First for Women - Sitemap - 2017 - October - Page 1

Sitemap 2017 October - Page 1

  1. Weight Watchers Debuts a New Low-Calorie White Wine Called Cense
  2. Wendy Williams Overheated in Her Halloween Costume and Fainted on Live TV
  3. Queen Elizabeth's Horse-Racing Side Hustle Is Insanely Profitable
  4. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Are Distantly Related
  5. Hilarious Photos of People Before and After Having Kids Captures the True Essence of Parenthood
  6. Love Black Licorice? Take it Easy, FDA Warns
  7. Surrogate Mom Gives Birth to Twins and Learns One Is Biologically Hers
  8. Can (And Should) You Break Up With a Friend?
  9. It's Getting Cheaper and Easier for People to Track Your Location
  10. Where to Sit on a Plane for Less Turbulence, According to a Pilot
  11. One of the World's Best Wines Is Being Sold for Just $7 at Walmart
  12. Drinking Red Wine Linked to Improved Fertility in New Study
  13. 3 No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas That Prove No Mess Is No Stress
  14. Flying Naked Over the Ocean: What Your Dreams Really Mean
  15. Say 'Yes' to Yourself and Live the Life You've Always Wanted
  16. 9 Couples Ready to Follow in Chip and Joanna's Footsteps to Become HGTV Royalty
