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15 Best Skin Lifting Creams For Women, Plus Devices That Smooth and Plump

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Aging comes with lots of perks, but for most of us, sagging skin isn’t one of them. Fortunately, there have been major advances in the best skin lifting creams for women, and we’ve found them, plus some firming devices too. If you’ve struggling with skin elasticity issues, this roundup is for you!

Believe it or not, we start losing collagen in our twenties. Although we don’t notice it happening, by the time we hit the 30 or 40-year mark, the quality of our skin is…different. Fine lines appear, and things begin to droop. Using products with ingredients like retinol or hyaluronic acid can boost collagen and strengthen the skin barrier for a tighter, more youthful appearance. Phew!

Although nothing will return you to your teenage self (they haven’t made a cream for that), there are lots of products to firm loose tummy skin or jowls, so don’t be discouraged. Aging, if we’re lucky, happens to us all, and with a little help, it can remain a beautiful experience.

What is the best skin lifting cream for women?

  1. Best overall skin lifting cream for women: ActivScience Neck Firming Cream
  2. Best medical grade skin lifting cream for women: SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 242
  3. Best skin lifting cream with vitamin c: Dr Dennis Gross Vitamin C Lactic Dewy Deep Cream
  4. Best anti-cellulite skin lifting cream for women : Maelys B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask
  5. Best skin lifting cream for women with collagen: Moonrin Retinol and Collagen Moisturizer Face Cream
  6. Best affordable skin lifting cream for women: NIVEA Skin Firming and Toning Body Gel Cream
  7. Best night time skin lifting cream for women: Olay Regenerist Retinol 24 Max Moisturizer
  8. Best arm skin lifting cream for women: U Beauty SCULPT Arm Compound
  9. Best reviewed skin lifting cream for women : Advanced Clinicals Retinol Body Cream & Collagen Body Lotion Skin Care Set
  10. Best vegan skin lifting cream for women: Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Body Cream
  11. Best skin lifting cream for women to improve texture: Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow AHA Pink Dream Body Cream
  12. Best neck and chest skin lifting cream for women : StriVectin Tighten & Lift Advanced Neck Cream PLUS
  13. Best skin lifting device for women : NuFace Trinity
  14. Best skin lifting device for women with radio frequency: MLAY RF Machine
  15. Best skin lifting device for women for mouth and eye sagging: NuFACE FIX Starter Kit

What causes saggy skin?

Before we get into the best lifting creams for women, let’s discuss what causes skin to droop in the first place.

“There are many factors that can cause skin to sag with the aging process being the most crucial and unfortunately, [unavoidable],” says Marie O’Connor DNP, MBA, RN, CEO of Exhale spas. “As we age, less collagen and elastin gets produced in our bodies. [They’re] responsible for forming the structure of our skin, and provides that ‘bounce back’ effect from facial expressions or stretching.”

Things like smoking, sun exposure, and extreme weight loss can also lead to a lack of elasticity in skin. This result in a crepey appearance in places like the belly, beneath the chin or arms, and face. The good news is dietary changes can help.

“Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants present in foods like fruits, vegetables and healthy fats have been linked to a slower rate of aging,” explains O’Connor. “Omega-6 Fatty acids promotes healthy skin growth, and Omega-3 fatty acids help to prevent dry skin.”

If you’re going through perimenopause or menopause, you may want to speak to your doctor about boosting estrogen. According to the journal of Clinical Interventions In Aging, having low levels of the hormone can increase the aging process. Hormonal replacement therapy may be beneficial. However there are alternatives, like menopause supplements or menopause meal delivery services that can also help.

How can I lift my skin?

Loose skin is something many experience and is nothing to be ashamed of. For some women, it happens after pregnancy. For others, it’s the result of weight loss success. Whatever the reason, if yours bothers you, something can be done to reduce it.

Non-invasive procedures:

You’ve probably heard about celebrities using lasers or fancy lifting machines to tighten up. And believe it or not, that stuff really works.

Treatments with microcurrent, radio frequency, and laser technology have each been shown to rejuvenate the face and body. At Exhale Spa, for example, they perform a lift facial. It’s two hours long, cost $265, and includes deep cleansing, serums, and microcurrent to plump.

If you can’t afford regular treatments (according to, something like a laser treatment would set you back $750) there are other things to tighten skin. For the body, O’Connor recommends exercise. “If you have loose skin, building up the muscles underneath will help firm the skin on top,” she says.

Topical treatments and devices:

Alternatively, using the right creams can help. “Firming Creams are also an option, and I would recommend ones that contain retinoids or hyaluronic acids for better results. We sell Skinceuticals Tripeptide-R Neck Repair and Body Tightening Concentrate at our New York locations.”

