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4 Ways to Make Your Home More Convenient


Do you get to the end of your working week feeling exhausted and run-down, as though you’re rushing through a never-ending checklist?

Let’s take a breath and assess whether your home is contributing to your stress levels. The oft-repeated saying “work smarter not harder” is true not only in life, but in your home, and a home that doesn’t help you achieve your goals is just dead weight.

Signs that your home is working against you include: struggling to find your keys in the morning or turning your kitchen upside-down in search of a particular utensil. Maybe you find yourself cutting back on downtime because you have to repeat the same jobs (like putting away toys, kids’ backpacks, shoes, and more) over and over again.

Here are five ways you can make your home more convenient using a combination of clever technology, integrated kitchen appliances, and more.

1. Embrace smart technology.

There’s a lot to remember during the week, and the mental load can be exhausting. Offload some of the pressure by speaking up — if not to a willing and helpful family member, then to a smart home speaker.

Talk to your devices. They’re excellent at reminding you when the food in the oven is ready, the date of your upcoming dentist appointment, and can even help you dress for the day ahead by reading you the weather forecast.

2. Create storage in handy places.

Place “storage stations” around your home in places you will actually use them. If you find yourself looking for your house keys every other morning, for example, place a designated key bowl or hook in your home’s entryway. In the kitchen, store your drinking glasses right by the water filter so you can easily grab them at a moment’s notice.

3. Declutter your life.

Having too much stuff will, without a doubt, make your home less convenient. Cabinets won’t close, floor space will be compromised, dust will gather and it will become increasingly difficult to access the items you need.

Decluttering and tidying up are often referred to as life-changing, and for good reason. Follow these professional tips for decluttering your home in a day and thank us later.

4. Invest in time-saving appliances.

Did you know there are washing machines out there that allow you to wash two loads of laundry at the same time? What about smart fridges that can tell you the exact contents of your fridge while you’re at the grocery shop? Research smart appliances to determine which ones would be worth the investment.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Homes to Love.

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