First for Women - Sitemap - 2017 - May - Page 1

Sitemap 2017 May - Page 1

  1. Tim McGraw Had a Funny Way of Proposing to Faith Hill...and Her Response Was Perfect
  2. Keep Your Razors Sharp With an Old Pair of Jeans
  3. Daughter Gives Mom a Rose, But You Would Never Expect What She Finds In It
  4. Man Accidentally Logs Into Facebook Account of Woman He Never Met, Then Something Magical Happens
  5. Woman Uses Builder's Foam as Styling Mousse, Has Worst Hair Day Ever
  6. Online Calculator Can Tell You How at Risk You Are for Breast Cancer
  7. Simon Cowell's Son Is Now the Spitting Image of His Father
  8. Prince Harry Had the Most Heartbreaking Question When He Was Told Diana Had Died
  9. Nicole Kidman Chokes Up When Asked About Daughter Born Via Surrogate
  10. What You Should Know About That Red Blood Spot in Your Egg
  11. WinIt Wednesday: Do You Dream of Clocking in More Hours of Sleep?
  12. Video of Baby Walking Minutes After Being Born Goes Viral
  13. Father's Day Quotes from Daughters That Are Better Than a Hallmark Card
  14. You Might Already Own This Yeast Infection Home Remedy
  15. It's Crazy How Much These Celebrity Moms Look Like Their Daughters
  16. Jenna Bush Hager Reveals Secret She Told Her Daughters
  17. Study Reveals the Sweetest Motivation Behind Babies' Smiles
  18. Optical Illusion! Do You See a Girl Jumping into Water or a Kid Who's Already Under?
  19. How Much Sugar You Put in Your Tea Reveals Something Surprising About You
  20. Feel Like You Get Happier--and Sadder--Than Your Friends Do? This Could Be Why
  21. This Grocery Store Staple Slashes Your Breast Cancer Risk
  22. Something You Already Have in Your Medicine Cabinet Could Make Cancer Treatment More Effective
  23. These Look Like Regular Wedding Cakes, But They're All Made of a VERY Unexpected Ingredient
  24. The Bizarre 10-Minute Party Trick That Results in a Rindless Watermelon
  25. Whiter Teeth—In Seconds!
  26. Here's What to Do If Your iPhone Photos Always Come Out Blurry
  27. This High-Fat Diet Can Help You Lose 10 Lbs. Fast (Seriously)
  28. Blender Lemonade Is the Tastiest Summer Shortcut You Didn't Know Existed
  29. Firm Up a Double Chin
  30. 12 Corn on the Cob Recipes to Add Some WOW Factor to Your Summer Barbecue
  31. Carrie Underwood Celebrates 12th Anniversary of Her 'American Idol' Win With Throwback Photo
  32. 19 Normal-Looking People at the Airport Who Are Actually Famous Celebs
  33. 6 Anti-Bloat Foods to Keep You Feeling Slim
  34. These Dramatic Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations Are Inspiration-Worthy!
  35. See the 18 Celebrities with the Longest-Lasting Marriages Then and Now
  36. 12 Shocking Facts You Need to Know About 'This is Us'
  37. Model Spots Less Fit Woman in Gym Shower and Secretly Posts Photos on Social Media
  38. Katie Holmes Has a Confession About Her Love Life
  39. These Celebrity Transformations Will Make You Do a Double-Take
  40. These Celebrity Weight Loss Tricks Might Be the Craziest Ones We've Heard
  41. Play Our Fun 'True or False' Game and Test Your Knowledge of the Royal Family
  42. Carrie Underwood Has a New Reason to Celebrate
  43. 26 Hair Color Transformations That Made These Women Look SO Much Younger
  44. 6 Secrets to a High-Energy Summer
  45. Experts Say This Carb-Friendly Diet Is the Only One You Should Be Following
  46. These Diet Pills Are Different—They Actually Work
  47. Roger Moore, 'James Bond' Actor, Has Passed Away at 89
  48. Little-Known Facts About Your Favorite Celebrities' Weddings
  49. Pippa Rewore Something From Kate's Wedding to Her Own
  50. Watch Céline Dion Perform "My Heart Will Go On" at Billboard Awards and Totally Steal the Show
  51. 17 Times Today's Stars Dressed as Old Hollywood Celebs and Completely Fooled Us
  52. Pippa Middleton Ties the Knot in the Most Stunning Wedding Dress
  53. George W. Bush Photobombed a Reporter at a Baseball Game Proving He's Just a Kid at Heart
  54. After a Friend's Heartbreaking Facebook Post, She Lost 40 Pounds to Save Him
  55. When People Called Her Fat, Daphne Oz Had the Best Response
  56. Queen Elizabeth Ditches Her Schedule to Hang Out With Her Girlfriends
  57. Ina Garten's Marriage is Argument-Proof Because of Her One Rule
  58. The Surprising Health Benefit of Being 'Slightly Overweight'
  59. According to Local Legend, There's a Dangerous Creature Prowling the Grounds Where Pippa's Set to Get Married
  60. Stop Trying to Get Your Hubby to Do His Fair Share of the Chores, a Relationship Expert Says
  61. Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Former U.S. First Ladies
  62. Saying One Word During an Argument Will Immediately Diffuse the Situation
  63. Amazing News for Women With Advanced Breast Cancer
  64. The 21 Most Jaw-Dropping, Age-Reversing Makeovers
  65. 11 Times First Responders Went Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
