First for Women - Sitemap - 2017 - August - Page 1

Sitemap 2017 August - Page 1

  1. Turns Out Kristen Wiig Really Doesn't Like the Gross 'Bridesmaids' Scene, Either
  2. Mom-of-Two's Cancer Was Misdiagnosed as Thrush for 10 Years
  3. Pregnant Daphne Oz Flaunts Her Growing Baby Bump on Instagram
  4. How to See Who's Ignoring Your Facebook Friend Requests
  5. Doctor Claims Kissing Your Children on the Lips Is 'Too Sexual'
  6. 20 Years After Trying to Save Princess Diana, Firefighter Finally Shares His Incredible Story
  7. Everything You Wanted to Know About Skin Irritation "Down There" But Were Afraid to Ask
  8. What Causes White Hair "Down There"
  9. 6 of the Healthiest Kitchen Staples You Can Buy
  10. Women Are Better Than Men at Endurance Sports, Science Says
  11. 5 Magical Ways to Use Fairy Lights and Make Your Home Glow
  12. 'Sassy Mila' Rips Into Life's Nonsense and We Can't Stop Laughing
  13. Pippa Middleton Is Reportedly Expecting Her First Child With Husband James Matthews
  14. Gwen Stefani Is Not Returning to 'The Voice', but Is She Joining 'American Idol'?
  15. Sparkling Wine Chips Are the Snack We Never Knew We Needed
  16. I'm Not Sure I Want to Have a Baby If I Have to Do It Alone
  17. Underneath That Hair Dye Your Favorite Celebrities — Like Sofía Vergara and Julia Roberts — Are Actually Naturally Blonde
  18. Common Worries People Have When Their Partners Already Have Children
  19. Hilarious Tales of the Fifth Grade Chaperone
  20. How to Avoid Tolls By Using Google Maps
  21. A Certain Type of Friendship Leads to a Happy, Healthy Adulthood
  22. The At-Home Test You Can Take to Find Out if the Solar Eclipse Damaged Your Eyes
  23. New App Freezes Kids' Phones Until They Answer Your Texts
  24. Here's Why You Should Never Use a Hotel Hair Dryer
  25. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Are Planning on Having Two Weddings
  26. How to Get Frequent Flyer Points Without Flying
  27. Study Says Most Moms Don't Put Babies to Sleep Safely
  28. 'I Wanted Him to Hit Me Instead': Inside the Trauma of Emotional Abuse
  29. KIND Bars Show the Reality of How Much Added Sugar Children Eat
  30. Still Have Your Kids' Old School Supplies? You Can Sell Them for Cash
  31. How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Facebook
  32. Joe's Crab Shack Closes at Least 41 Locations
  33. Why You Have a Headache After the Solar Eclipse
  34. Missed the Eclipse? There's More Where That Came From
  35. Blame the Eclipse for Your Weird Menstrual Cycle This Month
  36. My Neighbor Yells at Her Kids So Much, It's Changing the Way I Parent
  37. John Stamos Posts "Cheeky" Birthday Pic, Fans Go Wild
  38. The Color of the Twist Tie on Your Bread Will Tell You How Fresh It Is
  39. Don't Have a Pair of Eclipse Glasses? Use a Pizza Box Instead
  40. If a Teen Buys a Cell Phone With His Own Money, Do Parents Still Have Control Over it?
  41. How to Delete Your Embarrassing Facebook Posts
  42. Your Old Vinyl Records Could Be Worth a Fortune
  43. I Let My Kid Cry It Out, and I'd Do It Again in a Heartbeat
  44. A Glass of Wine Can Make You More Productive
  45. What Side of Aluminum Foil Is Better to Use?
  46. How an Exterior Makeover Can Add Value to Your Home
  47. Coke or Pepsi? Your Partner’s Choice Could be Making You Miserable, Science Says
  48. Here's How to Spot Fake Solar Eclipse Glasses
  49. Why Working Out Only on the Weekends Is Good Enough
  50. Woman Moans About Her $1,600 Wedding Ring, and the Internet Rightfully Puts Her in Her Place
  51. How to Stay Safe While Viewing the Solar Eclipse
  52. Smash Cakes Are the Most Satisfying New Dessert Trend
  53. How to Fold Fitted Sheets the Martha Stewart-Approved Way
  54. 18 Houseplants That Remove Harmful Chemicals From the Air
  55. It's Not Just You! How Long It Takes Most People to Lose 10 Pounds
  56. How You Store Bread Says a Lot About You as a Person
  57. Mom Rebounds From a Back Injury to Lose 27 Pounds
  58. Courteney Cox's Daughter Coco Is Ready to Follow in Her Mom's Famous Footsteps
  59. The 4 Best Cities to View the Solar Eclipse From
  60. I'm a Mean Mommy, and You Should Be Too
  61. The Farmers' Almanac Says to Prepare for a Cold, Wet Winter and More Snow Than Normal
  62. How to Hide Your Annoying Facebook Friends' Posts
  63. How 4 Women Encouraged Each Other to Lose 422 Pounds Combined
  64. Why It's So Important to Take Photos of Your Stove Before You Go on Vacation
  65. Genius Couple Created DIY Shed for Less Than $200 Using Recycled Materials
  66. How to Protect Your Eyes During the Solar Eclipse on Aug. 21
  67. Princess Diana's Iconic Off-Duty Style Can't Ever Be Topped
  68. Celebrities with the Same Last Name Who Definitely Aren't Related — Because You've Always Wondered
  69. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Has a New Salt and Pepper Beard
