Date Night Cocktails for Valentine's Day

Although Valentine's Day has somewhat of a strange history behind it, it's still a fun holiday to spend with your spouse, a love interest, or even your best gal pal! But while a festive dinner might be your go-to plan for an enjoyable evening, we'd like to inspire you to focus on the drinks, rather than the food, instead. After all, on special occasions, a creative cocktail list can be the best part of the night! There's no stress involved, either; in fact, some might say delicious drinks can lead to the low-key, relaxing night you know you'd rather have. Instead of going to a fancy and (probably) over-priced restaurant that you'd have to make reservations for weeks in advance, we say try creating a few of your own fancy cocktails at home.

If you're torn on where to begin mixing up these special Valentine's Day sips, look no further. From a delicate sparkling punch made with a pretty pink rosé, tasty red wine, and plenty of cut-up fruit to a sweet, dainty cocktail made with ice cherry limeade (yes, really), these date-night recipes are outside-the-box yet easy to make, even if you're a newbie to hosting cocktail night at your place. Wondering what snacks to serve alongside your drinks? Think easy: A simple cheese plate, a quick dip, or some simple personal pizzas. Why be fancy, when you can have fun?

Remember: An unforgettable evening doesn't have to start with an extravagant dinner. Nobody wants to do all that work on Valentine's Day (or any other night, really) anyway. Just put on a little music, maybe run a hot bath, light some candles, and enjoy sipping on these delicious yet totally simple cocktail recipes. You deserve it!