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24 Best Gifts For Gym Lovers This Holiday 2022


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Fitness fanatic on your list? You’ll love our round up of the best gifts for gym lovers. Even if you’re not big on breaking a sweat, we think you’ll want to pick up a thing or two for yourself. From the multifunctional gym bag to the foldable treadmill, there’s something for every type of exerciser.

What are the best gifts for gym lovers 2022?

What To Gift A Person That Loves The Gym

There are lots of options for a person who loves the gym. Workout clothes, fitness watches (up to 40% off at Amazon right now), at-home exercise equipment — you get the picture.

This is a great time of year to purchase bigger ticket items like treadmills, exercise bikes or rowing machines, because lots of them are on sale. However, there are smaller, must-have finds that can be gifted for under $100.

We love the Bala Bangles Adjustable Wrist and Ankle Weights, for example. They’re $39.97 at QVC, packable, and are a great option for those who power walk, do ballet barre, or even Pilates.

Gifting supplements is another awesome and out-of-the-box option. We’re obsessed with the protein powders from Wellious (Amazon, $32). They have 15 grams of protein per serving, are completely plant-based, and taste amazing!

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What does every athlete need?

Although the answer to this will vary depending on the type of sport an athlete does, it’s likely they’ll need some things to assist in recovery and pamper muscles.

A red belt therapy light, for example, is a great option for those suffering aches and pains. This one has 850nm near infrared light that can penetrate past the epidermis and into muscle tissue.

Another great tool for athletes is one of the best massage guns, like the Vybe Pro. It’s like having a masseuse whenever you need, comes with a carrying case, and a variety of interchangeable heads to target different body zones.

Best Gifts For Gym Lovers

Apolla The Amp No Show Sock

Best gifts for gym lovers: Compression socks
Best Gifts For Gym Lovers

Buy from Apolla, $34

The Amp No Show Sock makes a wonderful stocking stuffer for the fit gal or guy. The compression provides perfect support for the ankle, and keep the socks from ending up at the end of the shoe. All Apolla Shocks feature the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance, so regardless if you’re shopping for a runner, Cross-Fit enthusiast, a dancer or elderly parent, you’re sure to find a pair that enhances stability and makes movement easier. If you’re not sure these are the perfect style for the person on your list, take their fit finder quiz for a more personalized recommendation. Available in the colors black, grey, nude-one, and nude-two, and white.

JumpSport Fitness Wellness Trampoline Bundle

Best gifts for gym lovers: Workout trampoline with accessories
Best Gifts For Gym Lovers
JumpSport Fitness

Buy from JumpSport, $329

Jumping around isn’t just for kids. In fact, the benefits of working out on a trampoline are nothing to yawn at. It’s good for bone health, builds balance and strength, and relieves stress. Rebounding, as it’s also called, may also improve lymphatic function, relieving bloating and puffiness. Jumpstart Fitness is our go-to for fitness trampolines, and the Wellness Trampoline Bundle is one of the best gifts for gym lovers. It includes the limited edition Model 370 Fitness Trampoline, an exercise ball, and even a dry brush! The rebounder can be used for a fun cardio session but also as a place to do bodyweight exercises or yoga poses. It has extra cushioning and 30 EnduroLast 2-knot non-adjustable elastic cords for a quieter bounce, plus a JumpSport Quick Release Handle Bar can be added for extra stability.

Bala Bangles Adjustable Wrist and Ankle Weights

Best gifts for gym lovers: portable weights
Best Gifts For Gym Lovers

Buy from QVC, $39.97

Resistance training doesn’t always require heavy fitness equipment. These Bala Bangles Adjustable Wrist and Ankle Weights are great for the person looking to add a slight challenge to their workout without going too heavy. They can be worn while walking, on the elliptical, or doing calisthenics. It doesn’t hurt that they look like funky bracelets, and they’re adjustable to create the perfect fit. A bag is included in the purchase, and they’re available in four gorgeous pastel colors.

Echelon Row Connected Rowing Machine

Best gift for gym lovers: row machine and fitness platform
Best Gifts For Gym Lovers

Buy from Echelon, $999

Starting at $34 per month for Echelon Fitness App Platform membership

We’re jealous of anyone who gets the Echelon Row Connected Rowing Machine from Echelon. Along with being gorgeous — I mean, look at it — the state of the art row machine has everything one could want or need. The foldable ergonomic design provides support for spine and hip alignment, and the built-in device holder swivels 90 degrees. This is great, especially if you throw in a membership to the app, giving access to live and on-demand classes. After a row session is complete, you (or whomever is lucky enough to be the receiver) can turn it around and do a HIIT workout, yoga — you name it. Thirty-two levels of resistance can be accessed by the handlebars, and of course there’s a USB port!