  17. Giuliana Rancic Has What You Need to Throw the Perfect Football Party (EXCLUSIVE)
  18. 5 Things You Should Never Put in the Dishwasher
  19. People Who Daydream Tend to Be More Creative, Study Finds
  20. Wife Devises Hilarious Chart to Translate 'Husband Speak'
  21. Parents Who Drink Might Be Negatively Affecting Their Kids, Study Says
  22. How a Two-Month Renovation Earned Thousands in Profit
  23. 10 Things Only Working Moms Understand
  24. How a Fight Over a Pan of Fudge Changed My Marriage Forever
  25. Grieving Moms Share the Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who’s Had a Miscarriage
  26. Is 'Kevin Can Wait' Really Just a Spin-Off of 'King of Queens'?
  27. New Study Shows an Alarming Amount of Lead, Arsenic, and BPA in Baby Formula
  28. French Provincial Living Room Makeover Is Easier Than It Sounds
  29. How to Give a Humdrum Dining Room a Simple-Yet-Stylish Upgrade
  30. Jill Goodacre Privately Battled Breast Cancer for Five Years
  31. Red Lobster Delivers Now and We’re Never Getting Off the Couch Again
  32. New Facebook Messenger Scam Has Experts Concerned
  33. Celine Dion Shares Rare Photo of Her Twin Boys
  34. Dog-O-Lanterns Are the Trendiest Pumpkin Decorations Yet
  35. Doctor-Approved Natural Remedies to Combat Children's Anxiety
  36. Is Peer Pressure Preventing You From Losing Weight?
  37. Prince Harry Charmed the Tiara off Queen Margrethe
  38. Don't Panic, But There's a Wine Shortage on the Horizon
  39. Dad Follows Mom’s Instructions To a T But Still Hilariously Fails
  40. Can We Stop Being Martyrs About Motherhood, Please?
  41. Washing Pesticides Off Apples Requires More Than Water, New Study Finds
  42. 9 Pantry Staples Giada De Laurentiis Swears By
  43. 14 Fast and Affordable Kitchen Updates
  44. Depression Could Be Linked to Mom's Due Date, Study Suggests
  45. 4 Ways You're Being Too Hard on Yourself, and How to Fix It for Good
  46. Couple With a 33-Year Age Gap Defends Their Relationship
  47. Billy Joel Welcomes Baby Girl Just 5 Days After Announcing Alexis Roderick's Pregnancy
  48. Apparently, We've Been Putting Our Bras on the Wrong Way Our Whole Lives
  49. Fisher-Price Recalls 63,000 Infant Motion Seats Due to Fire Hazard
  50. 3 Simple Ways to Make Big Money on the Weekends
  51. The Full-Body Health Benefits of Walking for Less Than Two Hours a Week
  52. People With Dark Rings Around Their Irises Are More Attractive, Study Finds
  53. How to Legally Watch TV Online for Free
  54. When Each State Can Expect Winter Weather
  55. More Than 500,000 Wind-Up Toys Recalled Due to Choking Hazard
  56. After Weight Gain, Kelly Clarkson Is Finally Happy in Her Own Skin
  57. Nicole Kidman Takes an Honest Parenting Approach
  58. This Overlooked Vitamin Can Relieve Your Worst Menopause Symptoms
  59. New Burger King Ad Shows Painful Reality of Bullying
  60. Chrissy Teigen and Luna Look Adorable in Matching Bathing Suits
  61. Walmart and Other Retailers Recall Vegetables for Listeria Contamination
  62. Julia Louis-Dreyfus Lightens Mood During Cancer Treatment With Funny Photo
  63. Anna Farris Shares Her Pain on Finding Out Her Premie Son Suffered a Brain Bleed
  64. How to Be a Good Middle-Aged Daughter to an Aging Parent
  65. Dog Halloween Costumes So Cute You'll Want to Adopt a Whole Pack to Wear Them All
  66. DIY Pregnant Halloween Costumes So Clever You'll Wish You Could Rock Them Too
  67. Red Wine Hot Chocolate Is Totally Becoming a Thing
  68. Can Single Moms Be Successful Parents?
  69. Smacking Children to be Banned in Scotland
  70. Amal Clooney's Gorgeous Wedding Dress Is Starring in a New Oscar de la Renta Exhibition
  71. 7 Percent of Americans Say They Floss With Their Hair
  72. 4 Outfits That Prove Princess Charlotte Is Going to Be a Fashion Icon Like Her Mother
  73. Looking Younger Is as Simple as Filling in Your Brows
  74. Rare Genetic Condition Means 10-Month-Old Already Weighs 108 Pounds
  75. Find Out Your Chances of a White Halloween
  76. How the Mental Game of CrossFit Helps Me Manage My Anxiety
  77. Make Your Own Magnetic Picture Hangers
  78. First-of-Its-Kind Ad Shows Red Period Blood Instead of Blue Dye
  79. How to Winter-Proof Your Outdoor Area
  80. 10 'Hack My Life' Lessons That Truly Come In Handy
  81. Expect Balmy Weather in Some States But Snow in Others, Forecasters Say
  82. 3 Lesser-Known Phobias That Are Surprisingly Common
  83. Dietitians Confirm That Low-Fat Avocados Are Totally Pointless
  84. Jane Seymour Says at 66 There's No Slowing Her Down
  85. Look Inside the Most Expensive Home in the World That Nobody Wants to Buy
  86. The Top 10 Names of Men Who Make the Best Husbands
  87. Trisha Yearwood Dressed Up As Husband Garth Brooks for Halloween
  88. Kate and William Will Go to Scandinavia on Their Next Royal Tour
  89. Mom's Clever Hack for Getting a Baby to Take Its Medicine Goes Viral
  90. Why I Didn't Give My Baby Any Presents on Christmas
  91. One Man Used to Be the 'Test Butt' for All IKEA Furniture
  92. 3 Delicious Pasta Dishes You Should Always Have On-Hand
  93. How to Keep Your Kids' Halloween Costumes Clean and Lice-Free
  94. Tortellini With Creamy Bacon Sauce
  95. Husband Hides in Woods for 10 Years to Escape His Nagging Wife
  96. Pumpkin Gnocchi With Mushrooms in Shiitake Butter
  97. Arugula Pesto Chicken With Zucchini Spaghetti
  98. 7 Alternative Jack-O'-Lanterns That Don't Require a Pumpkin
  99. SipCaddy Lets You Drink Wine in the Shower or Bath
  100. Meghan and Harry are House Hunting Close to Home
  101. Prince George's Favorite Movie Is 'The Lion King'
  102. New App Refunds Your Money Whenever There's a Price Drop
  103. The First Sign of Breast Cancer Isn’t Always a Lump
  104. Buckingham Palace in 'Turmoil' After 14 of the Queen's Catering Staff Resign
  105. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Staff Leak Her Specific, Bizarre Requests
