Spring Weather Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

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If you're anything like us, you've had enough of this brutal winter full of polar vortexes and bomb cyclones and you're ready for some spring weather. Well, we have some good news for you: We may not have to wait too much longer before we get it, according to forecasters.

As The Weather Channel reports,temperatures first begin to feel like spring in March or April for most of the United States. But it's worth remembering that some regions in the country can experience springlike weather earlier than that or later than that. It's also worth keeping in mind that different areas of the United States tend to think of "spring" in different ways; for example, a Midwesterner might rejoice in a T-shirt when the temperature starts hitting the 60-degree mark, while a Southerner might opt to wear a jacket until the 70-degree weather kicks in.

When will it get warm in the Midwest?

By mid-April, parts of the Midwest, like Indianapolis and St. Louis, typically begin to enjoy milder temps. But for the Midwestern cities closer to the Canadian border, like Fargo, the warmer air usually makes its entrance by early May.

When will it get warm in the South?

As you might know, the South typically warms up a lot sooner than other regions in the United States. They can see weather in the 70s as early as January, and some cities, like New Orleans and Dallas, can see 80-degree weather as early as February. (Sounds pretty nice right about now!)

When will it get warm in the Northeast?

Most of the Northeastern states need to wait until the end of March or beginning of April before it feels like spring has truly sprung. Though some locations might see a 70-degree day in March, most of the region will have to tough it out until April before seeing any days in the 80-degree range.

When will it get warm in the West?

The lucky folks in LA get their 70-degree and 80-degree weather as early as January some years. But the more northern parts of the West, like Seattle, as well as other Western states not on the coast, may need to wait for April to hit that sweet 70-degree spot.

Though the forecasts can change as time goes on, we know one thing for sure: We can't wait to start seeing maps that look like this one again!

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