Prince Harry Charmed the Tiara off Queen Margrethe

Queen Margrethe is not only the head of state for Denmark, but she is also a glorious beacon of inspiration for women across the globe. Princess Mary's mother-in-law also proved she's just like us.

In fact, maybe we'd say she's just a queen standing in front of a prince, asking him to love her? Wait, wrong rom-com! (The scene is still fitting for a Hollywood film, though!) Prince Harry is currently in Denmark on a royal tour, and let's just say Queen Margrethe was very happy to receive Meghan Markle's rumored husband-to-be during a meet-and-greet on Wednesday, October 25th.

The 33-year-old kicked off his two-day tour at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he met with Queen Margrethe, and the duo got on swimmingly! As they posed for photos, Prince Frederik's mom couldn't contain her laughter.

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The 77-year-old was pictured with the biggest grin while Harry did his best to contain his giggles. Harry continued his official duties by visiting with kids from the KPH Projects. The community, which is a start-up that aims to improve society through a range of cultural and environmental initiatives, watched Harry give an impromptu to speech celebrating all their efforts.

During his time in the Danish capital, the former military man greeted locals, and one lucky girl caught his eye. Harry chatted to new mom Noura Bittar Soeborg, who brought along her baby girl. According to The Sun, the 28-year-old is a Syrian refugee. As Prince Harry praised Noura for her resilience, her little girl woke up from her nap. "It was like a fairy tale. She was reaching out for him to pick her up," Noura said of the experience. "He was super nice to her, and I think she liked him, too."

The now-Danish citizen spoke to the royal about how she fled her native home of Syria five years ago after her town was bombed. Now living in Copenhagen, Noura is happily married to a Danish man, but she admitted that though she hopes to return to her motherland, she believes it will only happen when she is "very old." In response to her incredible story, Harry mused: "Your resilience is just amazing. To come through what you have experienced and make something so positive is brilliant. Well done."

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Prince Harry also likes to chat with his furry friends.

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