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7 Quick Tasks That Instantly Make Your House Look Clean and Fresh

Cleaning and organizing your home may not be your idea of a good time, but no one can deny the satisfaction they feel when they finally tick off those tidying-up tasks they’ve been putting of forever. The good news is, you don’t always need to do a full-house clean to get your home looking brand new. There are plenty of quick and easy household jobs you can do that will give both your home and your mood a nice boost.

Here are seven quick and rewarding household cleaning tasks that will make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home.

1. Dust off those venetian blinds.

Stop ignoring the dust build-up on your blinds. To clean them, simply use a soft cloth or your vacuum to remove excess dust then go over it with a damp cloth. Make sure you tilt the blinds up and down to get both sides. You’ll feel like you’ve had new blinds installed and your home will be free of nasty allergens.


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2. Get into that grout.

If you avoid giving the bathroom tiles a good scrub because you don’t like using harsh chemicals, there is a natural solution. Try making a paste of baking soda and water and spreading it into the problem areas. Spray with vinegar, scrub with a brush, and rinse.

3. Organize the pantry.

Sick of never being able to find those tinned tomatoes (even though you’re sure you bought three cans last week)? It’s time for a fresh start. Take everything out of your kitchen pantry, give it a good wipe down, and place things back in an easy-to-navigate order. Put your dry goods into jars and label them, throw out anything that you can’t recognize, and use up goods that are close to their expiration for dinner that night.

4. Clean out kitchen drawers and cupboards.

What’s hiding at the back of your kitchen cupboards? Do you really need 64 plates? De-clutter your kitchen by simply culling your tableware and cooking utensil collection and cleaning as you go. Throw away broken items and donate unused goods to charity. Imagine the extra cupboard space!


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5. Curate your book collection.

If you have trouble getting rid of a book after you’ve read it, you may have quite the home library building up. Go through your books, magazines, movies, and CDs and keep only what you really treasure.

6. Tidy your room.

Your bedroom should be a haven; keeping it clean and clutter-free is essential for helping you to relax. Start small by making your bed. If you’re feeling adventurous, tackle your wardrobe. Throw away things that you know you’ll never wear again, give up on odd socks, and store away summer or winter clothes depending on the season.


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7. Any excuse for flowers.

If all else fails, go and buy a bunch of fresh flowers. They’ll do wonders for your mood and will instantly freshen up your home.

This post was written by Olivia Clarke. For more, check out our sister site Homes to Love.

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