The Colored Strip on These Baskets Just Solved Your Biggest Shopping Annoyance

Whether you're dashing in with a very strict shopping list or you're peacefully browsing every aisle, interrupting store associates can ruin your shopping experience.

We're sure they have the best intentions, but being asked multiple times if we need help finding anything after we've already politely declined assistance doesn't help.

And why is it that they always seem to be following us, but when we do need help they're nowhere to be found?

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Now Korean cosmetic brand Innisfree has introduced a genius solution. They offer customers two different types of baskets: one with a green strip and one with an orange strip.

The sign above the green-stripped baskets reads: "I can do myself," while the orange says, "I need help." How clever!

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This store lets customers choose whether they want to be bothered by the staff

We're not sure what happens if you grab a green basket but suddenly need help, though!

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