3 No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas That Prove No Mess Is No Stress

Decorating pumpkins is one of the highlights of the Halloween season, but let's face it: Decorating pumpkins is messy and complicated. First, you have to pick the best pumpkin at the pumpkin patch — a feat in and of itself. Then, you have to decide on a pumpkin carving idea. Do you want to go with the classic Jack-O-Lantern, or do you want to try something more daring, like a Dog-O-Lantern? Once you've settled on a design, then comes the task of actually carving your orange fruit. Unfortunately, the masterpiece you had in your head doesn't always translate to your canvas.

And after you've gutted your pumpkin and baked your pumpkin seeds, you find yourself wondering, "How long do carved pumpkins last?" Was carving your pumpkin on October 1 a bad idea? Will it last longer than two stinkin' seconds? And what about your kids and grandkids? If they're too young to hold a pumpkin let alone handle a knife, do you really want to commit to carving something that will disintegrate in a few weeks? No, thanks!

Instead of fretting this season about carving pumpkins, why not try a DIY no-carve pumpkin? As the name implies, you get to decorate your gourds with any and everything that tickles your fancy. There's no "best" no-carve pumpkin idea because they're all the best idea! From a simple paint job to an all-over glitter bath, these no-carve pumpkin ideas prove you don't need to get down and dirty to have a pumpkin worth setting on your stoop.