  66. Sandra Bullock's Beauty Secret Is an Old Beauty Queen's Trick
  67. Eagle-Eyed Photographers Notice a Big Difference About Victoria Beckham
  68. The 'American Idol' Reboot Is Getting a Few Familiar Faces
  69. The Simple, Guaranteed Way to Look Prettier, According to Research
  70. 9 Quick and Easy Tips That Will Help You Remember Anything
  71. After 9 Miscarriages She Was Convinced She Would Never Have Kids. Then, Her Sister Made a Joke
  72. Prince George and Princess Charlotte's Behavior Has Kate Middleton "Worried"
  73. The New 'This Is Us' Trailer Is Here—and It's Too Sweet For Words
  74. CONFIRMED! A 'Will & Grace' Revival Is in the Works with NBC
  75. Here's How Much Coffee Is Safe to Drink Per Day
  76. 'Property Brothers' Stars Just Revealed a Huge Secret About the Show—and We Don't Want to Believe It
  77. Then and Now: See What the World's Most Beloved Starlets' Children Look Like Today
  78. This No-Fail Method Guarantees You Always Pick the Best Corn
  79. Little Ways You Can Feel Happier Every Day (According to Science)
  80. The List Is Out! These Are the Most Popular Baby Names of 2016
  81. Hoda Kotb Was On Air When She Spotted Woman So Distressed, She Ran to Help
  82. Céline Dion's Sons Made the Sweetest Video for Mother's Day
  83. You Could Be Facebook Friends With Queen Elizabeth
  84. 17 Times Kate Proved She's Like the Rest of Us and Rewore Her Gorgeous Outfits
  85. Thomas Rhett's Family Just Grew By One!
  86. See Quick and Easy Brunch Recipes You Should Try For Mother's Day
  87. Kelly Clarkson Just Announced a Major Career Change and We're So Happy for Her!
  88. Brazen Bride Asks Bridal Party to Lose Weight, But We Think They're Perfect the Way They Are
  89. Is 'Live With Kelly & Ryan' Over Before It Ever Really Started? We Hope Not!
  90. Detect Hidden Diseases in Under 60 Seconds With Only a Spoon
  91. Giada De Laurentiis Gets Some "Tough" Love From Nicole Kidman About Her Food
  92. That Popping Sound Your Knees Make When You Stand Up Is an Early Warning Sign
  93. If You Want to Lose Weight, Pay Attention to This Number
  94. The Scary Side Effect of Clawfoot Tubs—and How to Prevent It
  95. 11 Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts You Can Buy Online
  96. Even the Way Jackie Kennedy Broke Up with Her High School Boyfriend Was Graceful
  97. Jenna Bush Hager Reveals Family Secret On-Air
  98. The Pain Reliever Many Women Take Can Harm Your Body
  99. Sarah Michelle Gellar Reveals Painful Diagnosis
  100. 15 Times Jackie Kennedy Was Styled to Perfection
  101. The Secret to Shopping at Costco Without a Membership
  102. 10-Year-Old Is Bitten by an Alligator and Angels Are the Only Explanation for What Happened Next
  103. When Teen Son Kept Talking In Class, His Genius Dad Taught Him a Lesson
  104. Amazing News! Scientists Find Possible Cure for Gray Hair
  105. This Magic Marker Lets You Cover Your Grays in Seconds
  106. Giada De Laurentiis Has a Brand New TV Show
  107. When Critics Slammed Chrissy Metz's Gorgeous Dress, She Had a Powerful Response
  108. Aunt Jemima and Perdue Food Recalls You Need to Know
  109. Michael Bublé Makes First Public Appearance Since His Young Son’s Cancer Diagnosis
  110. How to Make a Hat That Stands Out at the Kentucky Derby
  111. Surprising Facts About Prince Harry That Most People Have Never Heard
  112. Princess Diana's Reaction to These Iconic Photos Prove She Was Always Classy
  113. Kate Middleton's Close Pal Got Married—and Nearly Copied Her Dress
  114. Actress Kristina Wagner Looks Gorgeous in a Bikini at 54
  115. This Woman's Common Rash Turned Out to Be a Devastating Disease
  116. Banish Love Handles With These Genius Tips
  117. Kelly Ripa's New 'Live' Co-Host Is a Familiar Face
  118. Erin Moran, Beloved 'Joanie Loves Chachi' Actress, Is Dead at 56
  119. 12 Healthy Desserts for a Guilt-Free Sweet Fix
  120. How to Get Rid of Back Fat—You Ask, We Answer
  121. Prince Charles' Odd Behavior Reveals Clue About His Relationship With Diana
  122. People Are Adopting These Giant Rabbits and Once You See Them, You'll Probably Want One Too
  123. The Color of Your Eyes Reveals Something So Crazy About You
  124. These New Photos Prove Celine Dion Is Doing Okay
  125. Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks Look Younger Than Ever in Latest Picture
  126. Costco's Best Kept Secrets Are These 10 Grocery Items
  127. The Fast Way to Get Rid of Cellulite! Find out How to Deal With It and What Causes 'Orange-Peel Skin'
  128. There's Now a Bra That Can Detect Breast Cancer
  129. Christopher Meloni's New Comments Send 'SVU' Fans Into a Frenzy
  130. See Some of Kelly Ripa's Most Memorable Guest Hosts
  131. 34 Most Jaw-Dropping Pics of Celebs When They Were Schoolchildren
  132. 'Flip or Flop' Couple Splits After Seven Years of Marriage