little Lies' Is So Much More Than the Emmy Awards It Won
  74. The Real Reason for the Circle in Your Tupperware Container Lid
  75. Are the 'Fussy Eaters' In Your Family Wasting Food?
  76. Carson Daly Is Mourning the Loss of His Mother Pattie Daly Caruso
  77. 8 Stars Who Didn't Get Their Start Until They Were Well Into Their 30s
  78. Is This the Ultimate Momzilla-of-the-Bride?
  79. Eat This, Not That: Healthier Junk Food Options for When You Need to Indulge
  80. 3 Things I’d Tell My Extended Family If I Got the Chance
  81. 3 Ways Doctors Help Their Own Kids Deal With Back-to-School Stress
  82. 'Fixer Upper' Star Joanna Gaines Addresses Rumors That She's Leaving HGTV
  83. Rosie O’Donnell’s Ex-Wife Michelle Rounds Dies Following Apparent Suicide
  84. Aching Feet? 2 Breakthrough Tricks That Can Help
  85. Jennifer Garner High After Dental Surgery Will Make Your Day
  86. Why Saying 'Yes' to Yourself Can Make You Happier in the Long Run
  87. When Justin Theroux Proposed to Jennifer Aniston, Her First Thought Wasn't Yes
  88. 'Hair Nails' Are the Freaky New Beauty Trend We Really Don't Need in Our Lives
