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Did You Know Glad Containers Have a Secret Second Lid?


If you ever thought you knew everything there was to know about Glad containers, you might want to think again. Or, at least, that’s how Facebook user Sarah Rose felt when she accidentally discovered Glad’s “secret” second lid.

One day, Rose was just minding her own business, packing a nice little snack in a Glad plastic container when she suddenly had an epiphany — the little circle located in the middle of the Glad lid is a design of function, not aesthetics. That’s right, ladies. There’s a purpose for that tiny circle — it’s a secondary lid for a smaller container of sauce, salad dressing, or whatever else you want a la carte to your main dish.

secret glad container lid

Rose was so excited about her newfound knowledge that she decided to share her experience with the world on Facebook, and believe us, the internet was not disappointed. Since Rose’s initial posting, the photo has received more than 46 thousand “likes,” 62,000 comments, and 200,000 shares.

Despite Glad’s efforts to make the little circle lid’s existence known, comments range from “My life has changed forever,” to “Mind blowing; I never knew this.”

Glad To Go Lunch Containers are described on Amazon as the “ideal” storage solution for salads and dressings. “Dressing cups snap into lids to keep wet and dry foods separate,” the ad reads. This lunch-making revelation has completely rocked our worlds.

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