When shopping for the best skin lifting creams for women, keep a lookout for the following ingredients:

  • Retinol (Vitamin A)
  • Collagen and Collagen-Boosting Peptides
  • Caffeine
  • Hyaluronic Acids
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)
  • Polyglutamic Acids

You may want to also consider investing in an at-home skin firming device. They can lift skin, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and cellulite. Devices like the MLAY RF, for example, uses radio frequency. It generates a low but powerful heat, penetrating the epidermis to boost collagen and elastin. Over time this can make a squishy belly firmer or dimply thighs smoother.

Another great lifting device is the NuFace Trinity. It uses microcurrent to lift, and believe me, it works. I own the NuFace Mini version — also awesome — and started receiving compliments on how youthful my skin looked in about two weeks. I’m recommending the Trinity, however, because it also minimizers wrinkles.

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What is the best face lifting cream?

As O’Connor points out, the best lifting creams for women will have retinol, hyaluronic acid or AHAs to promote collagen growth. If you’re looking for a more sculpted face, we suggest trying StriVectin Tighten & Lift Serum (Amazon, $99). Along with hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture, it has Tetrapeptide. It’s been shown to grow collagen fibers, which means a firmer jaw for you.

Another great face lifting cream is Olay Regenerist Retinol Night Moisturizer (Amazon, $34). More than 7,000 Amazon customers give it five-stars, praising it for softening wrinkles, and tightening skin. Its retinol complex has a lot to do with that, but it also has vitamin B3 AKA Niacinamide. It strengthens skin, making it more resistant to signs of aging.

If you’re trying to firm other places of your body we highly recommend checking out the skincare from Maelys Cosmetics. They have creams for the breasts, belly — even one to firm thigh cellulite! I’ve used it, and was seriously impressed.

Whatever skin firming method you try, be gentle and patient with yourself. Your skin didn’t lose elasticity over night, and it will take time to become stronger again. Remember that you’re beautiful as is, and practice gratitude for all the amazing things you body has carried you through. Think of these creams and devices as not cures (because they’re not), but helpful tools to show your epidermis some TLC.

Best Skin Lifting Creams

Best Skin Lifting Creams For Women
Best overall skin lifting cream for women

ActivScience Neck Firming Cream

  • Description
  • More Info

Retinol is one of the best anti-aging ingredients, but can irritate sensitive skin. Rather than avoid it, go for a gentler formula. More than 200 Amazon users swear that ActivScience Neck Firming Cream treats their skin like a baby, and more than 7,000 give it five stars for effectiveness. The before and after photos are amazing, and so are the active ingredients. Hyaluronic acid creates buoyancy, while vitamin E hydrates. Retinol tightens and reduces wrinkles for a smoother neck. The rich cream comes in a pump to keep germs out, and it’s fragrance-free — a plus if your skin is tender. It’s also dermatologist-approved, so you can feel extra confident about giving it a try.

Promising review: “My neck is very sensitive, dry, and crepey. I’ve tried everything, including very expensive products. This improved the dryness and crepeyness almost immediately. I slather it on at least twice a day, and sometimes more!”

  • Retinol
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Vitamin E
Best Skin Lifting Creams For Women
Best medical grade skin lifting cream for women

SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 242

  • Description
  • More Info

If you’re a fan of higher-end, medical grade skincare, you probably know SkinCeuticals. Since 1997, they’ve been using scientifically proven, biologically active ingredients to promote skin health on a cellular level. We highly recommend the Triple Lipid Restore 242. It has fatty acids, plus pure ceramides. The latter we lose with age and are crucial for maintaining firmness. Adding them to your skincare routine is a must! The luxe cream also has vitamin E for cell repair, plus antioxidants that fight free-radicals. Smooth a small amount over the face, neck and chest daily, and don’t be surprised if you see a firmer you in a few weeks.

Promising review: “After a solid month of use, my skin feels tighter and more even. Great product, and worth the money.”

  • Fatty acids
  • Ceramides
  • Vitamin E
  • Essential oils
Best Skin Lifting Creams For Women
Best skin lifting cream with vitamin c

Dr Dennis Gross Vitamin C Lactic Dewy Deep Cream

  • Description
  • More Info

Although we’ve picked the Vitamin C Lactic Dewy Deep Cream for our best lifting creams for women roundup, we’re obsessed with the entire Vitamin C Lactic Acid line from Dr Dennis Gross. Lactic acid increases cell turnover, creating a thicker, stronger epidermis. Paired with collagen-producing vitamin C — watch out! It’s a recipe for a youthful face. The Dewy Deep Cream goes on buttery smooth, and gives a gorgeous glow. It also has ceramides, squalene, and niacinamide to strengthen the skin barrier. Apply a thin layer to your face and neck before bed, and expect to wake with a supple, bright complexion.

