The Best Mattress for Back Pain is Perfect for Every Type of Sleeper

Whatever your sleep problem, this mattress will give you sweet dreams.


Mattress shopping can be an overwhelming experience, especially when you’re cooped up at home with no way to test them out. But during these quarantine times, it’s more important than ever to address your sleep problems and invest in the right pillow, mattress topper, and mattress — especially if your main problem is back pain. Luckily, we’ve combed through the top mattresses on the internet and read hundreds of user reviews so you don’t have to. The Layla Hybrid is the best mattress we could find for back pain that works for all types of sleepers.

What is a hybrid mattress?

There’s been a lot of debate about the differences between memory foam, coil, and gel mattresses. All have plenty of positive qualities, but none are completely perfect. Memory foam conforms to the body, but doesn’t transfer heat well. Coil spring mattresses provide strength and firmness, but can be too firm for some. Gel-infused memory foam has great cooling properties, but alone can lack give and be uncomfortable for side sleepers.

A hybrid mattress combines the “pros” of all three of these mattress types, strategically layering each to provide the most optimal structure and comfort. The Layla mattress has five interior layers made up of copper gel memory foam, max airflow support foam, and individually wrapped coils. These layers work together to take pressure off your joints and ease aches and pains.

Layla hybrid mattress layers
Layla Hybrid Mattress Layers

Why we like it:

  • Edge support. Getting in and out of bed does a number on the edge of your mattress. Over time, coils at the edges can break or become strained, which causes your mattress to dip on the sides and affect your sleep position. The Layla mattress has reinforced edges, so you won’t have to worry about your mattress becoming uneven.
  • Different firmness options. This is a big one, especially when you can’t test the mattress before you buy. Layla offers a soft and firm side. Simply flip the mattress over to test each side and decide the right firmness for you. There’s even a side handle that makes flipping a cinch.
  • Cooling foam. For those who get hot while they sleep, the copper-infused foam has cooling properties, so you’ll never wake up in a pool of sweat again.
  • Antimicrobial. The copper gel layer provides an antimicrobial barrier that prevents odors and bacteria from forming. 
  • Motion control. The copper-infused memory foam reacts to pressure with a firming response Layla refers to as “Variable Support.” It works better than traditional memory foam, providing extra support for increased weights.
  • Universal comfort for all sleepers. Many of the mattresses we’ve researched work only for certain weight capacities or types of sleepers. The Layla Hybrid doesn’t discriminate, which means you and your spouse don’t have to be the exact same size and prefer the same sleep position — you can both get a good night’s sleep.
  • 120-day trial period. If you live in the continental U.S. and decide you don’t like the mattress, Layla will pick up and return your mattress for free, no strings attached. They’ll even pick up as-is, so you won’t need to save the box. Layla also partners with nonprofits and charitable organizations to repurpose returned mattresses, so you can sleep easily knowing your mattress will be used to help others.
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Reviews we found helpful:

“My wife and I took delivery on the Layla Hybrid and although we’ve only slept on it a few nights, we love it! … We can sleep on our back or side without the pain  at pressure points like shoulders and hips. The springy-ness of the hybrid lets us turn over and get out of bed easier than our previous memory foam mattress that felt dead when you tried to push off from it.”

“I am an electrician … this product not only helps me sleep but also makes my back feel great.”

“I will admit I was hesitant buying my first “bed in a box” online. I did a lot of research and every time I thought I had found the perfect mattress, I’d find negative reviews and second guess everything. I finally decided I couldn’t wait any longer and just about every review I saw on the new Layla Hybrid (and older Layla foam) mattress seemed to indicate this was the one to try. Boy am I happy I did. This mattress is awesome. I had full rotator cuff surgery a 3.5 year ago, and while I am fully healed and have no physical limitations, sleeping on my side has remained a painful experience…Fast forward to now, with my new Layla Hybrid, and I have NO PAIN! I can sleep on my “bad” shoulder all night long if I want. No pain, no discomfort. I have never slept so well on any other mattress, ever. I cannot comment on how the firm side of this mattress feels. I fell in love with the soft side from day one and have no reason to try the other.”

“I was worried I might have issues along the edges since I share the bed with my wife and a large yellow lab. I have not had any problems. Edge support is very good and both myself and the lab takes turns sleeping along the edges at night without issue.”

“I am 66 and about 180lbs. I bought the Layla Hybrid mattress because I had a lot of hip and shoulder pain as a side sleeper. I am sleeping on the softer side of the Layla. My pain is gone and for the first time, I sleep through the night! Love this mattress!”

Layla Hybrid Mattress, starting at $999

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