The Super-Simple Cure for Hiccups That's Hiding in Your Kitchen

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Stop spilling water on yourself! Instead of bending over and drinking water from the opposite side of the glass, try a hiccup cure that bartenders swear by. But just because cocktail crafters use this trick as their go-to doesn’t mean the secret ingredients are only found behind the bar!

All you need to get those pesky hiccups to go away is a slice of lemon and a couple drops of Angostura bitters. (Bitters are combinations of alcohol, water, and some kind of flavoring that add extra nuance to cocktails but have traditionally served medicinal purposes.) Eat the slice or chew on it for a couple minutes to calm the spasms. If you can’t handle the sour fruit straight up, dip it in a bit of granulated sugar; it will still have the same calming effect. According to a study written about by the New York Times in 1981, this method had an 88 percent success rate.

But if you don’t have a bottle of the bitters, it might be worth hitting the store. Even when you don’t have hiccups, the Angostura will come in handy. Mixed in a glass of water, a couple of drops of Angostura and lemon will banish a rumbling, upset stomach. A 4-ounce bottle (keep in mind, you’ll only ever use a couple drops at a time) will only cost you around $6.

NOTE: Although bitters are made from alcohol, the amount you will take in from this hiccup cure is negligible since it only calls for a couple drops.

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