Blender Lemonade Is the Tastiest Summer Shortcut You Didn't Know Existed

PureWow via Facebook

Mmmm...fresh-squeezed lemonade. But even when the result is the world's most refreshing drink, hand-juicing lemons never seems worth it. This is why we were so excited to read about this faster path to homemade lemonade from PureWow. Your secret weapon: a blender.

You don't need a dozen lemons like some other recipes. Just one is necessary, plus 2 cups of water, a few ice cubes and 2 Tbsp sugar.

Some elbow grease is required before popping the fruit in the blender, though.

Final step? Blend for a full minute until smooth, so it's not too pulpy. Oh, one more thing: Banish your juicer to the corner of that out-of-reach cabinet.

via PureWow