  70. When Popping Pimples, Avoid the "Triangle of Death" at All Costs
  71. Woman Lost 72 Pounds in One Year By Using One Simple Device
  72. If You Get Divorced, You Might Be Forced to Take a Parenting Class
  73. How to Make a Concrete Planter
  74. There's a List of Foods the Royal Family Are Banned From Eating in Public
  75. Her Airplane Seatbelt Refused to Close, So She Lost 100 Pounds
  76. Katie Holmes Is the Spitting Image of Her Siblings — Here's Everything We Know About Them
  77. The Only 10 Rules You Need to Be a Good Parent
  78. What Causes Nightmares?
  79. Here's How to Turn Off Those Annoying Facebook Ads
  80. Goldie Hawn Is Mourning the Loss of Her Best Friend
  81. 5 Different Types of Asian Noodles for Your Pantry
  82. New Study Suggests If You're Neurotic, You May Live Longer
  83. Succulent Cakes Are the Next Big Wedding Trend We Never Knew We Wanted
  84. Woman Deserves Award for Worst Passport Photo Ever
  85. Comfy Cow Recalls Ice Cream Due to Possible E. Coli Contamination
  86. 4 Important Choices You Won't Regret in 10 Years
  87. New Video Claims Just 2 Teaspoons of Nutmeg Can Kill You
  88. She Had Stomach Pain that Turned Out to Be Pieces of Braces
  89. Why You Still Shouldn't Eat Papa John's 'Gluten-Free' Pizza If You Have Celiac Disease
  90. 3 Easy Tricks to Instantly Appear Slimmer
  91. Here's How to See Who Deleted You On Facebook
  92. We All Need the Super Strong Vinegar That German Women Use to Clean Their Homes
  93. What to Wear on a Long Flight
  94. Huge Blackheads Being Extracted From an Ear Are So Oddly Captivating
  95. She Lost 78 Pounds in a Year by Using a Weight Loss App
  96. The Weather Channel Is Predicting More Hurricanes Than Normal
  97. How to Tell When That Mole Is Nothing to Worry About — and When to See the Doctor (EXCLUSIVE)
  98. How Your Friendships Change When You Hit Your 30s
  99. The Evening Rituals And Bedtime Routines Of Leading Female Entrepreneurs
  100. How Well You Sleep Could Say a Lot About Your Relationship
  101. Why You Should Ditch Your Copper Mugs for Cocktails
  102. Why Are Young Women So Obsessed With Princess Diana?
  103. Celebrity-Recommended Books You'll Totally Want to Add to Your Summer Reading List
  104. At 52, I Crashed a Wedding for Fun—And Everything Was Fine Until I Caught the Bouquet
  105. JBS USA Is Recalling 5,000 Pounds of Ground Beef Because They Might Contain Styrofoam
  106. 'Will & Grace' Reboot Will Basically Just Ignore the Show's Series Finale
  107. Apparently, the World Is Still Super Confused About Whether David Schwimmer Played Russ on 'Friends' (LOL!)
  108. 11 Safety Hazards That Will Make You Want to Dial OSHA
  109. How to Hide Alerts from Annoying Text Messages
  110. How a Broken Heart Can Affect Your Health
  111. 'My Neighbor Was Secretly Poisoning My Dog'
  112. She Lost 115 Pounds by Using Instagram
  113. Auditioning for 'Survivor,' Getting My First Brazilian Wax, and Other Ways I Learned to Laugh in My 50s
  114. 7 Ways to Enjoy Lemon Curd When You're Craving Something Sweet
  115. August Is Set to Be an Unusually Cold Month, Experts Say
  116. You Might Sleep Better By Spending Less Time In Bed
  117. Sunscreen Made From Salmon DNA Acts as ‘Second Skin’ and Shields From Harsh UV Rays
  118. 7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Judging the Strength of Your Marriage
  119. Too Much Sleep Could Be Causing Your Nightmares, Study Suggests
  120. Housewives Are the Most Likely to Cheat
  121. Mom Mistakes a Dead Fly for Her Fake Eyelashes, Tries to Glue It On
  122. The "Miserable Men" of Instagram Perfectly Captures Your Husband's Struggle While You Shop
  123. Woman Who Faked an Empty Baby Shower Is Annoyingly Unapologetic
  124. WinIt Wednesday: Win a Hoover REACT Powered Reach Plus Vacuum
  125. Watch This Woman Fit Over 200 Items in One Suitcase
  126. George Clooney Is The Most Handsome Man in the World, Says Science
  127. Being a Mom Is the Equivalent of Working 2 Full-Time Jobs, Study Suggests
  128. Teavana Is Closing Down All 372 Stores — Forever
  129. Have You Ever Smacked Your Child? Science Says They’ll Feel the Sting Many Years Later
  130. Mom Says There's 'Something Wrong' With Parents Who Criticize Her for Buying Daughter Skimpy Outfits