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8 Questions You’ve Always Wondered About Refreshing Your Home’s Interior


Whether you’re thinking of putting your place on the market or simply wanting to give new life to dated spaces, updating your interiors can drastically transform your home’s feel and instantly boost its value. While it only takes a few clever changes, knowing where and how to start can be tricky. We caught up with interior designer Shannon Vos to find out exactly which areas of the home are worth investing in when looking to add value.

How can color update a space?

Color can update a space almost instantaneously. It is the great redeemer; it can give any tired space a fresh appeal as long as it’s used sparingly.

What interior trends can we expect to see this year?

I love the colors, textures, and materials found in boho-style pieces, the rawness of industrialism, and the timber and natural tones used in Scandinavian design.

Where should homeowners look for inspiration?

For advice, check out architectural blogs and magazines. For inspiration, social media sites are the easiest way to see what is happening in the world of interiors and building.

What are your tips for reworking window treatments and furnishings?

Doors and windows are a great investment, as they quickly enhance a home’s functionality as well as keep it contemporary. Matching (to an extent) the tone of your window furnishings with your window frame tone will give a seamless look. Sheer curtains or rollers will create a soft and inviting aesthetic. As a rule of thumb, curtains should always stretch from the ceiling to a puddle on the floor.

What lighting works best for modern interiors?

Always use warm light inside a home, otherwise your spaces will look sterile and cold. Try not to “over-light” your spaces; instead of a bazillion recessed ceiling lights, have a nice balance of task, mood, and ambient lighting throughout your home. Highlight hero elements, and if you spend money on timber floors or a feature wall, make it a lit feature. Just as well, bedside lamps and pendants are much more effective and moodier than ceiling lights in a bedroom.

What are some ways to update when working on a budget?

Try not to jump onto the trend bandwagon too quickly. Some trends will be a flash in the pan, but others will have lasting value. It’s the ones that last that we want to invest in.

What’s your best storage advice?

You can never have enough storage. Store everything that doesn’t have a use every day. Sure, keep items out on display for looks, but if it isn’t being used and it doesn’t add to a room’s aesthetic, put it away. This may require you to buy more storage, but it will help keep your space less cluttered and easier to clean.

What pieces will you be shopping for this year?

Anything to do with storage solutions in the garage. I’m a stickler for an organized space, and my little garage always seems to cop the worst of the mess.

This article was originally written by Homes to Love editors. For more, check out our sister site, Homes to Love.

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