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This 3-Ingredient DIY Fabric Refresher Will Make Your Musty Sweaters Feel Brand New


The change in the temperature means it’s time to swap the clothes in your closet, but pulling out your winter sweaters isn’t always fun. They sometimes have a weird smell and can be stiff from the lack of use. I always feel like I immediately have to wash anything I put away for the warmer months. But instead of loading up the washer, this simple spray can freshen a sweaters — and it only take three common household ingredients!

If you haven’t swapped out your closet yet, or there are still some sweaters you haven’t worn, this hack will make it so much easier. All you have to do is hang the sweater you want to give a little boost and spray it down with this homemade fabric refresher from Becky Rapinchuk.

To make the spray, you’ll need half a cup of water, a fourth cup of vodka or rubbing alcohol, and five drops of your favorite essential oil. I actually combined two of my favorite scents — vanilla and sandalwood — to give it a warm smell. Shake those ingredients up in a spray bottle and it’s ready to go!

Once you have the spray, hang up the sweater and lightly mist it with the spray bottle. Let it air dry for best results. The water helps the fabric absorb the alcohol, letting it zap the smell-causing bacteria. The essential oils then replace the smell with something much more pleasant.

Rapinchuk, who runs the Clean Mama account on Instagram, also gave MindBodyGreen other tips to refresh your winter sweaters. She says popping the smelly clothes in the freezer also helps kill the bacteria. Fold up your sweater and put it in a bag then leave in your freezer overnight.

Another trick is to load the clothes into the dryer. Turns out, I don’t have to do a full wash load to get rid of the smell! Simply letting them tumble on low/no-heat for five to ten minutes can help make them feel like new. You might have to repeat the process if it’s not working quite as much as you like.

Don’t get stuck with musty winter sweaters — use these tips to freshen up tips!

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