  89. Woman Who Ran 10K But Stopped at Every Taco Joint On the Route Is All of Us
  90. Heather Locklear Hospitalized After Driving Her Car Into a Ditch
  91. The Secret Ways the Women in My Life Taught Me About Womanhood
  92. People Are Disturbed by a Princess Diana Tribute That Looks Nothing Like Her
  93. Adam Levine Is Having Another Baby With Wife Behati Prinsloo
  94. The Best Unisex Baby Names and Their Weird, Wonderful Meanings
  95. Babies Born in September Are More Successful, Study Suggests
  96. Prince George Isn't Allowed to Have a Best Friend at School
  97. Meghan Markle Used the Same Makeup Artist as Princess Diana For Her 'Vanity Fair' Cover
  98. 7 Tips to Make The Best Sandwich
  99. Revlon Has Created a 2-in-1 Hybrid Hair Dryer and Straightener
  100. Serena Williams and Fiancé Alexis Ohanian Introduce the World to Newborn Baby Girl!
  101. Meet the Audio Story That Can Put You to Sleep in Record Time
  102. Some Think Pippa Is Copying Sister Kate by Dropping Subtle Hints That She's Pregnant
  103. Chip and Joanna Gaines Are Launching a Line at Target So Here's All Our Money
  104. New Weather Pattern Means Parts of the U.S. Could See Snow This Week
  105. 4 Easy DIY Pegboard Projects for Maximizing Your Space
  106. George Clooney Gets Real About Parenthood and We Love Him for It
  107. Kate Hudson Says Having a C-Section Is Lazy and We Couldn't Disagree More
  108. Why Busy Phillipps' Trip to the Hospital Is Something All Women Need to Know
  109. Meet the Healthy PSL Alternative
  110. In Defense of Letting Our Kids Throw Tantrums
  111. The New Way to Get Free Netflix
  112. How to Delete a Text Before Someone Sees It
  113. If Kate Middleton Is Pregnant With Twins It Could Lead to a History-Making Change in the Royal Succession
  114. Why September Is the Perfect Time to Make New Resolutions
  115. Wells Fargo Finds 1.4 Million More Suspicious Accounts
  116. 12 Clever Cleaning Tricks for Nooks and Crannies From HGTV’s Sabrina Soto
  117. How One Woman Lost 80 Pounds on the Fruitarian Diet
  118. Meghan Markle Will Make Her First Public Appearance With Prince Harry
  119. Why You Shouldn't Wash Your Raw Chicken
  120. Reese Witherspoon Spent 18 Years Working on Daughter Ava's 18th Birthday Gift
  121. Using Bleach Regularly Is Linked to Higher Risk of Deadly Lung Disease, Study Finds
  122. The Birth of My Second Child Turned Me Into the 'Un-Fun' Parent
  123. Got Food Allergies? These Allergy-Friendly Candies Are Perfect for Halloween
  124. Pumpkin's a Seasonal Treat That's Actually Good for Your Dog's Health
  125. What Your Birth Flower Says About You
  126. Target Is Bringing Back Its Car-Seat Trade-In Program
  127. How Breaking Up With My Boyfriend Fixed My Relationship With My Mother
  128. 6 Awe-Inspiring Photos From This Week's Northern Lights
  129. Prince George Isn't the Only Royal in His Class at School
  130. How One Woman Finally Beat Her IBS and Says You Can Too
  131. Why I Won’t Give You a Cookie for Putting Up With My Screaming Toddler on a Plane
  132. A New True Crime Series About Madeleine McCann Is Coming to Netflix
  133. Prince George's New Headmistress Totally Raided Kate Middleton's Closet
  134. 10 Beautiful Bedrooms That Are Pinterest-Worthy
  135. Prince William Jokes About George's First Day, Says It 'Went Well'
  136. People Prepare Less for Hurricanes With Feminine Names Than Masculine Ones, Study Finds
  137. Why You Need to Stay Awake During a Flight's Takeoff and Landing
  138. Formerly Conjoined Twins Leave the Hospital After a Year
  139. An Open Letter to My Teenage Son After I Survived Cleaning His Room
  140. Why You Should Always Have a Glass of Milk When You Eat Cookies, According to Science
  141. Woman Who Gained 30 lbs on Fad Diet Is Important Reminder to Us All
  142. Why Bubble-Wrapped Kids Grow Up Feeling as Overwhelmed as Abused Kids
  143. Kids Earn an Insane Amount of Money During Their Childhoods — But Where Is It All Going?
  144. Dad's Genius Technique for Stopping a Temper Tantrum Is Pure Gold
  145. George Clooney Spills the Beans About His Awkward Marriage Proposal
  146. Nervous Prince George Looked Like He Needed a Hug on His First Day of School
  147. Actress Kristin Chenoweth Shares How She Stays Calm in Hectic Times
  148. How to Transform a Small Bathroom on a Budget With One Magic Ingredient
  149. Alton Brown Confirms 'Good Eats' Is Returning With a Snarky Dig at Guy Fieri
  150. Prince William Is 'Anxious' About Kate's Third Pregnancy
  151. 12 Easy Ways to Declutter Every Room in Your Home
  152. 21 Activities That Will Make Your Fur Baby Love You Even More
  153. What Your 'Time of the Month' Color Means
  154. Why Anthony Bourdain Never Eats Airplane Food (And You Shouldn't Either)
  155. Kate and William's Five Sweetest Parenting Quotes
  156. 5 Simple Food Swaps You Can Do Today to Lose Weight ASAP
  157. What It's Like to Have Chronic Morning Sickness Like Duchess Catherine
  158. IKEA's New App Lets You 'See' What Furniture Would Look Like in Your Home
  159. Some People Don't Approve of Kate Middleton's Third Pregnancy
  160. Why You Might Want to Avoid the Coffee Maker in Your Hotel Room
  161. Meghan Markle Finally Opens Up About Her Relationship With Prince Harry
  162. 711 Million Email Addresses Have Been Stolen — This Is How to Know If You're Affected
  163. Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, and More Celebrities Who've Suffered From Bell's Palsy
  164. Kate Middleton Is Pregnant With Baby No. 3
  165. Nightshades May Sound Scary — But Chances Are, They're Already a Regular Part of Your Diet
  166. Your Kids Are Happier With Their Jobs Than You Are, Study Says
  167. The Prettiest Flowers to Make Your Home Glow
  168. Um, Queen Elizabeth and Her Husband Prince Philip Are Related
  169. A Look Back at the Biggest Celebrity Guest Stars on 'Law & Order' You Forgot About
  170. How to Take Control and Say 'No' to Family and Friends
  171. Women Who Breastfeed Have a Lower Endometriosis Risk, Study Finds
  172. Michael Phelps Deserves a Gold Medal for the Way He Announced Baby No. 2
  173. 5 of the Most Insane Moments from TomKat's Relationship
  174. Want to Avoid Getting Sick on Planes? Stop Turning Off the AC
  175. I'm Pregnant With My Fourth Daughter, and No, I Don't Wish She Was a Boy
  176. Kate and William Are Giving George a Royal School Send-Off
  177. Five Ingenious Household Hacks to Make Life So Much Easier
  178. 4 Fun Ways to Play Your Stress Away
  179. Why Princess Diana Often Wore Two Watches
  180. How to Make Your iPhone Run Faster
  181. This Creepily Accurate Ice Cream Personality Test Will Speak to Your Dairy-Loving Soul
  182. Fisherman Catches Rare Iridescent Lobster That's Actually Quite Beautiful
  183. 10 Bathroom Plants That Will Jazz Up Your Space and Purify the Air
  184. George Clooney Offers Relatable Update on Fatherhood