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16 Brilliant Uses for Coconut Oil Around the House That Will Save You Time and Money

Plus, the genius way coconut oil prolongs the life of eggs, helps with shaving, lends to home improvement projects and more

It’s no secret that coconut oil is great for cooking and baking thanks to its unique flavor and health perks. But the benefits of this edible oil go beyond meal prep! It can help with your beauty routine, cleaning, home repairs and much more, making it a must-have in the house. Below you’ll discover 16 uses for coconut oil that can save you time, money and hassle.

1. Uses for coconut oil: Get oven grates sparkling

Removing the gunk from grates doesn’t require elbow grease. “Simply coat each grate with coconut oil and let it soak in for about 30 minutes,” shares Noemi Varga, host of the YouTube channel Simple Living with Scandish Home. Then just use a toothbrush to rub on baking soda, and the dirt will come right off. “The coconut oil dissolves cooking grease while the baking soda is a mild abrasive that removes stuck-on foods.” (Click through for more ways to clean oven racks).

2. Make litter box cleaning a breeze using coconut oil

No matter how much you scoop or scrape, clumps of litter keep ending up stuck to the bottom of Tiger’s litter can and they can be tough to remove. To make cleaning a breeze, try this: Next time you replace her litter, use a paper towel to rub coconut oil on the bottom of the litter box before adding litter. The oil, which is safe for animals, will leave the pan’s surface slick, so litter can slide right off when you clean the pan.

3. Uses for coconut oil: Guarantee a smooth shave

Coconut oil can be used to guarantee a smooth shave

The next time you’re out of shaving cream or gel and don’t have time to run to the store to buy more, try this in-a-pinch swap: Simply apply a thin coat of coconut oil over legs and shave as usual, then rinse with water. The slick oil will allow the razor’s blade to painlessly glide over your skin, so our legs are soft, silky and hair-free in no time.

4. Eliminate rust on a knife with coconut oil

No need to replace a kitchen knife just yet if you notice it’s started to develop rust spots. The save: Dip a washcloth in coconut oil and carefully rub it over the blade. Place the knife on a paper towel, let sit for an hour, then rinse the oil away with warm water and dry thoroughly. Acids in the oil help dissolve the rust, so your knife works and looks like new again.

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5. Uses for coconut oil: Soothe an insect bite

If you find yourself covered in bug bites, get relief fast with the help of coconut oil. Just rub it over each of the bite marks. The anti-inflammatory oil will reduce swelling and ease discomfort, and acids in the pantry staple will help speed the healing process.

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6. Make an old purse look new with coconut oil

Coconut oil can be used to make a leather purse look like new

While cleaning out your closet, you come across a beautiful leather purse you forgot about. You’d love to hold onto it, but it’s looking a bit dull. To give it a shiny finish once again, rub a small dollop of coconut oil into the leather, then buff with a soft cloth. (Note: Test on an inconspicuous spot first.) The oil’s lauric acid will break down dirt and stains while its fatty acids condition and moisturize the dried-out leather.

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7. Uses for coconut oil: Help a sunburn heal fast

Your day at the beach was a blast, but you ended up with a sunburn late in the day even after applying sunscreen. To feel better in no time, take a cool shower before bed, then use your fingers to cover the sunburned skin in coconut oil. Leave on overnight; rinse off. Repeat daily as needed. Coconut oil’s fatty acids work to soothe inflamed skin to ease the pain, while also nourishing dehydrated skin and minimize peeling. (No coconut oil on hand? Try these other tricks to get relief from sunburn!)

8. Revive wood and wicker furniture by using coconut oil

“Time spent in storage often causes these delicate materials to dry out, making you feel like you’re sitting on a splintery tree,” says cleaning expert Melissa Maker of Clean My Space. The solution? Sprinkle some coconut oil on a clean cloth and rub it onto furniture; let sit 15 minutes, then give it a quick buff. The oil moisturizes, while its antibacterial proper- ties help clean and deodorize. (Click through for more on how to clean wicker furniture.)

9. Uses for coconut oil: Lift unwanted crayon marks

Coconut oil can be used to nix crayon marks

Eek! The little one in your life had a blast coloring works of art, but some of the crayon ended up on the table. To eliminate the marks, dip a paper towel in coconut oil and rub it over the spots. Then wipe the table with a damp washcloth to remove the oil residue. Coconut oil’s lauric acid breaks down the crayon residue, leaving your table spotless.

10. Remove a stubborn price tag thanks to coconut oil

You can’t wait to use the new platter you picked up for your dinner party, but you can’t get the price sticker off of it. To the rescue: Coconut oil! Simply spread the oil over the tag, let sit for 10 minutes, then wipe off. The oil’s fatty acids will break down the sticker’s adhesive.

This TikTok from @diywithmissesalove shows you how to do it!

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11. Uses for coconut oil: Extend the life of eggs

If you worry you won’t be able to finish fresh eggs from the farmers market or backyard chickens before they go bad, enlist the help of coconut oil. Coat the shells of room-temperature eggs in the oil, then let dry before placing eggs in the fridge. The oil creates a seal that keeps the eggs from being exposed to oxygen, ensuring they last.

12. Revitalize brittle hair overnight with coconut oil

Coconut oil can be used to revitalize dry hair

All of that dry, harsh summer heat has left your locks looking a bit dry. An affordable hair mask to try: Before bed, warm 1 Tbs. of coconut oil in the palm of your hands, massage into damp hair and use a comb to distribute the oil throughout your hair. Cover with a shower cap. In the morning, wash your hair as normal. Coconut oil’s fatty acids will penetrate your hair cuticles to provide deep hydration.

This TikTok from @bre.sutter shows you how to do it!

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13. Uses for coconut oil: Quickly light a campfire

The next time you want to get a fire roaring for s’mores or to keep warm on a chilly night, try this: Coat a few cotton balls in coconut oil, toss them onto the logs and use a long match to ignite. The flammable oil will catch fast and burn long, so you can sit in front of the fire for hours.

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14. Silence a squeaky hinge using coconut oil

Every time someone opens or closes the bathroom door, it lets out a loud screech that’s driving you crazy! To quiet the noise, put some coconut oil on a rag and using it to coat the door’s hinges. Unlike WD-40, vegetable oil and other solutions, coconut oil will lubricate the metal without staining or dripping. (Click through for more ways to silence a squeaky hinge.)

15. Uses for coconut oil: Waterproof a cutting board

Coconut oil can be used to waterproof a wood cutting board

Lately your wood cutting board is beginning to look a bit dry and dingy. What can help: Wash it as usual, then use a clean cloth to rub a dollop of coconut oil into the wood. The oil fills in tiny crevices in the wood to block water from entering and causing the board to crack or split. Bonus: The oil’s natural antibacterial properties will help keep the board sanitary. Repeat every few weeks or as needed. Need to clean your board? Check out these helpful hacks!

16. Prevent dirt from clinging to tools thanks to coconut oil

Having to take time to constantly brush dirt off your trowel and fork while you garden can be tedious. The solution: Rub a dollop of coconut oil into the metal part of the tools before you start working. The oil will help dirt slide right off instead of sticking.

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