Fresh ‘N Lean Meal Delivery Service

Best gifts for gym lovers: Meal delivery service
Best Gifts For Gym Lovers
Fresh N’ Lean

Buy from Fresh ‘N Lean, starting at $7.93

The preprepared meals from Fresh & Lean will be a welcome surprise for anyone on your list. No matter if they’re on keto, the Mediterranean diet, vegan, or trying to increase their protein, there’s a plan for them. Nothing made to create these delectable dishes contains GMOs, gluten, or artificial preservatives. Noshers can look forward to organic ingredients, meat with no antibiotics or added hormones, and much more. There are 100 meals per week to choose from, ranging from savory breakfast picks like Sunnyside spinach with eggs and tomato to Korean Bulgogi mushrooms with rice for din din. Items can be ordered a la carte style as well. Don’t be surprised if you end up signing yourself up for the meal delivery service too. The selections and convenience is hard to pass on.

Wellious Vegan Protein Powder

Best gifts for gym lovers: protein power
Best Gifts For Gym Lovers

Buy from Amazon, $32

Protein is critical for good health, especially if your goal is maintaining muscle or adding mass. Whether you’re the gym lover or have a fitness fanatic in your life, the protein powders from Wellious are sure to delight. A single scoop offers 15 grams of plant-based protein. It’s light in texture, doesn’t have a weird after-taste like a lot of vegan powders, and is filled with vitamin B and E, potassium, magnesium and then some. Pick from the vanilla flavor or chocolate. Whichever way you go, your palette will smile and your muscles will thank you. Add to a smoothie, yogurt, or even oatmeal. It’s a total game changer!

Editor favorite: As a journalist — and self proclaimed wellness and beauty aficionado — I’m always interviewing experts mentioning how important getting enough protein is, and seriously — they’re right. Since upping my intake my hair has become thicker, my skin looks better — so many wonderful perks. Since my diet is 90 percent vegan, it’s really hard for me to get the macronutrient in, and the powders from Wellious have made it easier. Every day I add a scoop (or two) into my blender with a banana, some ice, and water or nut milk. I’m energized, full, and know I’m giving my body something good.

Vybe Pro Muscle Massager

Best gift for gym lovers: massage gun
Best Massage Guns For Back Pain

Buy from Amazon, $65.25

Why we like it:

  • Great price!
  • 9 speeds
  • Compact

Every fitness buff needs a powerful percussion massage gun. We like the Vybe Pro Muscle Massager. It can be placed in your duffle bag for after your workout or used at home while watching TV. It has nine levels of intensity, and features 33 pounds of serious pressure to knead out kinks. Along with a carrying case, the massager gun comes with eight interchangeable heads. It makes a sensational gift for a loved one or yourself.

Athletic Greens AG1

Best gifts for gym lovers: supplements
Best Gifts For Gym Lovers
Athletic Greens

Buy from Athletic Greens, $79 (single subscription)

One of the reasons eating vegetables is so important is because they contain vital micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to skip them — or not get enough — during the holidays. On the plus, Athletic Greens is available, and its scientific formula has the type of ingredients to make you feel like a superhero. We’re talking vitamins A, B6, C, folate, and CQ10 to only name a few. These natural gems are derived from foods like apples, alfalfa, spirulina, spinach, and acerola cherries, which has vitamin C in its bioactive form. There’s also protein from peas, as well as digestive enzymes from papaya. Oh, and did I mention there is a probiotic and adaptagens in there as well? Take before a workout, first thing in the morning instead of coffee, or when you need an afternoon pick-me-up. A single subscription comes with a 30 serving AG1 pack, the starter kit with its premium jar, shaker, and five travel packs. Cancel or pause the subscription at any time.


Best gifts for gym lovers: natural sleep aid
Best Gifts For Gym Lovers

Buy from CYMBIOTIKA, $38

Sleep is important for health but difficult, especially if you work out late at night. Rather than skipping a sweat sesh, try Sleep. The spray is has ingredients like passion flower, chamomile, GABA, and L-Tryptophan to relax the body. It’s a great choice for a friend who likes natural methods to enhance rest and relaxation. CYMBIOTIKA, the makers of sleep, recommend taking 12 pumps 30 minutes before bed. According to the site, for a truly blissful slumber, add some Topical Magnesium Oil Spray into the mix.

lululemon Swift Speed High-Rise Tight 28u0022 Legging

Best gift for gym lovers: Activewear leggings
Best Shapewear Leggings

Buy from lululemon, starting at $29 (was $128)

Why we like it:

  • Goes up to size 20
  • Low-friction fabric
  • Zippered back pocket

These lululemon shapewear leggings were made with runners in mind, but they’re also great for yogis, cyclist, or your Wednesday Zumba class. They’re made with the brand’s trademark flexible Luxtreme fabric, and are perfect for those on the go. Along with having zippered pockets — very handy for house keys — and the leggings offer breathable, four-way stretch. The material is buttery soft, and will make the wearer feel sensational on and off the track. Sizes start at size 0 and go to size 20. There are also a ton of gorgeous colors and fun prints to choose from.

