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This Easy Hack Will Clean the Stained Underside of a Burnt Pot With Zero Scrubbing


Cooking can be messy. When we get a little clumsy, ingredients end up splashing all over the stove and pesky burnt-on food ends up getting stuck to the underside of our cookware. The good news is there’s an easy hack for getting rid of even the most stubborn grime from pots and pans — no scrubbing required!

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We all know how annoying it is to scrape away at dingy spots with little to no results. We either resort to letting the stains stay there forever or we spend money to replace them. (If you do want to start with a fresh pan, we have a list of the best non-stick cookware sets.)

For those of us who aren’t ready to part ways with our trusty cookware — but don’t want to always smell the remnants of burnt food when we cook — there’s a simple solution that will get them perfectly clean. TikTok user @ramdeep_osahan shared a no-scrub method that will easily wipe away stuck-on stains from the underside of any pot or pan.

First, he took his pan outside to catch any spills, but placing it on a large baking sheet upside down will also do the trick. Next, he sprinkles a pinch of salt and baking soda over the stains. Then, he drizzles one tablespoon of dish soap over the pan and lightly spreads it around with a sponge.

He then covers it with a few paper towels before pouring 1/2 cup of white vinegar over them. After letting the pan sit for 10 minutes, the stains miraculously came off with a quick wipe. Take a look to see how the pan is restored like new!

When you try this out yourself, be sure to give the pan a rinse with water when you’re done to remove the vinegary smell and dry it off. Then it’s ready to use right away or place back in the cabinet for another time.

The days of scrubbing the burnt stains away (or at least trying) are over with this effortless hack!

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