Bought Too Many Eggs? 7 Ways to Make Sure They Don't Go to Waste

Have you ever come home from the grocery store with a fresh pack of eggs, only to discover you’ve barely made a dent in the dozen that are already sitting in the fridge? Even worse, you somehow managed to double up on 24-packs. Or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have your hens, but they tend to provide a few too many eggs from time to time. Whatever the reason, finding yourself with an abundance of eggs can feel like a tricky problem to solve. After all, there are only so many times you can whip up omelettes and egg salads for you and your family before everyone gets sick of the sight of anything remotely yolk-filled.

Don’t worry — we’re here to help! There are so many options to make sure none of your eggs waste away in the fridge and end up tossed in the trash. Plus, it’ll give you an opportunity to stock up on plenty of shells and make use of those around your house and garden, too! Take a look at the best eggy and not-so-eggy options we’ve come across.