  106. June McCamey From 'My 600-lb Life' Lost More Than 200 Pounds
  107. New Floating Tent Allows Campers to Sleep on Water
  108. 10 Easy Office Health Hacks That Ensure You Won't Gain Weight at Work
  109. Are Your Cold Symptoms Really a Sneaky Form of Heartburn?
  110. Sofia Vergara's Two Sisters Are Ready to Share Her Limelight in Hollywood
  111. What in the World? Real Weird Foods That Seem More Like Gag Gifts Than Good Snacks
  112. Spice up This Season With These Delicious Rum Cocktails
  113. Would You Turn Your iPhone Gray If It Meant You'd Use It Less?
  114. The 25 Most LOL-Worthy Cake Writing Fails
  115. Mom Learns Son's Panic Attacks Are Because of a Brain Tumor
  116. Why It's Not Okay to 'Bump-Shame' Kate Middleton
  117. Edible Oreo Cookie Dough Is a Thing and We're So Ready for It
  118. This Mom’s List of ‘Don’ts’ Is Going Viral and We Can See Why
  119. Christina Applegate Has Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes Removed After Learning She Has BRCA1 Gene
  120. Letting Go of the Fairy Tale: How I Found My Path to Motherhood
  121. Handy Chart Tells You if You're Overspending on Groceries
  122. Mila Kunis Admits She's 'Ragged Tired' From Taking Care of Her Two Kids
  123. Tom Hanks' Nerdy Hobby Is Collecting Typewriters
  124. Mario Lopez Looks Like His Son's Twin in Throwback Photo
  125. Salad Cakes Are as Healthy as They Are Pretty
  126. Parents Lost 3-Year-Old in a Corn Maze and Didn't Realize Until the Next Day
  127. New Local Law Puts Parents in Jail if Their Kids Are Bullies
  128. Olivia Wilde Mom-Shamed for Kissing Son Otis on the Lips
  129. Woman Loses 89 Pounds After Canning Her Soda Addiction
  130. Chip Gaines' Jail Stint Highlights a Common Problem Couples Face
  131. Study Confirms What We All Know: Women Are Kind and Unselfish
  132. The Doctor-Approved Taco Cleanse Is the Only Diet We Want to Try
  133. Pop the Bubbly, Because Delta Air Lines Now Offers Free Prosecco
  134. The Part-Time Diet That Helps You Lose Weight and Live Longer
  135. Men Relax While New Moms Do Chores, Study Suggests
  136. Sofia Vergara Posts Mammogram Selfie Encouraging Women to Get Screened
  137. Mila Kunis Explains Why She Won't Give Her Kids Christmas Presents
  138. How to Make Carved Pumpkins Last Longer Than Two Seconds
  139. 10 Bohemian Bedrooms Perfect for Free Spirits
  140. 5 Instagram Accounts That Give You the Mental Health Boost You Deserve
  141. Drinking More Water Could Reduce Your Risk of UTIs, New Study Suggests
  142. 5-Year-Old Who's Already Menstruating Is Now Facing Menopause
  143. Mariska Hargitay Confirms She Is Not Leaving 'Law & Order: SVU' Anytime Soon
  144. Woman Who Called Herself a 'Serial Failed-Dieter' Loses 147 Pounds
  145. Mom-Of-Two Admits How Hard It Is Having Her Second Child
  146. Bed Bugs Are Attracted to Your Dirty Clothes, New Study Finds
  147. It Looks Like Meghan McCain Really Is Joining 'The View'
  148. Petland Puppies Are Spreading a Bacterial Infection to Humans
  149. Does Marriage Make You a Better Mom?
  150. Of Course Blake Shelton Has a Sprawling Ranch — and His Home Is Gorgeous, Too
  151. I Have Only One Rule About Money
  152. How to Handle It When Your Kid Is the Bully
  153. Sorry, But We Can't Be Convinced to Eat These Totally Gross, Super Healthy Foods
