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Always Fighting With Your Plastic Wrap? Try Storing It In This Part of Your Kitchen


Most of us keep our roll of clingy plastic wrap stored in the same drawer as our aluminum foil and plastic sandwich bags. It seems to make sense to keep all of those food-preserving tools together, but it turns out we’re actually very wrong about one of those items: the plastic wrap. Think about it — how often do you struggle with the thin plastic when you take it out to cover up leftovers?

For us, the answer is every single time. We inevitably end up with a ball of unusable plastic that’s bunched up on itself before finally being able to get our food wrapped (sometimes by giving up and going for the aluminum instead).

Of course, that clinginess is exactly what we want from the product, but not before we actually cover the food. We tend to pretty much accept the battle with these wraps as a fact of life that will never change. Luckily, that’s not the case at all. According to TODAY, you should store your plastic wrap in the freezer as it’s the super easy solution to this whole frustrating mess. They spoke with Dr. Chad Orzel, an associate professor of physics and astronomy, who explained that the lower temperature stops static electricity from building up and sticking to itself. It might also weaken the bond between the polyethylene molecules that also attract to themselves. 

If you don’t have enough room in your freezer to store the plastic wrap there permanently, you can still benefit from this simple solution. Before attempting to struggle with the room temperature wrap, just stick it in your freezer for about 15 minutes to cool it down and make it much easier to handle. This will especially come in handy with the holidays around the corner and all of the yummy leftovers that come with them! Give it a try with your plastic wrap today and watch how smoother it rolls out when those molecules cool down.

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