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It’s Totally Safe to Clean These Household Items in Your Dishwasher


Now, dishwashers are lifesavers when you don’t feel like scrubbing a heap of gunked-up plates after a late family dinner. But if you aren’t using it to clean more than just your dishes, you’re not utilizing its full potential. Here are some unexpected, hard-to-wash household objects that can survive a cycle.

Chew toys

As equal members of our family, our fur babies are spoiled rotten with treats and toys. But, unfortunately, Fido likes to roll around in the dirt and eat anything that might grab his attention—including dead animals and poop. Yuck! Then, he puts his mouth all over his chew toys inside the house, transferring dirty germs and bacteria. And if you’ve bought your pooch a toy with lots of holes, you know it’s almost impossible to give it a thorough hand wash inside and out.

First, make sure your pets‘ toys are dishwasher safe, but most rubber toys, like Kong, will stand up to a nice, steamy wash.

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Admit it: You can’t remember the last time you cleaned your hairbrush. Most of us might think that just getting rid of the hair that’s caught in our brushes is good enough, but experts say you’re still leaving behind a lot of dirt and oil. Over time, bristles pick up your scalp’s natural oils, which can make them feel greasy.

If you have a plastic hairbrush, you’re in luck, though! Instead of trying to scrub between your brush’s bristles, stick it in the dishwasher—just make sure there’s no hair stuck in it still! Sadly, this trick won’t work for wooden hairbrushes or those with natural bristles.

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As if accidentally stepping on a Lego your grandchild has forgotten to put away wasn’t bad enough, imagine trying to clean a jumbo box of 300 Legos after a hoard of germy kids have touched them. We still love them, but no thanks!

Pro-tip: If your Legos won’t sit in the rack without falling through, you can place them in a mesh bag.

Small trash cans

Let’s face it: The idea of cleaning a trash can is not a pleasant one at all. So why not just throw it in your dishwasher and spare yourself possible contact with that awful rotten food smell or the questionable liquid that’s always at the bottom?

Cleaning your mini plastic trash cans will now be a breeze, but if you’re looking to deodorize your larger bins, you might just have to take it out back and hose it down.

Happy cleaning!



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