11 Best Stepmom of the Bride Dresses

Her mom is wearing purple, her bridesmaids will be in pink, and you might be feeling puzzled, but finding the best stepmom of the bride dresses is easier than you think! It can be challenging to find the rules behind what a bonus mom should wear to the wedding, but after taking several things into consideration, you'll have a dress you feel stunning in before you know it.

What should a stepmother of a bride wear?

Long or short? Dark or light? Formal or more casual? It seems like it's easy to find the etiquette of what everyone should wear to a wedding, but for stepmoms? Not so much. To start, ask your stepdaughter what your role is in the wedding. Some stepmothers stand in place of biological moms at weddings depending on the relationship. Other stepmoms are considered to be more like honorary guests. Many traditional weddings seat stepparents a row or two behind the couple's biological parents. But with modern times, anything goes, so it's best to inquire first. If you're a part of the wedding party, shopping for a more formal dress is the best way to go. If you're a guest, then you have a handful of other options depending on the following factors.

What season is the wedding taking place in? Winter and fall nuptials usually call for warmer attire, whether that's a faux fur cape for winter ceremonies or just longer length sleeves and skirts. If it's taking place during spring and summer, cocktail dresses that hit at the knee or calf are appropriate. Longer gowns with simple details are also acceptable picks.

How formal is the wedding? Ceremonies and receptions have come a long way from the traditional church gatherings with a banquet dinner after. While this still might be the case, outdoor weddings and laid-back ceremonies are becoming more popular. Perhaps your stepdaughter decided on a boho chic or rustic theme. In this case, taffeta might feel too formal, but a drapey, chiffon sundress might do. If she's sticking to a black tie affair, then be sure to dress accordingly. Remember, it's always better to err on the side of elegance!

What is the wedding color scheme, and what are others wearing? Matching the bridesmaids isn't quite the best idea, so finding out what colors the women will be wearing will help rule out what colors you might want to stay away from. Maybe the bridesmaids are wearing sky blue. If you're hoping to stick to the blue color scheme, go for a navy or deep aqua to match the wedding theme. White, cream, and ivory are often no-gos for weddings unless it's specified in your invitation.

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