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6 Common Living Room Styling Mistakes — And How to Avoid Them


A living room offers up so much potential for styling flair, but it’s easy for homeowners to get it wrong. We checked in with Jill Clements, an interior decorator consultant, to find out what she lists as the most common styling mistakes in this space and how to avoid them.

1. Too Much Furniture

Furniture placement is key, but most people have way too much furniture to position it correctly! Pieces like sofas should be corner to corner. And don’t overdo it with furniture; create some symmetry and harmony by leaving space between pieces.

2. Lack of Connection

Oftentimes, our living spaces are part of an open area that can include a dining area and the kitchen. Take these spaces into consideration and connect them either with color or finishes: The area should be seen as a whole. For example, the coffee table and dining table could both be in the same timber.

3. No Artwork

People often forget artwork. Choose art that you love — you’ll be looking at it every day! Pay attention to size, scale, color, and texture, and use these elements as a reference point for styling.

4. Lighting as an Afterthought

Lighting is often forgotten, too — but it shouldn’t be! In living areas, lighting should create a soft ambience. Avoid task lighting, as it’s too bright and takes away any sense of relaxation. Ideally, lighting should be placed either next to, between, or behind sofas. The correct lighting can really make all the difference.

5. Making a TV the Focus

How many living rooms have you seen where the TV is the focus? Yes, seating should be arranged to allow optimal viewing, however, the big black box is ugly when it’s switched off. If your television is wall-mounted or on top of an entertainment unit, definitely consider some sort of distraction — a small cluster of vessels and a plant, or just something beautiful to look at.

6. Over-Styling

Don’t feel the need to fill every corner, as this will only close the room in. Negative or empty spaces will accentuate positive or filled spaces.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Homes to Love. 

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