Promising review: “Beautiful cream! The texture is amazing, and [has a] nourishing, hydrating effect. Lactic acid works excellent on my skin. [Waking up glowing and plump is what I’m looking for, and what I get from this cream!]”

  • Lactic acid
  • Niacinamide (B3) 
  • 3-O Ethyl Ascorbic Acid (stabilized vitamin C)
Best Gifts For Women Over 50
Best anti-cellulite skin lifting cream for women

Maelys B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask

  • Description
  • More Info

Buy from Amazon, $49

Buy from Ulta, $49

Cellulite may be one of the most common beauty woes on Earth. You can eat well, exercise, and drink tons of water and still have it. However, there are some things that can improve its appearance, and Maelys B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask is one of them. It has a mix of caffeines, clays, and hyaluronic acid to plump and tighten skin. The creamy firming mask also has collagen. Need we say more? I seriously encourage you to check out the before and afters, plus the reviews. They will blow you away.

Editor’s review: “Like a lot of women I have a bit of cellulite. For the most part I’ve been able to minimize its appearance through diet, and lots of lunges and squats. However, my diet has been less than ideal in the last year, and age is definitely stealing my collagen. Needless to say, when I came across this product I knew I had to try it. The before and afters from users were so amazing.

Since I read the reviews before trying I knew that a ‘hot’ sensation was going to occur shortly after application. I rubbed the cream over my upper legs and bum, and waited. About 10 minutes in the tingling started — almost like putting icy hot on a muscle. Truthfully, not my favorite part of the experience, though some users enjoy it. The sensation went away in 30 minutes. My legs looked tighter, and my bum looked higher.

What I was really impressed by, however, is that everything looked better the next day. I would definitely recommend it. A fair warning, do NOT put on other body parts, and make sure that you wash your hands well after using it. I forgot to do this one round, and my face wasn’t happy. But real talk, this stuff is like some beauty sorcery, and totally worthy of being on this best lifting creams for women list. The jar the cream comes in is large, and a little goes a long way. Its color is a gorgeous pink but don’t worry, it rubs in clear.

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Guarana seed extract
  • Pink Pepperslim plant
Best Skin Lifting Creams For Women
Best skin lifting cream for women with collagen

Moonrin Retinol and Collagen Moisturizer Face Cream

  • Description
  • More Info

Although Moonrin’s Retinol and Collagen Face Moisturizer has only hit 1,000 reviews, it has our Executive Director’s stamp of approval. It’s fast absorbing, and formulated to address sagging, fine lines, and texture. Wild crafted green tea firms (got to love a dose of caffeine, right?), while organic aloe vera fights hyperpigmentation and hydrates. If you’re looking for an affordable way to pamper and lift skin, this is it!

Promising review: “This really is such a great product. My skin feels so soft, smooth and firm all at the same time. I love how easy it is to use because of the container. This is my first time using it, [but] it won’t be my last.”

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Collagen
  • Shea butter, aloe vera, vitamin E and B6
  • Retinol
Best Skin Lifting Creams For Women
Best affordable skin lifting cream for women

NIVEA Skin Firming and Toning Body Gel Cream

  • Description
  • More Info

One skin-loving ingredient we haven’t covered is CQ10. The enzyme has antioxidant properties, repairing oxidative damage and promoting elastin and collagen growth. You can test its magical plumping powers yourself with Nivea’s Skin Firming and Toning Body Gel Cream. The gel-based product also contains L-Carnitine, which has an anti-aging effect on human skin. It softens wrinkles and tightens — who’d say no to that? The formula isn’t greasy, has a cooling feel on application, and absorbs fast. Apply twice a day to belly, thighs, bum, and arms. According to Nivea, improvement should be seen in two weeks. And if you need more convincing to give it a try, check out the before and after photos on Amazon. Seriously impressive!

Promising review: “This stuff has really surprising results. My skin is noticeably softer and firmer after only a few days of use. My face is brighter, my hands are softer, and my cottage cheesiness is firmer. I have lost quite a bit of weight (50 pounds and counting), so my skin needs some tightening and toning – this stuff does just that. I also have extremely dry skin in the winter over my whole body, and this helps with that as well. I use the “stronger” version of this lotion (the gel-cream) for my stomach, thighs, and butt. I then use the lotion for my chest, arms, hands, and face/neck. Note — don’t think this alone is going to give you skin that you could bounce a quarter off of. You still need to do exercises to strengthen the muscle and tighten the skin. This works as a supplement to losing weight and the cellulite that can result from that weight loss. Or, for aging skin to help appear younger.”

