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10 Incredible Showerheads That Will Give You the Most Luxurious Rinse Ever

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One of the most relaxing parts of a long day is stepping into a hot shower and letting the water wash your cares away — if you’ve got one the best showerheads around, that is. Low pressure, weak, trickling showerheads can prove to be more of a nuisance than an enjoyment, but thankfully, there are many different models on the market that can work wonders for a simple upgrade and suit an array of needs, styles, and budgets. We researched hundreds of showerheads before selecting our favorite 10 for this list. Have a look at our brief guide below to help you pick the best of the best for you. 

What’s your showerhead style? 

There are various types of showerheads available for your bath or shower, depending on your personal style. The main different types are found below. 

  • Handheld Showerhead: Attached to a hose, a handheld showerhead gives you the flexibility of moving it around wherever it’s convenient. Most can also be fitted on a sliding bar so that you can also have a hands-free option with adjustable height. 
  • Wall-Mounted Showerhead: This fitted showerhead is affixed to the wall, offering a hands-free experience, but limited mobility.
  • Shower Panels: Shower panels are usually multi-purpose fixtures, and can combine handheld, rainfall, and body massage showerheads all in one convenient package. 
  • Dual Showerhead: Dual showerheads are comprised of a combination of handheld and wall-mounted showerheads.
  • Bodys-Spray Showerheads: Another fixed fixture, these showerheads feature several water outputs that spray water through adjustable nozzles at various body levels.
  • Rainfall Showerhead: These large showerheads is best for bigger shower areas and is available as a wall-mounted showerhead or even a ceiling mount, releasing water over large spaces to provide a calming, rain-like effect.
  • Waterfall Showerheads: Designed to be wall-mountable or attached to a panel, waterfall showerheads release a continuous stream of water that’s similar to an actual waterfall. 

In addition to the different types of showerheads, there are also a number of features you should look for when it comes to choosing the correct shower accessory. Some of the most common showerhead features include:

  • Water Filters and Softeners: Softeners remove hard minerals such as calcium and limescale from your bathing water. 
  • Adjustable Pressure: Pressure adjusters allow you to set the firmness of your water to your liking, from softest to hardest.
  • Adjustable Stream Type: Select showerheads also let you choose your favorite stream type. Whether you prefer a sprinkler style or a single stream, there’s a device out there that’s just right for you. 
  • Water-Saving Mode: These showerheads have a switch that allows you to stop the water flow when you don’t need it — i.e. when lathering up the shampoo, or shaving — without you having to turn the tap off and risk losing your heat setting,

Now that you’ve got a better idea of the different types of shower heads and options available, take a look at our list of our favorites. Keep scrolling for FIRST’s picks for the best shower heads on the market today.

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