Say Goodbye to That Mound of Torn up Wrapping Paper in Your Closet With This Easy Hack

Tabitha Shiflett

It’s Christmastime again, which means ribbons, bows, and wrapping paper — lots and lots of wrapping paper. But if your closet looks anything like mine, then you’ll probably need to buy new gift wrap. Each year, I toss in whatever Christmas gift wrap I have left over in the corner of the closet to hibernate until next winter. But by the time I need to use it again, my once beautiful rods of wrapping paper have morphed into a crumpled mound of ripped and wrinkled paper, glitter, and who knows what else.

Fed up with the mess, I decided to do something about my unsightly Christmas closet chaos for good. And all it took was a quick trip to Home Depot and a little handyman help from my fiancé.

Instead of stuffing my overflowing closet with even more craft supplies, I took advantage of the white space on the back of my bedroom door and set up my very own gift-wrapping station.

How to Make a DIY Gift Wrapping Station

If you want to create an out-of-closet gift wrapping station (like mine), all you'll need is a shoe rack or closet rack of some sort. They're super easy to find in the closet organization section of Home Depot. Be sure to purchase a few screws, too. If you don't have a drill, I'd recommend buying or borrowing one. You'll also need a pack of curtain clip hangers ($11, Amazon). I only used six, but you can use as many as you'd like.

Then, just screw it into the back of your door. If you'd like to hide your wrapping station, screw the rack onto the inside of the closet door. (And whatever you do, do not use double-sided sticky tape to hang the rack. I made this mistake the first time; believe me, it will fall in the middle of the night.)

More Cost-Effective Ways to Store Wrapping Paper

If you'd rather not drill a hole into your door (and I don't blame you), then there are plenty of other ways to store your wrapping paper without tearing it up. One way, is to place your gift wrap in an over-the-door shoe organizer ($8, Amazon). Just cut out the bottom of each shoe holder, and viola! You have a brand new spot to put your gift wrap rods. If the shoe organizer is a bit too messy for you, then this Ikea gift wrap hack, created with a $2 bag dispenser, might be more your style. It fits snugly into an out-of-the-way corner of your closet, and it keeps things orderly and easy to find when it is time to dress up your gifts. (Only downside we can think of is that you can't fit very many rolls of wrapping paper, so you'll only be able to save your favorites.)

Whether you decide to make your very own gift-wrapping station, store your wrap in a shoe rack, or go the Ikea route, this hack is sure to ease some holiday stress.

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