RIMSports XL Hoodie Yoga Mat Bag

Best gifts for gym lovers: Yoga accessories
Best Gifts For Gym Lovers

Buy from Amazon, $17.99

This cute Hoodie Yoga Mat Bag is enough to motivate us to get our downward dog on, and you probably have someone on your list who probably feels the same. The extra large bag gives plenty of room for your fitness gear, wallet, water bottle, and more. It’s exactly what every yogi in training needs to bring to the studio. It’s available in olive green, grey, and black. Ooh, and the strap is adjustable!

Nordstrom Hydrenalite Hooded Down Jacket

Best gifts for gym lovers: Running jacket
Best Gifts For Gym Lovers

Buy from Nordstrom, $199

A winter jacket isn’t necessary inside a gym, but if your fitness pal is exercising outside (or walks to the gym), this hooded down jacket will be appreciated. Along with being ultra-warm, it’s water-resistant, and hits right at the hip, so it won’t restrict movement. The exterior is made of nylon, so it’s lightweight, but down fill will keep heat in. It comes in black (shown above), as well as gardenia white, antelope tan, wild ginger, and black.

Saucony Ride 13 Running Shoe

Best gifts for gym lovers: Lightweight running shoes
Best Lightweight Running Shoes for Women

Buy from Amazon, starting at $47.78

Why we like it:

  • Good for underpronation
  • Responsive cushion
  • Available in 9 colors

Some sneakers remain stiff even after you’ve broken them in. Fortunately, that’s not the case with Saucony’s Ride 13. Don’t let the slim silhouette fool you: these lightweight shoes are durable and protective. The feature a technology called FormFit construction, which makes it super pliable. There great for those who underpronate or have high arches. The cushions are soft and responsive, plus the mesh top keep feet ventilated. One of the best gifts for gym lovers, these sneakers are also great for those who run outside, especially on concrete.

Infrared Red Light Therapy Belt Device

Best gifts for gym lovers: Muscle therapy
Best Gifts For Gym Lovers

Buy from Amazon, $118.88

We often cover red light therapy for its beauty benefits, but did you know it’s also great for relieving aches and pains? Naturally it’s one of the best gifts for gym lovers or anyone else who knows what it’s like to be sidelined by an injury. This red light therapy belt can be wrapped around the body and has 650nm and 850nm waves that penetrate skin, deep into the muscle. It’s a must have for anyone but especially those who love to be active. It comes with a USB charger, a control panel to switch up settings and control time. The belt measures 18 inches by 8 inches, so it’s good for the thighs, arms, back, or the stomach region.

Freshly Meal Delivery Gift Card

Best gifts for gym lovers: meal delivery service subscription
Best Gifts For Gym Lovers

Buy from Freshly

Nutrition and fitness are like jelly and peanut butter — they’re good solo but fantastic together. Freshly is a great option for pals who are committed to their gym routine but struggle breaking their takeout habit. The ever changing menu of 50 plus balanced meals keeps the mouth excited and the belly satisfied. Everything is delivered fresh and prepared, complete with their nutrition info, and only takes three minutes to heat. And you don’t have to pick the meals for them. Simply give a gift card to the meal delivery service, and let them go wild. They’ll get to try yummy, nutritious dishes like protein packed chicken parm, and zingy buffalo chicken from their FreshlyFit selection. Freshly also has plant-based options, calorie conscious options, and other plans. No matter their food needs, they’ll be covered, and you’ll be loved for giving one of the best gifts for gym lovers.

MorePro Fitness Tracker

Best gifts for gym lovers: Fitness tracker
Best Gifts For Gym Lover

Buy from Amazon, $47.99

Most smart phones have some form a fitness tracker but it’s always nice to have something extra to distinguish between your steps to work and the miles you ran earlier that day. We like how affordable the MorePro Fitness Tracker is, as well as all the color options it comes in. The large-faced watch is waterproof, only takes two hours to charge for an entire week of use, and has everything one needs. It monitors the heart rate, calories burned, sleep, and more. It can be synched with Android 5.0, iOS 10, and above smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0, which is another nice feature.

Famistar M7 Plus Electric Folding Treadmill 

Best gifts for gym lovers: Treadmill
treadmills under 500
Great deal!