  • CQ10
  • Aloe
  • L-Carnitine
Best Skin Lifting Creams For Women
Best night time skin lifting cream for women

Olay Regenerist Retinol 24 Max Moisturizer

  • Description
  • More Info

I bought my first Olay product after discovering my first wrinkle at 28–years-old, and have been a fan ever since. Whether you have a few lines to minimize or simply want firmer, plumper skin, try the Regenerist Retinol 24 Max Moisturizer. The night cream is rich, and has more cell turning retinol than its predecessor. Niacinamide is also part of the formula, and there are no phthalates, mineral oil, or fragrances. There are more than 6,000 reviews on Amazon, and more than 70 percent give five-stars. It’s meant for night but can be used for day — with an SPF! If you’re not ready to throw down more than $50 for a product but are ready to say goodbye to drooping and dull skin, give it a go.

Promising review: “I saw the firmness of my neck the next day — that fast!”

  • Retinol complex
  • Niacinamide
Best Skin Lifting Creams For Women
Best arm skin lifting cream for women

U Beauty SCULPT Arm Compound

  • Description
  • More Info

The back of the arms are an area of concern for lots of women. If you’ve done all the bicep curls and tricep dips you can muster, add this U Beauty product into the mix. SCULPT Arm Compound features antioxidants and retinol to speed cell turnover, revealing firmer and younger looking skin beneath. A blend of probiotics and marine extracts feed oxygen to the cells, promoting hydration and boosting ATP levels. In a 30-day clinical trial, users saw a 194 percent increase in elasticity, and a 183 percent increase in collagen. No wonder this cream won the 2022 NewBeauty Award!

Promising review: “I have recently lost weight and it showed in my arms. I am doing regular arm exercises. [However], I purchased this cream last week and can already see an improvement in my skin tone after applying the lotion twice per day. There is a generous amount of product in the bottle.”

  • Retinol
  • Caffeine
  • Probiotics
  • Marine extracts, and ferments
Best Skin Lifting Creams For Women
Best reviewed skin lifting cream for women

Advanced Clinicals Retinol Body Cream & Collagen Body Lotion Skin Care Set

  • Description
  • More Info

Below the neck shows signs of aging too, so it’s nice to pamper legs and thighs with anti-aging ingredients. Advanced Clinicals has more than 10 different ingredient specific lotions, and these two are sure to be favorites. The retinol one can be used on the body and face, and also has moisturizing aloe vera. The collagen improves texture and hydrates, making skin look plumper. Neither are heavy or greasy, and both feel wonderful after a hot shower — I know, I’ve tried both. Thousands of happy Amazon customers rave about their improved texture and the affordable price.

Promising review: “This product AMAZED me! I had a very deep horizontal wrinkle line on my forehead and tried so many anti-aging products….after one night of using the retinol and one day of using the collagen that horizontal wrinkle went away! Even the dark spots I had on my face has become lighter... I also used the retinol on my arms and legs, and the crepe skin is gone as well….I’m in my 50s, and glad to have found these products. “

  • Retinol lotion: Retinol, and aloe vera juice
  • Collagen lotion: Collagen, and aloe vera juice
Best Skin Lifting Creams For Women
Best vegan skin lifting cream for women

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Body Cream

  • Description
  • More Info

Buy from Amazon, $22

Buy from Sephora, starting at $22

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream has a cult following. And honestly, once you try it, you’ll probably join the ranks. The before and after pictures of peoples reduced cellulite on Amazon are incredible, plus it smells fantastic. The rich body moisturizer relies on good old fashion caffeine to lift and firm skin. Users say a noticeable difference can be seen after three weeks.

Promising review: “I’m 60-years-old and notice that no matter how much diet and exercise I do, (I’m a size 2), I could not get rid of the cellulite on my legs. I started using this product six weeks ago and can noticeably see a difference. I apply morning and evening for optimal results. It goes on smooth and has a creamy, non-sticky feel. The smell is dreamy, and even my husband has commented on the improvement. Make sure you apply in a circular motion for full coverage, absorption and circulation.”

  • Guarana
  • Acai oil
  • Coconut oil
Best Skin Lifting Creams For Women
Best skin lifting cream for women to improve texture

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow AHA Pink Dream Body Cream

  • Description
  • More Info

There are lots of reasons to use a cream with AHAs. They remove dead skin cells, plus reduce visible signs of sun damage and wrinkles. Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow uses an AHA from the hibiscus flower, so it’s natural. It also has hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture, plus watermelon seed butter to soften. It’s light enough to use in the warmer months but still completely nourishing.

