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Save Space (And Money) With These Pinterest-Worthy DIY Makeup Organizers

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Has your extensive makeup collection left you on the hunt for the best DIY makeup organizers? If there’s one thing that clutters our bathroom counters more than anything, it’s makeup, and all that goes with it. From an abundance of brushes to lipsticks of every shade, keeping everything contained can be a chore. And let’s be honest — those clunky acrylic organizers are not cute (or cheap!) So, if you’re looking for a chic and affordable way to display everything from your everyday staples to that life-changing moisturizer you may have spent a little too much on, try one of these DIY makeup organizers. And, once you’ve tackled these projects, why don’t you try making a DIY jewelry organizer?

DIY Jewelry Organizer: Makeup Brush Holder

Supplies You’ll Need

With a brush for everything, it’s easy to become overrun with makeup brushes, so having a proper way to store all of them is a must. What easier way to do that than with a simple roll-up holder? Favored by professionals, they’re the easiest way to keep all of your brushes in one compact and travel-friendly place. Now, you could shell out some money for one of the plastic/polyester variety, or you could get creative — and all you’ll need is a sushi mat, a hot glue gun, and some ribbon. Watch the video above to learn how to make your own sushi roll brush holder!

To make your DIY roll-up makeup brush holder, start by gluing each piece of ribbon to opposite sides of the mat. Then, interweave the ribbon through the mat, leaving brush-sized loops along the way. All that’s left to do is slip your brushes in, roll them up like your favorite sushi roll, and tie it together with a bow.

DIY Jewelry Organizer: Makeup Organizer

Supplies You’ll Need

With studies showing that women will spend over $300,000 on makeup over their lifetime, it makes sense that we want to show it off. What better way to do that than to turn your collection into a creative wall display? Not only can it clear up some much needed space, it can also act as a main focal piece for any room. Watch the video above to see how to DIY your own hanging makeup organizer!

To make this makeup organizer, start by creating your shelf with two pieces of wood that fit your wall space. Next, drill the hose clamps to the backboard (this is where your mason jars will sit). To jazz up your display, attach some ribbon to your jars and backboard for a fun hanging accent. Place the jars in their new holders, fill up the display with your favorite makeup, and you’re done!

DIY Makeup Organizer: Cute Brush Holder

Supplies You’ll Need

Whether you’re lacking wall space or simply prefer to keep your brushes at an arm’s length, creating a fun and decorative brush holder for any countertop is simple and easy. To make these adorable holders, you’ll need four items you probably already have lying around the house: crafting twine, ribbon, a hot glue gun, and a mason jar. Watch the video above to learn how to craft your own mason jar brush holders!

Taking a clean jar, glue your twine to the neck of the jar. Begin by wrapping the twine around the jar from top to bottom, stopping to glue along the way for security. Once that’s done, simply make a bow from a piece of ribbon, attach to the jar, and voila! You now have a cute way to display all of your favorite makeup brushes.

DIY Makeup Organizer: Lipstick Container

Supplies You’ll Need

With a history that dates back to 3500 B.C, if there’s one makeup item you probably have a collection of, it’s lipstick. From those deep true-blue reds we pull out for special occasions, to the everyday pinks and nudes we can’t live without, keeping track of every shade and variety we own can be a hassle. But with a little time and ingenuity, it doesn’t have to be that way. Watch the video below to see how to make your own DIY lipstick container!

To create your own lipstick container, you’re going to need two medicine pill boxes. Using a box cutter, remove all the caps from each container. Next, take a spray paint in the color of your choice (we went with gold) and paint each box so they’re uniform in color. Once they dry, stack the medicine box that you cut the holes out of on top of the intact medicine box. Secure together with a hot glue gun. To give your container a little more pizazz, take some crafting twine, glue it to the base of the container and wrap it around the entire holder, securing at the top. Once that’s done, add some ribbon in the color of your choice, and fill the container with your favorite lip products.

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