Actress Kristin Chenoweth Shares How She Stays Calm in Hectic Times

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In the new issue of First For Women, singer and actress Kristin Chenoweth, 49, reveals what she does to stay centered when there is no time for vacations in her busy schedule.

This fall has Kristin on a 10-concert tour, filming TV appearances and promoting her new animated film, My Little Pony.

“I want to continue to grow and get better, better and better as an artist,” muses the star of why she takes on so many projects.

Still, as much as Kristin loves performing, the go-go-go schedule can take a toll.

“It’s been an amazing year, but I’m tired,” she tells First For Women with a laugh. “We all should be taking a little bit more vacations, but sometimes we can’t.”

Instead, Kristin makes a point to carve out mini breaks in between to-do’s.

“Having even 10 or 15 minutes alone to breathe, pray, or meditate helps me a lot,” Kristin tells First For Women. “Just spending time for myself for a second to get centered.”

To read more tips Kristin uses to tame tension, pick up the new issue of First For Women, on stands now!

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