If You Want to Prevent Bed Bugs, Buy Sheets In These Color Schemes


File this under “who knew”: Turns out, bed bugs are attracted to certain colors–and repelled by others. How do we know this? Because scientists at the University of Florida and Union College in Lincoln, NE, made shelters out of different colored cardboard, placed them in a Petri dish (remember those from science classes?), then put the pests in the dish and gave them 10 minutes to scurry to the safe harbor. And their findings may have just advanced bed bug prevention.

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After studying bed bugs of different ages (older vs. younger) and in different pairings (a group vs. solitary), the scientists discovered that these creepy critters prefer red and black, and avoid yellow and green. Red and black offer better camouflage (bed bugs are red), while yellow and green are brighter colors, which make the bugs stand out.

The researchers hope that their findings can help design better traps that take into account these color preferences. And while they’re not ready to recommend that you overhaul the linen closet just yet, it couldn’t hurt to get yellow and green bed sheets the next time you’re in the market for new ones.

via EurekAlert!

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