This Company Wants to Pay You to Travel to the World

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Constantly scrolling your Facebook feed, wistfully thinking of just quitting your job and living like a nomad while travelling the world?

Well, what if we told you that you could legitimately be paid to explore the most incredible places in the world? Yep, your ultimate dream job could be your reality, thanks to start-up travel website kimkim and its new opening for a global travel specialist.

The lucky candidate will get to travel for an entire year (!!!) to four seriously Instagrammable destinations (think Iceland, Nepal, Peru, and Italy).

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Can you picture yourself working from Machu Picchu?

Already sold? We thought so.

The job ad, which is titled "The Best Job Ever" (duh) says: “Your responsibilities are a combination of developing itineraries, creating travel content, working with our local partners, recruiting new local partners, and helping with on-the-ground customer support.”

To score the top job, you’ll need to have done a lot of travelling and had experience in travel planning (or held a similar role in travel business).

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The application requires you to answer a few questions, like, "List some of the favorite countries you visited and describe in a few words what you loved about each," "Describe a travel experience you will never forget," and "Describe something unique about you."

Oh, and if you make it to the final round, you’ll be invited to kimkim’s office in California.

Applications close September 4 so you best get on it, pronto. The greatest job in the world awaits!

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