Promising review:I’m not exaggerating when I say this is everything I’ve ever wanted in a lotion. It smells like fresh watermelon juice, absorbs super [easy], is not the least bit sticky on the skin, and solves literally every skin issue I have without irritation. Bacne? Cleared. [Strawberry skin]? Never heard of her. Razor bumps? Next to non-existent. Even using it on your underarms makes you smell amazing.”

  • AHA
  • Hyaluronic acid
Best Skin Lifting Creams For Women
Best neck and chest skin lifting cream for women

StriVectin Tighten & Lift Advanced Neck Cream PLUS

  • Description
  • More Info

Buy from StriVectin, $95

Buy from Amazon, $132.05

The neck and chest can also see a decline in tightness with age. This firming neck cream from StriVectin can help. It has ceramides, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and strengthen skin. More impressively, the formula has Gravitite-CF Lifting Complex and NIA-114 (StiVectin’s trademark secret weapons) to firm up a crepey decollate, and smooth the neck. Apply to clean skin morning and evening. In a trial done by the company, users saw results in eight weeks.

Promising review: “The results for me were instant! I tried it on the deep sleeping wrinkles on my chest and décollete. Miraculously, they almost completely flattened out. I love it.”

  • Shea butter
  • Ceramids
  • Peptides
  • Hyaluronic acid
Best Skin Lifting Creams For Women
Best skin lifting device for women

NuFace Trinity

  • Description
  • More Info

Whether you’ve noticed some sagging around your jaw or miss the fullness of your cheeks, you’ll want to start using this anti-aging device. The NUFace Trinity utilizes microcurrent to stimulate collagen production, while exercising facial muscles. It’s also great for wrinkles, so if you want something stronger than a serum but aren’t ready for injectables (or want to avoid them all together), this is the tool for you. After noticing how drawn my face was looking I started using the mini version at the end of June. And real talk, the results have me hooked! No, it didn’t bring back the baby fat cheeks of my teen years — I wasn’t going for that look anyway — but it did make my skin plumper, like in my twenties. Both devices work the same. After smoothing the included primer gel on your face and neck, gently roll the device along your jaw, cheeks, and forehead. You can use it on your neck as well, just avoid the thyroid area. Use five days a week for 60 days, and then two or three days per week afterwards. You’ll love how sculpted and healthy your skin looks.

Promising review: “This device has become a staple in my skin care routine. I really do love it, and I’ve found it to be a worthy investment…By using the device, along with a skincare products, my skin feels tighter and more supple than it did before before using the device.”

  • Microcurrent
Best Skin Lifting Creams For Women
Best skin lifting device for women with radio frequency

MLAY RF Machine

  • Description
  • More Info

If you’re interested in tightening your face or neck, the MLAY RF can help. However, we prefer it for other areas, like the back of arms, tummy, and thighs. The machine uses radio frequency, which creates a heat powerful enough to penetrate the deepest layers of the epidermis. This stimulates collagen that firms skin, and lightens the look of stretch marks. The MLAY RF has three different energy settings, a built-in timer, and comes with a primer gel. It can be used twice a week, according to the manufacturer. We do recommend registering the device for the 60-day money back guarantee from the company, and getting the 18-month warranty if possible. Like a lot of beauty products and devices, it’s not regulated by the FDA, so follow the instructional manual and use with caution.

Promising review: “I was so skeptical. However it was this or a $12,000 mini tummy tuck. I gave it a shot, and it works! I’ve used it [for three] c-sections, and an emergency surgery.”

  • Radio frequency
Best Skin Lifting Creams For Women
Best skin lifting device for women for mouth and eye sagging

NuFACE FIX Starter Kit

  • Description
  • More Info

Lips can lose their fullness with time. However, that doesn’t mean you have to inject your pout. Instead, try a lip flick with the NuFACE Fix. Like the other NuFace devices it uses microcurrent, and is small and gentle enough for around the eyes. It’s great for the mouth fine lines too, and can make your actual lips look more lush. Sadly, results aren’t permanent, but you’ll enjoy a fuller pout for several hours. Keep in your purse for touch-ups.

Promising review: “This little extra device is the perfect size to take away without taking up space. It helps in those places that are difficult to reach with the mini balls. Easy to do upper brow areas, crows feet and [mouth]! It instantly plumped my 63-year-old lips.”

  • Microcurrent

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