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Walmart Just Lowered Prices on These Essential Grocery Products! Learn What You Can Save On

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Save Money. Live Better. For all the Walmart shoppers out there, you may already have notice while driving your cart through the aisles that prices have begun to decrease. Or, at least, prices have gone back to what they were before the most recent inflation took place.

Lucky for consumers, Walmart is making prices right again, as they have had “a rollback in prices” on nearly 7,000 items, according to the giant’s U.S. CEO, John R. Furner. Although he wasn’t exactly specific on which items you will see return to normal pricing, there have been a few eagle-eyed consumers that have noticed price cuts or “rollbacks” as Walmart likes to say.

If you are a frequent Walmart shopper, or you were before the price increase over the past few years, you may be interested in taking a look around the store once more.

Why is Walmart slashing prices now?

walmart prices

Consumers might be wondering why Walmart is deciding to slash their prices right now. What is different now than a year ago? Walmart executives are hoping to win back their customers who have left due to inflation. While Walmart was one of the stores you could find cheaper prices and better deals, they too had an increase due to inflation.

But in recent months, the grocery giant, along with a few other companies, have decided to take action and give consumers what they want and expect. That, and these companies have noticed a decline in sales due to their unusually higher prices.

In the most recent Walmart earnings call in May 2024, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon shared with investors, “We’ve been known for price forever but we’re increasingly known for convenience, so whether the environment is inflationary or deflationary, whether customers have more money or less money … we can continue to grow share.”

McMillon also shared in a February 2024 earnings call that, “In food, prices are lower than a year ago in places like eggs, apples, and deli snacks.” This came after a statement from McMillon in November 2023 in which he shared, “We may see dry grocery and consumables start to deflate in the coming weeks and months.”

What other stores are lowering their prices?

target store; walmart prices

It’s true that Walmart is taking strides to return to its formerly low-priced shopping experience in order to offset declines in sales, but also to be the affordable chain store they once were. However, it seems there is now a bargain battle between Walmart and a few of its other peers.

Grocery giants like Target, Aldi, Walgreens and Amazon are also cutting prices. According to Jerry Sheldon, Vice President of technology at the market research firm IHL Group, these companies don’t want to be on the outside of these slashed prices.

“The entire supply-demand and cost sensitivity tipping point is quite fragile it seems, and no retailer wants to be positioned as a price outlier from their self-defined peer group,” he shared.

Which items you can expect to see slashed prices

While it wasn’t exactly clear which of the “7,000 items” you can expect to see price cuts on, there have been a few items that are notably cheaper than they have been.

  • The price of a rotisserie chicken from Walmart has decreased by $1
  • French bread is back to its original cost of $1
  • Seasonal items have had rollbacks, including:
    • Watermelons
    • Certain Ice Creams
    • Swimwear
    • Lawnmowers
    • Outdoor activities, including camping gear

Similarly, Target has made some price cuts on nearly 1,500 items, including vegetables, peanut butter and coffee.

Check out your local Walmart to see the price slashing in person, and stock up on your favorite items before they increase — again!

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