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6 Simple Steps to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger


No matter its size, the bedroom should be a place to retreat at the end of a busy day — a sanctuary for you to relax and unwind in whether awake or asleep.

Unarguably one of the most personal rooms of the home, it’s important to make the bedroom a place you actually like to be. That’s why when it comes to decorating and styling a bedroom, it’s important to utilize the shape and space of your room to keep it from feeling cluttered. Whether it’s an inner-city loft or re-purposed attic, here are our tips for making the most of a small bedroom.

1. Store smartly.

Get creative with your storage; small rooms usually mean limited wall space so it’s important to use each wall wisely. Try high overhead shelving above your bed for storing books, or opt for a hanging shelf that doubles as art.

A bed with built-in storage is always helpful in small rooms. You can be sure your keepsakes and clothes remain dust-free, and mess is instantly minimized.

HTL SB Flooring

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2. Update your floors.

For a contemporary feel which adds brightness and light, give your bedroom a face lift with light-colored laminate flooring. If you want to make your room look calmer and more spacious, choose larger floorboards for a sleeker style.

3. Choose larger furniture pieces.

While it may seem contradictory, going for larger-sized furniture pieces can often help a room to look less busy. Clean lines will create more space, while a lot of smaller items can leave the room feeling chaotic.

The key is to find pieces that are multi-purpose; a large bedside table with extra storage will make your room look much tidier than a cluster of cupboards and tables. Opt for minimalist-design pieces to make the bedroom feel more spacious, and always choose designs with doors or drawers to conceal messy piles of clothes. Unless you’re meticulous about your storage organization, open shelving can emphasize a small room’s limited space.

HTL SB Color

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4. Keep within a limited color palette.

Having too many hues in a small space can leave it looking confused and busy. Instead, help to maximize the bedroom space by using a limited color palette. Working with a small number of hues doesn’t necessarily mean all-white or monochrome; there are interesting ways to inject color whether it be in the form of an artwork, your linen choice, or even indoor greenery. Start by deciding on the color scheme you’re going to work within, and then later add in different colored finishes. If the color scheme is soft pink and white, black statement pieces can give the room a focal point and help to set the mood.

5. Add a mirror.

Trick the eye with a mirror. Large mirrors will make the room appear bigger and help to bounce light around. Avoid mirrors with heavy, dark frames as they can look bulky and ruin the room’s flow. Ceiling-to-wall mirrors are most effective; however, even small wall-based mirrors can have a huge impact.

HTL SB Light

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6. Clever Lighting

Instead of cramping bedside tables with lamps, why not hang them? Hanging bedside lights will free up space, helping the room to feel more open. Plus, with so many different styles available, it’s a great chance to give your bedroom a modern update.

This article was written by House and Garden editors and sponsored by Quick-Step. For more, check out our sister site, Homes to Love.

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