  154. Chris Sullivan, Hugh Jackman, and 9 Other Stars Who've Worn Fat Suits on Screen
  155. My ‘Dense Breasts’ May Have Put Me at Higher Risk for Breast Cancer
  156. 7 Signs You're Hooked on Coffee
  157. I Called Off My Wedding 11 Days Before
  158. 4 Ways to Add 'Wow' Factor to Your Kitchen
  159. What I Wished I’d Known Before My Child Started School
  160. Woman's 'Cancer' Lumps Turned Out to Be Tattoo Ink
  161. Things You Only Know If Your Parents Divorced When You Were an Adult
  162. What It's Like to Be Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer at Only 39
  163. Harry and Meghan Pack on the PDA — So Why Don't William and Kate?
  164. How to Choose the Perfect Tiles for Your Home
  165. Dunkin' Donuts Is Getting Rid of Even More Menu Items
  166. If You're the Victim of a Crime, You May Be Eligible for a Payout
  167. How to Protect Your Home During Stink Bug Season
  168. Julia Roberts Says She Was a Selfish Actress Before Starting a Family
  169. How Prince Harry Won Over Meghan Markle's Mom
  170. Apple Users, Beware of This Super Realistic Email Scam
  171. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Will Try for Baby No. 2 Through IVF
  172. Pauley Perrette is Leaving 'NCIS' After 15 Seasons
  173. How to Avoid the Online Hotel Booking Scam That's Been Stealing People's Money for Years
  174. Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Whipped Cream Is Back for a Limited Time
  175. Erinn Hayes Already Has a New Show After Leaving 'Kevin Can Wait'
  176. Don't Miss Tonight's Extra-Special Harvest Moon
  177. Tori Spelling Reveals She's Open to Having More Kids With Husband Dean McDermott
  178. Equifax Says 2.5 Million More Are Affected by Breach
  179. 9 Easy Weight-Loss Tricks From Our Favorite Celebs
  180. New Survey Ranks the 30 Most Romantic Scents
  181. Soothing Herbal Tea Baths For When One Cup of Chamomile Won't Do the Trick
  182. Kate Middleton Says She Will Always Put Her Kids Before Her Royal Duties
  183. How to Stop Strangers From Seeing Your Facebook Posts
  184. More Than 38,000 Pounds of Ground Turkey Recalled for Possible Contamination
  185. Jennifer Hudson Talks About Maintaining Her 80-Pound Weight Loss for 7 Years
  186. New Bacon Toaster Makes Grease Splatter a Thing of the Past
  187. Putting Lemon in Your Water Can Expose You to Harmful Bacteria, Study Finds
  188. People With Blue Eyes Are All Distantly Related
  189. Man's 'Cancer Symptoms' Turned Out to be a Plastic Toy in His Lung
  190. Celebrity Parents Who Wore Halloween Costumes to Trick-or-Treat With Their Kids
  191. Kate Winslet Reveals She's Never Been Into Leonardo DiCaprio
  192. New Survey Unveils Best and Worst Airlines, According to Actual Customers
  193. Tom Petty Dead at 66 Following Cardiac Arrest
  194. 50 Things Only Dads With Daughters Know
  195. Korean Ice Cream Promises to Cure Hangovers
  196. 3 Signs That Prince Harry and Megan Markle Are Getting Engaged
  197. Getting Chills When You Listen to Music Is a Sign You're More Emotionally Aware
  198. More Than 130,000 Skip Hop Night Lights Recalled for Possible Electric Shock
  199. Tossing Dental Floss in the Toilet Can Cause a Plumbing Nightmare
  200. A Good Mood Could Boost Your Flu Shot's Effectiveness, Study Suggests