Forget Exchanging Gifts With Your Hubby — Treat Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Just because you told your husband that you don't need to get each other gifts for Valentine's Day, it doesn't mean you can't take a moment to treat yourself. After all, we still feel a little like we're recovering from the rush of the holiday season. The whole new-year-new-year craze in January didn't leave much time for relaxing, either. But now that it's February, you've finally got a little time to yourself. And with that pesky little groundhog declaring we'll have six more weeks of winter, well, we need something to see us through it all.

So for V-Day, we're getting ourselves some gifts because, frankly, it's what we deserve. Nothing big or fancy — hey, unless you're into that, and then good for you — but just something small to remind us that we've earned a little relaxation at the end of the day or a long week. For the price of $30 or less, we're taking a moment to focus on us. Because even though all you really need is to have a nice dinner with your hubby, you can always use a little something extra. Check out the bargain Valentine's gifts we're giving ourselves below.