Buy from Walmart, $329.99

Even the most devoted gym-goer would love a treadmill in their home. This one from Famistar is space-saving, and perfect whether the receiver lives in an apartment, condo, or two-story house. It folds, but is also only 49 inches long when open. It’s cushioned deck is extra thick to be gentle on joints, and it has 12 pre-set fitness programs, plus a large LCD screen to track calories, time, speed, and miles. It’s exactly what you want on days you can’t make it to the gym or simply need to burn off steam. It’s also under $400, which means while splurge-worthy, it’s also a total steal!

Athleta Conscious Crop A-C

Best gifts for gym lovers: sports bra
Best Workout Clothes for Women Over 50

Buy from Athleta, starting at $19.97

We love how this sports bra from Athleta provides extra coverage, and all the colors it comes in. It’s fast drying, so even if you find yourself drenched after a cycle session, you can run errands afterwards without feeling a sweaty mess. The stretchy spandex holds curves in, and if you dislike pads, simply remove the inserts. The material is buttery-smooth, and also boasts UPF 50 plus protection from the sun. With more than 1,400 five-star reviews on Athleta, you know this is one of the best gifts for gym lovers you can give!

Lifepro Waver Mini Vibration Plate

Best gifts for gym lovers: vibration plates
Best Gifts For Gym Lovers
25% off!

Buy from Amazon, $149.99 (was $199.99)

Give something that will make them shake, rattle, and roll. Vibration plates are still not on everyone’s radar but your fitness pal — they are a gym buff, after all — has probably always wanted to try one. They send gentle waves through the body, pushing muscles to spring into gear to counteract the movement. This helps them become stronger. People use them to compliment their fitness routines, for recovery — you name it. We think this mini version from Lifepro is the perfect one to get started with. You can purchase it with resistance bands (they’re attachable to the machine) or without, and it’s small enough to suit any space.

Born New Foam Roller Set

Best gifts for gym lovers: foam roller
Best Gifts For Gym Lovers

Buy from Amazon, $33.99 (was $45)

Stretching and flexibility work is just as importing as doing cardio or resistance training. This Foam Roller Set is a great deal, and comes with lots of treats for muscles. There’s a two-inch deep foam roller to knead knots, a 15 inch anti-slip massage stick, two 2 Plantar Fasciitis balls, and more. The set also comes with a nylon bag, so everything can be taken to the gym with ease.

The North Face Borealis Tote

Best gifts for gym lovers: gym bag
Best Gifts For Gym Lovers
The North Face

Buy from The North Face, $79

The Borealis Tote is for so much more than a gym bag. The stand-up design features two exterior water bottle pockets, includes a pocket for a laptop or ipad, and is deep enough to place workout gear, a book, phone, and a few snacks. Our favorite part is the backpack style straps for easy transport. It can be used for the gym, work, or as a highly function — but chic — every day tote.

Redmond Portable Blender

Best gifts for gym lovers: personal blender
Best Gifts For Gym Lovers

Buy from Amazon, $38.99

All fitness folks know the power of a good protein shake or smoothie, and to make one of those one needs a blender. We like this portable one by Redmond. It has a 6-point steel blade to pulverize tough greens like kale, and the 20,000 RPM motor blends fruits, powders, and seeds until it’s all silky-smooth. It’s easy to operate with its two speeds and pulse function, and it can be detached from the base and used as a portable mug. Another shake holder, and two BPA-free lids are included, as well as a cleaning brush.

LARQ Self Cleaning Water Bottle

Best gifts for gym lovers: luxury water bottle
Best Gifts For Gym Lovers

Buy from Nordstrom, $95

Okay, so you may be thinking that is a lot to pay for a water bottle. However, this bottle is from LARQ is self cleaning, and a must for those who are serious about hydration without germs. The bottle has a button that releases a UV light that removes 99 percent of the biocontaminants that makes your basic containers have “the smell” even after washing. There’s a USB port included, and a single charge can keep it juiced for a month. The design has insulation, so it can also be used for hot beverages, as well as cold.

Echo Buds (2nd Gen)

Best gifts for gym lovers: headphones
Best Gifts For Gym Lovers
Save $50!

Buy from Best Buy, $89.99 (was $139.99)

Everyone needs a pair of handy earbuds. The Echo buds (2nd Gen) are currently on sale, and make a great stocking stuffer. They’re noise-cancelling, sweat resistant, and have a long-lasting battery. A charging case is included, which can give two uninterrupted hours of use with a quick 15 minute charge (a 15 hour charge will give 15 hours of listening). Echo Buds can also be used to make phone calls, and set reminders or lists to a smartphone. Pair with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. And yes, they work with android phones too!

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