DIY Pregnant Halloween Costumes So Clever You'll Wish You Could Rock Them Too

One of our favorite things about October is seeing everyone's clever Halloween costumes — and it seems like pregnant women are some of the most creative when it comes to DIY ideas. Yep, moms-to-be seem to be able to unlock the artistic sides of their brains in ways that the rest of us just can’t imagine, and they use those powers to come up with hilarious, adorable, and even occasionally scary Halloween costume ideas for pregnant moms that all prominently feature their baby bumps. We’re not just talking about the old painted pregnant pumpkin bellies, either; the looks these moms came up with are way better than that. 

There are a lot of ways to get into the Halloween spirit. You can start celebrating with friends, carve creepy-cute jack-o-lanterns, play fun Halloween-themed games with the little ones, and your dog can even join in the fun. Or, you can just figure out how to fit pumpkin into every meal that you eat — like in this delicious soup for one. 

But while you're sitting around, eating Halloween candy and sipping pumpkin protein smoothies, moms-to-be everywhere are busy crafting away — and the end results are something special. Zombie babies, pop culture references, play-on-words puns galore — they’ve thought of everything. We’re pretty jealous of their creativity, to be honest. But we’ll just have to borrow a little inspiration while working on Halloween costumes for our own friends and family. 

Check out these pictures of funny pregnant Halloween costumes below.